12:56 pm, March 6, 2015

Business News

World Health Organization approves 1st quick test for Ebola

World Health Organization OKs US-made quick test for Ebola that gives results in 15 minutes

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 04:20am EST

Florist who refused to serve gay couple rejects settlement

Washington florist who refused to sell flowers for gay wedding rejects settlement on bias case

Friday - 02/20/2015, 06:59pm EST

FDA approves new treatment for varicose veins

FDA approves liquid adhesive to seal varicose veins of the legs

Friday - 02/20/2015, 06:10pm EST

Bank to end tough screening system for low-income applicants

Santander to drop tough screening process for low-income applicants who want to open accounts

Friday - 02/20/2015, 06:03pm EST

Want a meal on 2 wheels? Utah may halt bikes in drive-thrus

Want a meal on 2 wheels? Utah bill could put brakes on bikes in Salt Lake City drive-thrus

Friday - 02/20/2015, 05:50pm EST

Court: No inflation pay on recovered funds of Madoff victims

Appeals court: Victims of Madoff fraud not entitled to interest, inflation on recovered funds

Friday - 02/20/2015, 05:50pm EST

Stock market hits new high after Greece gets loan extension

Dow, S&P 500 close at record highs after Greece gets 4-month extension of bailout

Friday - 02/20/2015, 05:30pm EST

FTC files complaint over anti-insect wrist bands

FTC files complaint, alleging deceptive marketing of insect-repelling wrist bands

Friday - 02/20/2015, 03:50pm EST

Yahoo seeking to harvest ad revenue from other mobile apps

Yahoo releases new mobile toolkit designed to extend company's financial reach into more apps

Friday - 02/20/2015, 02:26pm EST

Brazil prosecutors seek $1.55B in Petrobras corruption case

Brazil prosecutors seek $1.55B from firms allegedly tied to Petrobras corruption case

Friday - 02/20/2015, 02:10pm EST

US stock market is little changed at midday

US stock market barely budges at midday as traders watch developments in Greece

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:30pm EST

With Greece deal elusive, risk rises of financial lockdown

Focus on Greek bank deposit withdrawals as country hopes to avoid lockdown of financial system

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:12pm EST

Benetton pledges compensation to Bangladesh factory victims

Italian brand Benetton pledges to compensate victims of 2013 Bangladesh factory collapse

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:10pm EST

Deere profit drops, but tops Street 1Q forecasts

Ag machinery maker Deere posts 1st-quarter profit decline, but results beat Street forecasts

Friday - 02/20/2015, 12:32pm EST

Stock market opens with small declines

US stock market edges lower in early trading

Friday - 02/20/2015, 11:40am EST

Vatican pension fund insists finances are in decent shape

Vatican pension fund insists its finances are in decent shape, seeks to dispel 'alarmism'

Friday - 02/20/2015, 11:30am EST

Workers at GM plant in Brazil go on strike

Workers at GM plant in Brazil go strike to protest planned layoffs

Friday - 02/20/2015, 11:10am EST

Fannie Mae posts $1.3B profit in 4Q; paying $1.9B dividend

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae posts $1.3B profit in 4Q; paying $1.9B dividend to government

Friday - 02/20/2015, 11:06am EST

Honda adjusts North American output due to parts shortage

Honda to adjust North American output because of parts shortage caused by port labor dispute

Friday - 02/20/2015, 10:36am EST

Colorado residents are first to ask feds to block legal pot

Colorado residents are 1st to file lawsuit asking federal government to block legal marijuana

Friday - 02/20/2015, 10:32am EST
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