10:49 pm, April 24, 2014

Air Force News

Air Force to Expand Solar Capabilities

For years, the biggest renewable-energy project in the Air Force was a 140-acre solar array at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. It produces about 14-point-2 megawatts of electricity annually.

Air Force engineers are now set to outdo that project with plans to build three new larger solar arrays by the year 2013.Officials at the Davis Monthan and Luke Air Force Bases in Arizona are planning even larger solar arrays to be constructed, owned, and operated by SunEdison Company.

The Davis Monthan project is expected to generate 14-and-a-half megawatts of solar energy, delivering 35-percent of that bases energy needs.

Meantime, officials at Luke have teamed up with the Arizona Public Service Company to build a 15-megawatt solar array on 100 acres of under-utilized base property. That project could produce enough energy to satisfy half of the base's energy needs, potentially saving up to 10 million dollars on utility bills over the next quarter-century.

Monday - 10/25/2010, 05:53pm EDT

Recruiting underway for future CyberPatriots

More than 200 Washington, D.C.-area high school students and teachers learned about the exciting career opportunities in the field of cybersecurity today during the Northrop Grumman Corporation Cybersecurity Education Workshop. Northrop's Diane Miller gives us the details.

Wednesday - 10/20/2010, 09:30am EDT

Air Force warned against further tanker delay

The clock is ticking toward the Air Force's decision on which of two aerospace firms will build the next generation refueling tanker. Defense analysts said that no matter who is the winner of the tanker fight next month, it's time to get the tankers built -- and in the air.

Wednesday - 10/20/2010, 07:24am EDT

Air Force preparing for hikes in health care costs

Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz said health care costs could make up as much as $65 billion of the defense budget by 2015. He said Air Force must work with other services to help reduce costs.

Monday - 10/18/2010, 07:04am EDT

Schwartz outlines Air Force adjustments, changes

The world has changed and the United States Air Force must change too, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz said at the National Press Club.

Friday - 10/15/2010, 02:41pm EDT

Air Force releases new cyber handbook

Air Force Doctrine Document 3-12, Cyberspace Operations is now available.

Friday - 10/15/2010, 09:26am EDT

Air Force puts trust in your home computer

Imagine not having to worry about computer viruses when you surf the Internet. It's one of the things the Air Force's Lightweight Portable Security team is working on. We learn more about it, and how to get it for free, from team leader Rich Kutter.

Thursday - 10/14/2010, 10:30am EDT

Air Force selects new motto to reflect action, commitment

Learn more in today's DoD report

Tuesday - 10/12/2010, 08:40am EDT

GAO denies KC-X protest

The protest by U.S. Aerospace and its partner, Ukrainian aircraft-maker Antonov has been denied.

Thursday - 10/07/2010, 08:40am EDT

Air Force introduces "New Energy Culture"

The Air Force is adopting what it calls a "New Energy Culture" to reduce the force's energy use.

Tuesday - 10/05/2010, 04:03pm EDT

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Charles B. Green discusses how he manages the U.S. Air Force Medical facilities worldwide

September 27th and September 29th

As a functional manager of the U.S. Air Force Medical Service, he exercises direction, guidance and technical management of more than 42,800 people assigned to 75 medical facilities worldwide.

Wednesday - 09/29/2010, 01:53pm EDT

Obama nominates Jones to head Air Staff

President Obama has nominated Major General Darrell Jones to oversee manpower and personnel issues on the Air Staff.

Friday - 09/24/2010, 04:38pm EDT

Air Force consolidates computer networks

The military is consolidating one of its computer networks to increase cybersecurity. The Air Force is moving each of its commands away from having its own network.

Friday - 09/24/2010, 04:12pm EDT

David M. Bowen discusses his leadership

September 20th and September 22nd

Mr. Bowen has over 25 years experience in healthcare information technology management in the provider, payer, consultant and vendor areas.

Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 12:17pm EDT

An Air Force without human pilots

Are we getting close to a time when the Air Force will no longer need human pilots?

Monday - 09/20/2010, 05:38pm EDT

DoD: Number of tech foes growing

Werner Dahm, the Air Force's chief scientist, said technologies only available for top-level military research and development are now in the hands of both allies and potential enemies.

Friday - 09/17/2010, 03:30pm EDT

Gates orders changes to contracting procedure

Learn more in today's DoD Report

Tuesday - 09/14/2010, 06:04pm EDT

Sec. Donley calls for a fiscally improved Air Force

Defense appropriations heads to the Hill, Sammie finalist played instrumental role in Russia

Tuesday - 09/14/2010, 08:40am EDT

How the Air Force is keeping the greens green

The Air Force Services Agency wants to acquire Golf Enterprise Solution software. We learn how and why from Transformation Director Elinor Gonzales.

Friday - 09/03/2010, 09:40am EDT

Air Force of the future could include cyborgs

Army moves on plan to build next combat vehicle, Air Force Tees Up Golf Course Software

Friday - 09/03/2010, 08:40am EDT
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