9:27 am, August 27, 2014

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Seattle artist sues over 'Angry Birds' pet toys

Seattle artist says pet products company used her 'Angry Birds' trademark without permission

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 06:18am EDT

Ex-cop charged with homicide says death accidental

Wisconsin prosecutor disputes ex-police officer's claim that suitcase deaths were accidental

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 05:48am EDT

Double-decker buses crash in Times square; 14 hurt

2 double-decker tour buses crash in Times Square, injuring 14 people, 3 seriously

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 05:36am EDT

Humidity helps crews fighting California wildfires

Rain, humidity help crews as officials lift evacuation orders of 12 homes near the Bald Fire

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 11:46pm EDT

Money allocated for fighting fires to run out

Vilsack says Forest Service will soon tap other programs to pay for firefighting expenses

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 10:10pm EDT

Trial begins in train-truck crash that killed 6

6-week trial begins in 2011 Amtrak train-truck crash in rural Nevada that killed 6

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 09:30pm EDT

Florida man gets life for throwing baby from car

Florida man gets life sentence for killing ex-girlfriend's infant by throwing boy out of car

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 09:20pm EDT

Teenagers indicted in killings of homeless men

Grand jury indicts New Mexico teens in beating deaths of 2 homeless men

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 09:10pm EDT

Corrosion led pipe to burst that swamped UCLA

Officials: Corrosion, structural problems caused pipe to burst that swamped UCLA campus

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 07:58pm EDT

Landslide hits Utah neighborhood, destroys home

Before landslide destroys Utah home, residents 'knew the mountain was coming down'

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 07:58pm EDT

Arizona attorneys appeal abortion-rule injunction

Arizona attorneys appealing injunction on new abortion rules to US Supreme Court

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 07:39pm EDT

Recordings reveal final days of Nixon White House

In newly released tapes, Richard Nixon tells one-time aide of fall from grace in his own words

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 07:32pm EDT

Cliven Bundy's son arrested on outstanding warrant

Cliven Bundy's son arrested on contempt charge; warrant issued in July for missed court date

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 06:10pm EDT

Parched Texas city hopes to cut lake evaporation

Parched North Texas city hopes to cut lake evaporation using biodegradable layer

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Grocery workers rally for fired chief executive

New England supermarket chain workers rally to support fired chief executive

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Ex-boss says longtime fugitive became a good man

Former boss says longtime fugitive jailed in Iowa was trusted friend with 'a really good side'

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 02:48pm EDT

Thunderstorm floods Utah county; 100 homes damaged

About 100 homes damaged after severe thunderstorm drenches Utah's Carbon County

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 02:28pm EDT

Ailing 'Ghostbusters' artist gives bird to cancer

From ghostbusting to threatening dogs, Michael Gross makes his last stand flipping off cancer

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 02:08pm EDT

Jodi Arias to represent self at penalty trial

Judge allows Jodi Arias to represent herself at September retrial as prosecutors seek death

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:46pm EDT

Cleanup begins in aftermath of California floods

Shovels, bulldozers called in as cleanup begins after deadly Southern California floods

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:44pm EDT
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