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Pay News

Pay gap between feds, contractors widens

The gap between government and contractor pay has continued to widen, according to a recent survey from the Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area and the Professional Services Council.

Monday - 10/03/2011, 07:28pm EDT

Supercommittee given recommendations on federal pay, benefits

It seems everyone would like to bend the ear of the 12 members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

Thursday - 09/29/2011, 01:29pm EDT

Feds have sacrificed enough, federal groups tell supercommittee

Postal workers and federal employees groups are urging the "supercommittee" to reject President Barack Obama's proposed increase in employee retirement contributions and support his cap on contractors' salaries. The Federal-Postal Coalition also wants lawmakers to preserve Saturday mail delivery, despite USPS' wishes.

Wednesday - 09/28/2011, 06:02pm EDT

Feds: Knights In Teflon Armor

What do modern federal workers have in common with St. Joan of Arc who was, by the way, burned at the stake? The answer, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, is that both managed to maintain a good attitude during some very trying times.

Monday - 09/26/2011, 02:09am EDT

Feds' $60B sacrifice might not be enough

Jessica Klement, chief lobbyist for the Federal Managers Association and Federal Times senior writer Steve Losey join host Mike Causey on today's program.
September 14, 2011

Wednesday - 09/14/2011, 09:26pm EDT

Men, Millennials more likely to take pay cuts to telework

The two groups said they'd be willing to take a 10 percent cut in pay, or more, if it meant being able to telework, according to a new Mom Corps survey.

Sunday - 09/11/2011, 11:51pm EDT

OPM takes on gender gap in federal pay

The gap in pay between genders is smaller in the federal government than in the private sector, but the Office of Personnel Management and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have reaffirmed their vow to reduce the remaining discrepancy in pay between men and women.

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 06:31am EDT

2011 Buyout Guide

A list of federal agencies that considered or offered buyouts and early retirements in 2011.

Tuesday - 08/16/2011, 02:19pm EDT

GAO plans to offer buyouts, early retirements

The Government Accountability Office joins a growing list of federal departments and agencies that wants to offer early retirements and voluntary separations to its employees. GAO said the move is in anticipation of a smaller 2012 budget.

Friday - 08/12/2011, 01:34pm EDT

Is a federal job still golden?

When times were good having a federal job was nice. When the going got tough, having a federal job was golden. But next, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, comes the political backlash to the point where many feds are having second thoughts about their career goals.(Editor's Note: This column originally appeared July 15, 2011.)

Thursday - 08/11/2011, 02:01am EDT

Will retirees get a COLA in 2012?

Federal, military and Social Security retirees were delighted last month when it appeared they were on track for a January cost of living adjustment of around 3.3 percent, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says living costs are down, believe it or not, and the COLA may be in danger of stalling. (This column originally appeared July 18, 2011.)

Tuesday - 08/09/2011, 02:01am EDT

Furlough Loans Coming Next Week

What are the financial prospects for the 4,000 furloughed FAA employees and for other feds who might be temporarily laid off when Congress gets back to inaction? Senior correspondent Mike Causey says there are $1,000 no-interest loans coming next week.

Friday - 08/05/2011, 02:00am EDT

Perfect cure, unless it kills you

Want deficit reduction, a cure for unemployment and longer, silkier eyelashes? It's all there in in the new Congressional-White House compromise, senior correspondent Mike Causey says. But to be safe, check the fine print.

Thursday - 08/04/2011, 02:00am EDT

Feds and Turkeys Facing Same Fall Fate?

What's the primary difference between a mid-career federal civil servant and a mature turkey? One thing they have in common is a Thanksgiving deadline, senior correspondent Mike Causey says.

Wednesday - 08/03/2011, 02:00am EDT

Debt deal's initial savings just 'first bite of the apple'

Dan Adcock, the legislative director of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association told Federal News Radio that the initial round of budget savings imposed by the debt-limit deal is only the first round of possible cuts to agencies and federal pay and benefits.

Tuesday - 08/02/2011, 12:35pm EDT

Pay, pensions, premiums: So many horrible options, so little time

Federal workers' pay, pensions and health premiums are on the line and definitely in the line of fire as Congress and the White House limp toward a solution to the debt limit crisis. Federal News Radio senior correspondent Mike Causey wants to know what are the primary targets?

Friday - 07/29/2011, 02:00am EDT

TSP board assures Congress of G Fund's status

Greg Long, the executive director of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, which oversees federal employees' TSP, reassured a House subcommittee that failure to raise the debt ceiling would not affect investments to the G Fund. Because of a 1987 law, even when the Treasury Department stops issuing securities, investors are protected.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 08:17am EDT

DoD board recommends military retirement overhaul

The Defense Business Board has proposed major changes to military retirement by transitioning from its cliff-vesting system to a system of yearly retirement contributions deposited into the TSP.

Tuesday - 07/26/2011, 05:11pm EDT

How the debt crisis could affect you, the federal employee

Host Bob Leins is joined by Schaeffer Financial co-founder Karen Schaeffer. They talk about the debt crisis from a financial planner's point of view.
July 25, 2011

Monday - 07/25/2011, 06:29pm EDT

SSA budget forces overtime cuts

The Social Security Administration will close its field offices 30 minutes early, in an effort to save money on overtime.

Friday - 07/22/2011, 04:16pm EDT
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