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China: A land of contradictions?

That's what one Harvard Professor calls China.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 06:17pm EDT

Hiring challenges weigh most on federal managers

This far surpasses the percentage of respondents who identified other human capital issues.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 06:02pm EDT

DHS officially assumes its new cyber role

DHS gets official oversight over all civilian agency computer networks.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 05:16pm EDT

Groups fear 'Don't Ask' study skewed

Gay rights groups are concerned the Pentagon's massive survey of military attitudes toward repealing the "don't ask don't tell" policy could produce skewed results.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 04:43pm EDT

Now on Google street view: The homes of the House Energy and Commerce Committee

The folks from the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog are going after Google for taking "Street View" photos of the homes 19 members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which happens to be the congressional overseers of much of Google's business.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 04:38pm EDT

Grading the new

Did they do a good job?

Friday - 07/09/2010, 04:34pm EDT

SAVE Awards - round 2

President Obama is asking workers on the frontlines to take a hard look again and to share their ideas and insight at

Friday - 07/09/2010, 03:31pm EDT

Measuring employees when they aren't at work

What is OPM trying to find out?

Friday - 07/09/2010, 03:23pm EDT

Manager buy-in remains the biggest telework challenge

Experts say nothing will matter unless agency managers buy-in to the idea that telework is an operational advantage.

Friday - 07/09/2010, 02:45pm EDT

Analysis: DHS's acquisitions reform process

Does it measure up?

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 06:59pm EDT

Mobile access helps agencies break past digital divide

Mobile phones may be the answer to linking federal agencies with the public.

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 05:58pm EDT

Federal cybersecurity depends on private sector

WFED's Jason Miller

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 05:39pm EDT

V.A. is easing rules to cover stress disorder

The government is preparing to issue new rules that will make it substantially easier for veterans who have been found to have post-traumatic stress disorder to receive disability benefits.

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 04:21pm EDT

Are deadbeat U.S. contractors fueling the insurgency in AFG?

Several U.S. firms have not paid Afghan subcontractors for work those employees did in Afghanistan

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 04:03pm EDT

Massachusetts: The Why of social media

Some ask why Massachusetts is focusing on social media. The short answer: because it works.

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 03:53pm EDT

Gates to hold a DoD budget powwow

The meeting will focus on Gates's push for savings across the DoD.

Thursday - 07/08/2010, 03:27pm EDT

NPS IT team brings home the gold

The Alaska National Park Service IT/radio team has received the Alaska Federal Executive Association 2009 Civilian Team of the Year Award on the basis of cost savings to the government by means of technology. We learn more from NPS's Alaska region CIO, Dan Healey.

Friday - 07/02/2010, 09:40am EDT

DHS wants trained cybersecurity workers ASAP

Where will they come from?

Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 06:55pm EDT

What the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ruling means to agencies

Specifically, the protection that Public Company Accounting Oversight Board members receive has been ruled unconstitutional.

Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 06:42pm EDT

TSA's Secure Flight program faces some challenges

The new program requires 100 percent terrorist watchlist matching.

Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 05:57pm EDT
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