5:40 pm, March 5, 2015

U.S. News

Police ID man they say killed 2 adults, 2 children, himself

Police identify man they say shot ex-wife, 3 others, then himself in suburban Atlanta

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 05:30am EST

Worst of storm appears to be over for parts of California

Worst of storm appears to be over for parts of Northern California, as rain and wind die down

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 04:28am EST

Publicist: Bruce Jenner wasn't texting during fatal crash

Publicist: Bruce Jenner wasn't texting when he got into fatal, chain-reaction crash in Malibu

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 04:24am EST

Fires, deaths continue after Jeep fuel tank recall

Fires, deaths continue more than a year after recall of Jeeps with gas tanks behind rear axle

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 03:12am EST

CBS '60 Minutes' correspondent Bob Simon dies in car crash

'60 Minutes' correspondent Bob Simon, who was held captive in Iraq in 1991, dies in car crash

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 03:06am EST

Friends: US woman held by IS was determined to get to Syria

American woman held by Islamic State militants told friends she was determined to help Syrians

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 02:40am EST

Lawyer: 'American Sniper' said ex-Marine 'straight-up nuts'

Lawyer: 'American Sniper' had called ex-Marine on trial in his death 'straight-up nuts'

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 02:24am EST

NYC officer pleads not guilty to manslaughter in shooting

NYC officer pleads not guilty to manslaughter, official misconduct in stairwell shooting

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 01:18am EST

Confusion reigns over same-sex marriage in Alabama

Gay couples ask a federal judge to direct probate court to issue marriage licenses

Thursday - 02/12/2015, 12:30am EST

Police: Man killed after he hit 2 officers with rocks

Police: Washington state homeless man killed after he hit officers with rocks at intersection

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 11:24pm EST

Lawmaker: NCAA should fire chief over Penn State sanctions

Lawmaker: NCAA has a culture problem and chief should lose his job over Penn State sanctions

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 11:00pm EST

New England snows may hold up roses and valentines

My snowy valentine: Epic snow in Boston area could hold up roses, chocolates and cards

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 10:12pm EST

Powerball ticket sales soar ahead of $500 million drawing

Ticket sales for Powerball soar ahead of $500 million jackpot, 5th largest prize in US history

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 09:48pm EST

Bosnian immigrants plead not guilty in terror financing case

Bosnian immigrants plead not guilty in St. Louis terror financing case; 6th suspect in custody

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 09:32pm EST

After 45 years, souvenirs from Apollo 11 come to light

Not lost in space: Museum announces previously unknown souvenirs from 1969 moon mission

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 06:52pm EST

The 'Daily Show' search is on: Who's the next Jon Stewart?

Wanted: A host with wit, style and guts to keep Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' legacy intact

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 06:30pm EST

Strong sales raise Powerball jackpot to $500 million

Strong sales increase Powerball jackpot to $500 million, 5th largest prize in US history

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 04:30pm EST

Newsweek Twitter feed briefly hacked

Newsweek's Twitter feed briefly hacked, ISIS's Cyber Caliphate claims responsibility

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 04:30pm EST

Deceptive bars, beware: Lawmaker targets 'cheater pints'

Deceptive bars, beware: Lawmaker wants to ensure beer drinkers aren't served 'cheater pints'

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 04:07pm EST

How do we find each other? Lots of ways _ friends can help

How do we find each other? On a walk, on a ship, online; every Valentine has a story

Wednesday - 02/11/2015, 03:49pm EST
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