12:33 am, April 2, 2015

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In Vermont, blotting an old stain on a town's reputation

Retired judge seeks to blot stain of Vermont farmer's sensational death in 1957

Monday - 03/09/2015, 03:16pm EDT

Clairvoyant, cartoon buff nixed from theater shooting jury

Snapshot of a jury: Clairvoyant, Japanese cartoon buff exit Colorado theater shooting pool

Monday - 03/09/2015, 02:58pm EDT

States on edge about the future of health insurance markets

Mixed signals from Supreme Court put states on edge about future of health insurance exchanges

Monday - 03/09/2015, 02:54pm EDT

Documents: Wisconsin shooting victim suffered from anxiety

Court documents indicate Wisconsin shooting victim suffered from ADHD, anxiety, depression

Monday - 03/09/2015, 02:10pm EDT

Reggie Jackson to sell big letters from old Yankee Stadium

Reggie Jackson to sell letters spelling Yankee Stadium from old Bronx ballpark at NYC auction

Monday - 03/09/2015, 12:13pm EDT

Finally some snow for Iditarod mushers

Fairbanks provides snowy background for start of the Iditarod

Monday - 03/09/2015, 07:54am EDT

El Nino finally here; but this 1 is weak, weird and late

The El Nino California needed finally arrives, but it's too little, too late for drought help

Monday - 03/09/2015, 07:24am EDT

Bloody Sunday 50th anniversary: Thousands crowd Selma bridge

Bloody Sunday: Thousands jam Selma bridge on 50th anniversary of civil rights clash

Monday - 03/09/2015, 04:18am EDT

Another community gathering planned after fatal shooting

Organizers planned gathering in Wisconsin following fatal shooting of 19-year-old

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 04:34pm EDT

Obama says Selma a living history lesson for his daughters

Obama: Selma a living history lesson for daughters as they join him on 50th anniversary march

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 02:46pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Ringling Bros to retire elephants; tradition ends

AP PHOTOS: Ringling Bros' elephant retirement ends an American tradition that began in 1882

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 02:26pm EDT

Immigration ruling shows lawyers playing venue shopping odds

Judge's ruling halting Obama immigration orders shows how lawyers play the odds venue shopping

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 01:54pm EDT

Beyond Clinton, many 2016 hopefuls have used private email

Beyond Clinton, many 2016 hopefuls also have used private email, other means to avoid scrutiny

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 12:14pm EDT

Bloody Sunday commemoration continues in Selma

Bloody Sunday commemoration continues in Selma, marchers prepare for journey to Montgomery

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 12:02pm EDT

Slain aid worker honored as ultimate Good Samaritan

Father of slain international aid worker recalls daughter's discovery about her life's purpose

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 08:18am EDT

New concept in solar energy poised to catch on across US

New concept in renewable energy, community solar gardens, poised to catch on across US

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 07:06am EDT

Spring forward: Daylight saving time returning to most of US

Spring forward: Daylight saving time returning to most of US, giving extra hour of evening sun

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 04:04am EDT

Selma civil rights milestone marked by first black president

Bloody Sunday civil rights milestone marked by era's survivors and by a beneficiary, Obama

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 03:04am EDT

Groups ask judge to order gay-marriage licenses in Alabama

Civil rights groups ask federal judge to order that gay marriage licenses be issued in Alabama

Saturday - 03/07/2015, 11:38am EST

NTSB has plenty of questions to answer in NYC runway slide

Snow? Mechanical? Pilot error? NTSB has plenty of possible scenarios in NYC runway slide

Saturday - 03/07/2015, 11:16am EST
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