12:29 pm, February 28, 2015

U.S. News

Indictment: Bosnian immigrants plotted over Facebook

Bosnian immigrants accused of aiding extremist groups plotted over Facebook, indictment says

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 07:30pm EST

Northern California gets break before next storm system

Northern California gets break from wet, windy weather before next major storm rolls in

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 06:24pm EST

Did the electrified third rail make train wreck deadlier?

'Like daggers': Did the electrified third rail's design make New York train wreck deadlier?

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 06:24pm EST

Armed gun-rights advocates rally at Washington state capitol

Gun rights advocates protest ban on carrying guns into Washington House, Senate galleries

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 05:50pm EST

Feds: State wrongly took mom's child 2 days after birth

Feds: State was wrong to take custody of intellectually disabled mom's 2-day-old daughter

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 04:30pm EST

See's Candies says some mislabeled packages may contain nuts

See's Candies issues allergy alert, says some chocolates were mislabeled and may contain nuts

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 04:00pm EST

Friend: Harper Lee was fine the day before sequel announced

Friend: Harper Lee was lucid, feisty day before 'Mockingbird' sequel announced

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 01:46pm EST

GOP congressman brushes off criticism for health care vote

Conservatives criticize Republican congressman for not voting to repeal health care law

Saturday - 02/07/2015, 08:34am EST

Oregon governor faces ethics allegations, calls to resign

Oregon governor faces ethics allegations over fiancee's deals, refuses calls to resign

Friday - 02/06/2015, 09:00pm EST

Debate over vaccine requirements forges strange alliance

Debate over vaccines forges strange alliance between liberal parents, conservative Republicans

Friday - 02/06/2015, 08:14pm EST

Teacher directive prompts vigil at San Francisco cathedral

Vigil held to protest San Francisco archbishop's teacher directive on church teachings

Friday - 02/06/2015, 07:40pm EST

Obama: US must resist urge to 'overreach" abroad

Obama unveils updated national security strategy, says US must resist 'overreach' abroad

Friday - 02/06/2015, 07:04pm EST

Did the electrified third rail make train wreck deadlier?

'Like daggers': Did the third-rail design make the New York train wreck deadlier?

Friday - 02/06/2015, 07:00pm EST

Orca 'Lolita' at Miami facility to get endangered protection

Orca 'Lolita' at Miami Seaquarium to get endangered protection but won't be moved

Friday - 02/06/2015, 06:42pm EST

Federal government to boost drought funding by $50 million

Federal government to add $50 million for drought relief in California, other western states

Friday - 02/06/2015, 06:33pm EST

Arizona man suspected of threatening Maricopa County sheriff

Arizona man arrested on suspicion of making death threat against Maricopa County sheriff

Friday - 02/06/2015, 05:40pm EST

Judge ponders next steps in case against NCAA, Penn State

Judge ponders next step, Joe Paterno's status in lawsuit against NCAA, Penn State

Friday - 02/06/2015, 05:30pm EST

California lawmakers aim to limit vaccine exemptions

California lawmakers aim to remove 'personal belief' vaccine exemption amid measles outbreak

Friday - 02/06/2015, 05:30pm EST

Arizona appealing safety violation fine in prison rape case

Arizona Corrections Department appealing workplace safety fine in prison teacher rape case

Friday - 02/06/2015, 04:50pm EST

Amy Pascal steps down as Sony Pictures chief

Amy Pascal steps down as head of Sony studio 3 months after hack revealed embarrassing emails

Friday - 02/06/2015, 04:24pm EST
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