12:34 pm, October 22, 2014

Oversight News

DIA to reform 'revolving' door for employees

The Defense Intelligence Agency wants the "revolving door" between government and industry to swing both ways, making it easier for employees to return to the agency after they've left. DIA Deputy Director David Shedd said a new entry-exit program is just getting off the ground to meet the changing needs of its newer and younger workforce. This story is part of Federal News Radio's ongoing coverage of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, "9/11: A Government Changed."

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 05:14pm EDT

DoD strategic plan to detail billions in cuts

The Pentagon will issue a strategic management plan by the end of August highlighting the services and agencies' plans and milestones to cut costs from back-office functions. DoD Deputy Chief Management Officer Beth McGrath said there are seven main areas DoD will review, including IT infrastructure, acquisition and the workforce. McGrath already is conducting reviews of the first set of efficiency initiatives that began this year.

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 05:49am EDT

VA employees pitch ways to help veterans find work

The Department of Veterans Affairs named 12 finalists in an employee contest to find ways to improve the agency's career training and counseling services.

Monday - 08/15/2011, 06:50pm EDT

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Monday - 08/15/2011, 05:59pm EDT

How to keep lines of communication open between HQ and field

Patricia Niehaus, national president of the Federal Managers Association, shared her experience in government in keeping the information flowing from D.C. to the field and back.

Thursday - 08/11/2011, 07:30pm EDT

Jeff Neal on hiring reform at DHS

Jeff Neal is the former Chief Human Capital Officer of the Department of Homeland Security.

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 05:46pm EDT

What drives innovation at agencies

Scott Spreier is from Hay Group's leadership and talent practice, and he's been looking at the agencies that are the most innovative.

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 04:48pm EDT

FEBs talk back to Washington: Pittsburgh

George Buck is the Pittsburgh FEB executive director.

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 02:26pm EDT

Federal Executive Boards unite Washington and the field

The 28 Federal Executive Boards across the country play an integral role in bringing agencies together and ensuring communication to and from Washington. The organizations coordinate agencies' efforts and provide input during policy development. FEBs play a key role during emergencies by acting as the conduit of information.

Wednesday - 08/10/2011, 05:48am EDT

OMB gives agency CIOs more IT budget authority

A new memo from OMB Director Jacob Lew puts agency technology managers in charge of commodity IT purchasing. The White House had hoped to get Congress to change the CIO's authority, but decided to do it by policy instead. OMB also details other changes to the CIO's role based on the 25-point IT reform plan.

Tuesday - 08/09/2011, 06:03am EDT

EPA policies, regulations have regional flavor

Field office employees and headquarters staff work closely together to ensure changes meet the agency's mission. Two-way communication makes policy implementations more likely to succeed, EPA employees say. But these employees also say headquarters' staff needs to do more to understand their challenges, and field workers need to spend some time in Washington.

Tuesday - 08/09/2011, 05:29am EDT

GAO: State leaving security holes unplugged

The Government Accountability Office says a State Department program designed to help its managers mitigate IT risks fails to provide a complete view of those risks.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 06:39pm EDT

What SES'ers want in performance reform

Steve Kelman is a professor of public management at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and the former administrator at the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 04:54pm EDT

Making the transition to Washington

Diane Cochran has worked in the Departments of the Navy, Air Force, Energy, and the Office of Personnel Management, at a variety of locations in the continental United States and abroad. She shares what it's like to make the transition to working and living in D.C.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 04:40pm EDT

FEBs talk back to Washington: Boston

Kim Ainsworth is the executive director of the Boston Federal Executive Board.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 02:01pm EDT

Postal Service: Out of cash next month

Postal Service officials said they will be insolvent by the end of September unless Congress gives them more control and flexibility over their finances. The USPS board of governors met Friday as the organization reported a third-quarter loss of $3.1 billion.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 06:06am EDT

Survey: Feds' views of each other distinctly out of sync

An exclusive Federal News Radio survey of federal employees who work in Washington and those who work outside the D.C. metro area reveals a wide gap in opinions of each other. More than half of all federal workers outside of D.C. said their Washington office doesn't pay enough attention to them. Employees in Washington called their field offices essential and helpful.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 02:01am EDT

Column: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ... Federal-style

Jeff Baker works for the Energy Department in Golden, Colo. He said good communication between headquarters and the field starts by understanding, listening, learning and remembering why each employee is at the agency in the first place.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 02:01am EDT

FEBs talk back to Washington: San Antonio

Ellen Nelson is the executive director of the San Antonio Federal Executive Board.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 02:01am EDT

FEBs talk back to Washington: Atlanta

Gwendolyn Campbell is the executive director of the Atlanta Federal Executive Board.

Monday - 08/08/2011, 02:01am EDT
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