6:57 pm, October 25, 2014

World News

Wounded AP reporter vows to return to Afghanistan

Despite death of colleague, AP journalist wounded in Afghanistan vows to return there to work

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:52am EDT

Long neglected, disabled make gains in Caribbean

In Caribbean, efforts increase to banish deeply rooted prejudices against disabled citizens

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:34am EDT

Hong Kong police hold back from removing barriers

Police scuffle with Hong Kong activists but hold back from removing protest barriers

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:22am EDT

What's at stake in Iran nuclear talks?

Iran nuclear talks: What's at stake and what stands in the way of a deal

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 01:42am EDT

Syrian Kurds press hundreds of young men into army

Police in Syria's Kurdish areas round up hundreds of young men for compulsory military service

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 12:48am EDT

Kosovo frees 8-year-old from Syria captivity

Boy held in Syria captivity by jihadi father returned to mother by Kosovo security agents

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 12:44am EDT

USAID says Ebola nations following right approach

USAID head says Ebola-hit nations have the right strategy to fight the disease

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 12:20am EDT

Mexico widens search for 43 missing students

Mexican police widen search for missing students, sending mounted officers and dogs into hills

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 10:29pm EDT

Stub it out: Report suggests smoking ban in parks

Stub it out: New report proposes banning cigarettes in London parks and at landmarks

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 06:00pm EDT

Paris Catacombs open at night ahead of Halloween

Paris Catacombs, 'Empire of Death,' open at night just in time for Halloween

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 05:47pm EDT

Harvard student to be back in US in less than week

Harvard student stuck in Mexico says he will be back in US in less than a week

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 05:46pm EDT

UN refugee chief: Europe needs to open borders

UN refugee chief urges Europe to open its borders more to help refugee crisis

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Iran tips hand about structure of secret services

Iran lifts veil, if slightly, on structure of its secret services: 16 agencies led by minister

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Putin to focus on Ukraine during trip to Milan

Putin set for diplomatic blitz in Milan focusing on Ukraine

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Car bomb in Somali capital kills 5, mostly kids

Car bomb in Somali capital kills 5, mostly children leaving video arcade

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Image of Asia: Demanding flood relief in Kashmir

Image of Asia: Demanding flood relief in Kashmir

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 03:04pm EDT

Yemeni man sues German gov't over US drone strikes

Yemeni man sues German government over base used for US drone strikes that killed 2 relatives

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 02:00pm EDT

UN says rebels kill 9, kidnap 47 in Congo

UN mission in Congo says rebels kidnap 47 women and children in northeast

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 02:00pm EDT

France risks humiliating 'fail' in EU budget test

France seeks EU leniency for second year running as 2015 budget set to shred past promises

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:46pm EDT

Mozambique elections: Allegations of fraud

Mozambique elections: Opposition says it intercepted stuffed ballot boxes

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:30pm EDT
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