11:54 am, December 19, 2014

World News

Nobel Peace winners stress education for all

Nobel Peace Prize winners urge nations to educate children across borders and religions

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 02:42pm EST

Armenian soldier killed in Nagorno-Karabakh

Armenian soldier killed in fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 02:20pm EST

German court throws out Nazi massacre case

German court throws out case against former SS man accused of massacre, cites lack of evidence

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 02:16pm EST

Ivory prices soar in China on new demand: report

13 times higher: Ivory prices soar in China over increasing demand, report finds

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 01:42pm EST

In Ebola outbreak, bad data adds another problem

In Ebola outbreak, bad data complicates control efforts; UN concedes some numbers unreliable

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 01:06pm EST

Key Egypt activist jailed for contempt of court

Judge finds leading Egyptian activist in contempt of court, sentences him to 3 years in jail

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:51pm EST

As US defense chief visits Iraq, attacks kill 7

As US defense chief visits Iraq, bomb blast, mortar fire kill 7 people in Baghdad

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:23pm EST

Hong Kong police: protest camp shutdown Thursday

Hong Kong police warn democracy protesters to leave camp before they shut it down Thursday

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:22pm EST

Parliament approves new govt in Kosovo

Kosovo's new govt is led by 1st prime minister who did not fight with territory's separatists

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:20pm EST

Amnesty says Israeli airstrikes may be war crimes

Amnesty criticizes Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, says war crimes possibly committed

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:19pm EST

Zimbabwe: President Mugabe fires vice president

Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe fires Vice President Joice Mujuru, 8 other Cabinet ministers

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:19pm EST

SAfrican prosecutor seeks appeal in Pistorius case

South African prosecutor seeks appeal in Oscar Pistorius case, judge to respond Wednesday

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 12:12pm EST

Lebanon formally arrests detained wife of IS chief

Lebanon formally arrests detained wife of IS leader on suspicion of 'terrorism crimes'

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 11:50am EST

Fraud trial urged for husband of Spanish princess

Spanish prosecutor: Princess Cristina's husband should be tried for fraud but not her

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 11:30am EST

Hungary, Russian firm sign deal on new reactors

Hungary and Russia's Atomenergoprom sign deals to start building 2 nuclear reactors in 2018

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 11:20am EST

Belarusian reporter charged with treason, spying

Prominent journalist in Belarus charged with treason, spying; faces up to 15 years in jail

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 11:18am EST

Art, commerce battle over soul of London's Soho

Who killed Madame Jojo's? Fate of burlesque club ignites battle for London's lively Soho

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 10:56am EST

Storm exits, sparing Philippines of huge losses

Philippine storm blows away, sparing country of Haiyan-like death and destruction

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 10:48am EST

Russian TV series to be advised by murder suspect

Suspect in killing of Russian spy to consult on Russian TV miniseries about the case

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 10:40am EST

Moldova: 7 arrested suspected of uranium smuggling

Moldovan police arrest 7 suspected of uranium smuggling to make 'dirty bomb'

Tuesday - 12/09/2014, 10:18am EST
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