6:16 am, March 31, 2015

Government News

TV celeb Sandra Lee pulled into NY legislative ethics debate

TV celeb Sandra Lee pulled into NY ethics debate; GOP wants financial info on gov's girlfriend

Friday - 03/20/2015, 12:48am EDT

Obama to Iranians: Rare opportunity for better relations

In Nowruz message, Obama tells Iranians chance for better ties may not come again soon

Friday - 03/20/2015, 12:00am EDT

Alabama postpones executions as Supreme Court reviews drug

Alabama postpones executions as US Supreme Court reviews execution drug

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 10:30pm EDT

House Medicare deal hits Senate turbulence over abortion

Senate Dems concerned bipartisan House deal on Medicare doc fees has abortion curbs

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 10:00pm EDT

Pelosi: Republican inquiry on Clinton hypocritical

Pelosi says Republicans wasting taxpayer money on Clinton investigation

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 08:24pm EDT

Obama pledges security cooperation after Tunisia attack

Obama pledges close cooperation with Tunisia, offers sympathy to president after museum attack

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 08:10pm EDT

Obama official: Congress should freeze its Iran penalties

Obama administration says Congress shouldn't vote to ease Iran sanctions for years

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 07:27pm EDT

US embassies in West Africa boost security

US embassies in Mali, Niger boost security measures for diplomats, families

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 07:20pm EDT

FDA panel backs Glaxo inhaler for adults, not adolescents

FDA advisers says data does not show safety of Glaxo inhaler for adolescents with asthma

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 07:20pm EDT

Amazon gets FAA certificate to experiment with drones

FAA awards Amazon certificate to experiment with 'unmanned aircraft'

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 07:10pm EDT

Janet Napolitano apologizes for disparaging student protest

University of California president apologizes for overheard remark disparaging student protest

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 06:32pm EDT

Army looks into allegations of racial slurs at Alaska base

Army looks into allegations of 'Racial Thursdays' allowing racial slurs at Alaska base

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 06:10pm EDT

Clinton: US politics could use 'camps for adults'

Clinton tells camp counselors the nation's political leaders could use 'camps for adults'

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 06:00pm EDT

Attorney general vote delayed as trafficking bill stalls

Stalemate on trafficking bill deepens, likely pushing attorney general vote into April

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 05:44pm EDT

Md. lawmakers approve Vietnam veterans commemorative day

Maryland General Assembly approves Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 04:20pm EDT

Obama welcomes Prince Charles, Camilla to Oval Office

All smiles as Obama welcomes British royalty _ Prince Charles and Camilla _ to Oval Office

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 04:03pm EDT

Al-Shabab man killed by drone brought arms for mall attack

Report: Al-Shabab man killed by drone in Somalia got arms used in Kenya Westgate Mall attack

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 03:38pm EDT

VA watchdog defends actions in contracting report

Battle of the watchdogs: Treasury, VA inspectors general trade barbs over contracting report

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 03:08pm EDT

Congress sends Obama bill to kill a labor board rule

Despite veto threat, GOP-controlled Congress votes to kill labor board rule backed by unions

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:40pm EDT

House speaker backs IL congressman's resignation

House speaker says he backs IL Rep. Aaron Schock's resignation

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:40pm EDT
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