10:47 pm, October 21, 2014

Government News

Even Supreme Court justices can goof

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Gay marriage mixups demonstrate that even justices can make mistakes

Friday - 10/10/2014, 12:56am EDT

Hagel to discuss Ebola with South America leaders

Hagel says Ebola threat will be topic as he meets with South and Central American leaders

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 11:50pm EDT

US general: Most East China Sea interactions safe

Top US Air Force general in Pacific: Most midair interactions in East China Sea have been safe

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:57pm EDT

Clinton, Christie lend clout to Pennsylvania race

Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie take clout to campaign trail in Pennsylvania governor's race

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:50pm EDT

Apply now: Obama gets a job offer in California

Offered a gig at a tech startup, Obama weighs the merits of a job you can do in sweatpants

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:48pm EDT

Braley tries to curb opponent's appeal to women

Democrat Braley seeks to persuade Iowa women not to vote for female GOP candidate

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:48pm EDT

Supreme Court inaction leaves gay couples in limbo

Supreme Court inaction on same-sex marriage leaves gay couples in some states in limbo

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 10:38pm EDT

GOP banks on anti-Obama mood to oust Southern Dems

Veteran Democrats in Louisiana, Arkansas battle anti-Obama tide in contest for Senate control

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 08:32pm EDT

Obama: GOP immigration stance political 'suicide'

Obama says GOP's immigration stance is long-term political 'suicide'

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 07:09pm EDT

House Dems shift money from Virginia to California

House Dems shift money from Virginia race to help vulnerable California incumbent

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 07:09pm EDT

Strikes didn't end threat from Syrian terror cell

US intelligence officials: Airstrikes didn't wipe out threat from terrorist cell in Syria

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 06:52pm EDT

Ebola training focuses on astronaut-like gear

Docs' Ebola training focuses on astronaut-like gear; breaches contributed to spread in Africa

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 06:16pm EDT

Navy reassigns skipper amid misconduct allegations

Navy reassigns frigate captain amid misconduct allegations from deployment to Central America

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 05:49pm EDT

Navy kickbacks leader won't get lighter sentence

Federal appeals court upholds sentence for former Navy employee in $18M kickback scheme

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 05:49pm EDT

Huckabee campaigns for Republicans on home turf

Former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee campaigns for Republicans, Hutchinson and Cotton, on home turf

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 05:26pm EDT

What's next for funds when Fed stops buying bonds?

The Federal Reserve is set to stop buying bonds, something that's roiled markets before

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Cover Oregon mistake enrolls senator in Medicaid

Cover Oregon mistake puts Sen. Jeff Merkley in Medicaid insurance program for poor

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 04:24pm EDT

Correction: Child Labor Report story

Correction: Child Labor Report story

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 03:40pm EDT

Turkey, Kurd tensions worry US in fight for Kobani

US fears Turkish front against Islamic militants may also target Kurds defending Syrian city

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 03:16pm EDT

Sen. Wyden: NSA tech spying hurts economy

Sen. Ron Wyden wants widespread surveillance of emails, phone data halted; says hurts economy

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 03:02pm EDT
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