4:31 pm, February 1, 2015

Oversight News

Obama picks GMU prof to replace Jaczko at NRC

President Barack Obama said he plans to nominate Allison Macfarlane to lead the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, just days after the embattled head of the agency announced he would step down.

Thursday - 05/24/2012, 06:09pm EDT

Fed salaries, USPS, and more

Host Mike Causey will talk about several issues affecting federal workers with Bill Bransford, general counsel of the Senior Executives Association and Steve Watkins and Stephen Losey of the Federal Times.
May 23, 2012

Wednesday - 05/23/2012, 08:09pm EDT

Senators digging into GSA conferences in all regions

Two high-ranking senators requested information about conference travel and spending in all GSA regions in a detailed letter on Friday.

Friday - 05/18/2012, 03:30pm EDT

IG offices thrive despite lack of permanent leadership

Ten agencies do not have Senate-confirmed inspectors generals. Four have been waiting for more than 1,000 days for a nomination or confirmation. But House lawmakers found that agencies without a permanent IG still are making a lot of progress in rooting out waste, fraud and abuse.

Friday - 05/11/2012, 05:46am EDT

Special counsel letter details air safety concerns

Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner sent a letter to President Barack Obama Tuesday, calling attention to reports of safety lapses at some U.S. commercial aviation facilities. She also criticized the Federal Aviation Administration for delays in responding to whistleblower disclosures.

Wednesday - 05/09/2012, 09:48am EDT

Geithner: Obama won't ask me to stay in a 2nd term

Timothy Geithner said Wednesday that he doesn't expect to serve a second term as Treasury secretary. He said he doesn't think President Barack Obama would ask him to remain if Obama won re-election.

Wednesday - 01/25/2012, 11:16pm EST

PTO hiring thousands under new law

The law aims to ensure the Patent and Trademark Office has the money it needs to reduce a large backlog of unreviewed patent applications. PTO plans to hire as many as 2,000 new patent application examiners.

Friday - 09/16/2011, 07:43pm EDT

Senators promote structural changes to DHS

Members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee marked up the DHS Authorization bill, complete with 68 amendments. Among the changes approved is requiring the agency to have auditable financial records by 2016.

Thursday - 09/15/2011, 05:55am EDT

DoD brass still at 'unprecedented' levels

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates complained there were 30 layers of bureaucracy between him and an action officer. Despite reforms he led, a new report finds the ratio of generals and admirals to the troops they lead remains unprecedentedly high.

Thursday - 09/15/2011, 05:29am EDT

DoD failed to report misspent funds, lawmakers claim

Pentagon found more than $800 million in Antideficiency Act violations from 2005 and 2008, but never reported these violations to Congress, lawmakers say.

Wednesday - 09/14/2011, 01:33pm EDT

Feds face tougher rules to interact with lobbyists

A proposed rule by the Office of Government Ethics expands the mandates for political appointees about contact with lobbyists or lobbying organizations detailed in a January 2009 executive order. The suggested changes focus on two main areas, widely attended events and gifts worth less than $50.

Tuesday - 09/13/2011, 03:26pm EDT

House crafting CR to prevent government shutdown

Lawmakers are working on a continuing resolution to fund the government through late fall. Congress has not approved any of the 12 appropriations bills necessary to keep agencies running after the fiscal year ends in three weeks.

Friday - 09/09/2011, 07:54pm EDT

Carper urges Obama to save the Postal Service

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) sent a letter to the White House urging President Obama to act now to save the cash-strapped Postal Service. The administration said it would propose reforms in the $1.5 trillion deficit reduction package it sends to Congress.

Friday - 09/09/2011, 05:49pm EDT

Congressman calls for consolidated DHS oversight

The ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee said timing is critical as the committee prepares the DHS authorization bill.

Friday - 09/09/2011, 10:57am EDT

Treasury adapts as terrorists change financing tactics

Al-Qaida is struggling to get money, thanks to international efforts to stop terrorism financing, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said at a 9/11 anniversary event. He said today's terrorism threats require more creative measures and increased global cooperation.

Thursday - 09/08/2011, 06:54pm EDT

DHS St. E's to be victim of budget axe

Secretary Janet Napolitano said the agency has more important priorities than building the new consolidated headquarters at least for now. The House cut all funding for the program, while the Senate included enough to complete the Coast Guard's new building.

Thursday - 09/08/2011, 02:51pm EDT

With 108 Congressional bosses, DHS at oversight 'tipping point'

Nearly nine years after President Bush signed the bill creating the Homeland Security Department, more than 100 committees and subcommittees continue to hold oversight responsibilities for the agency. Current and former DHS officials say enough is enough and Congress should reorganize themselves. But Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he holds little confidence that will happen soon.

Thursday - 09/08/2011, 05:50am EDT

Eight years later, GAO finds DHS halfway there

An assessment of the Department of Homeland Security's transformation since its founding in 2003 finds major operational accomplishments and lingering management challenges. GAO released a status report to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Thursday - 09/08/2011, 05:25am EDT

Postal Service warns Senate of dire finances

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe warned senators that the Postal Service would stop delivering mail by next August unless Congress authorizes sweeping changes. After paying October's bills, Donahoe said the agency would have a week's worth of cash left. Meanwhile, the White House said it would propose reforms soon.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 10:00am EDT

DHS aims to change history of lax acquisition oversight

Rafael Borras, DHS undersecretary for management, has implemented a major program review process to stave off acquisition problems. The board has reviewed and recommended fixes for problematic programs. Borras said the next step is a new decision support tool to bring together in one place all the performance information about the programs.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 06:14am EDT
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