1:54 am, May 25, 2015

Technology News

Disney animators win Oscar 2 years in a row

Disney's Oscar wins for "Big Hero 6" and "Feast" prove the studio can win big without Pixar

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 10:46am EST

Ergen takes CEO job back at Dish as Clayton to retire

Dish Network CEO Clayton to retire in March; co-founder Ergen to take over

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 10:34am EST

Trial begins in high-profile Silicon Valley sex bias case

Trial begins in sex bias lawsuit that has sparked debate on gender equality in Silicon Valley

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 09:30am EST

Apple to set up high-tech data hubs in Northern Europe

Apple invests $1.9 billion in data centers in Denmark, Ireland powered by renewable energy

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 09:10pm EST

Arizona House OKs credits, exemptions for Apple data center

Arizona House approves bill granting energy tax credits and exemptions for Apple data center

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 08:39pm EST

Superfish points fingers over ad software security flaws

Controversial software on Lenovo laptops uses cutting-edge visual search technology

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:44pm EST

French minister meets with Google, Facebook, Twitter

French minister asks Google, Facebook, Twitter to work directly with France's government

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 02:30pm EST

Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care

Doctors tap fitness trackers, mobile apps to improve care, monitor patients between visits

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 12:26pm EST

YouTube to release kids app to ease parents' worries

YouTube's new mobile app designed to help parents control what their kids watch online

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 04:10am EST

Trial nears in high-profile Silicon Valley sex bias case

Bias or poor work? Trial nears in high-profile Silicon Valley sexual discrimination lawsuit

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 02:20am EST

Dutch SIM card maker investigating reported UK-US hack

Dutch SIM card maker says it is investigating reported hack by NSA and British spies

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:22pm EST

Snowden leak: NSA helped British steal cell phone codes

Latest Snowden leak: NSA helped British spies hack Dutch company to break into mobile phones

Monday - 02/23/2015, 09:50am EST

Physicist whose work helped world see 1st moon walk dies

Ernest Sternglass, physicist whose research helped world see 1st moon walk, dies at 91

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 02:50pm EST

Lenovo shipped laptops with security flaw, experts say

Lenovo sold laptops with an advertising program that experts say exposed users to hackers

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 07:00am EST

Yahoo seeking to harvest ad revenue from other mobile apps

Yahoo releases new mobile toolkit designed to extend company's financial reach into more apps

Friday - 02/20/2015, 02:26pm EST

DeSoto cab company taking on name of mobile app Flywheel

As technology changes taxi industry, San Francisco's DeSoto renames cabs after Flywheel app

Friday - 02/20/2015, 09:32am EST

Samsung buying mobile-pay co. in bid to challenge Apple Pay

Samsung to buy mobile-pay startup LoopPay, giving its phones alternative to iPhone's Apple Pay

Friday - 02/20/2015, 03:32am EST

NBC channel is now live on PCs, devices in 10 markets

NBC now live streaming local stations in 10 markets, but only for people who pay for cable

Friday - 02/20/2015, 03:14am EST

Did NSA plant spyware in computers around world?

Spyware hidden in PC hard drives targeting foreign banks, governments, activists, says report

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 08:58pm EST

Iran spokeswoman says it concerned by cybersecurity report

Iran Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says Islamic Republic concerned by cybersecurity report

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 08:10pm EST
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