11:43 pm, September 16, 2014

World News

Mixed views in East Europe on higher NATO defense

Eastern Europe has mixed reaction to NATO decision raising region's defense against Russia

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 02:14am EDT

Monsoon rains kill 128 in Pakistan, 108 in India

Heavy monsoon downpours kill 128 people in Pakistan, 108 in India as more rain expected

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 01:40am EDT

Syrian strikes on Islamic State stronghold kill 29

Syrian airstrikes on Islamic State stronghold kill 29, mostly civilians, activists say

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 01:32am EDT

Sweden's Andersson wins Golden Lion at Venice fest

Sweden's Roy Andersson wins Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion for 'A Pigeon Sat on a Branch'

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 01:10am EDT

Islamic State beheads 2nd captive Lebanese soldier

Islamic State group beheads 2nd captive Lebanese soldier, photos show

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 12:50am EDT

Somalia extremist group names new leader

Somali Islamic extremist group names new leader

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 12:00am EDT

Egypt president asks for patience over power cuts

In televised address, Egypt's president appeals for patience following massive power outage

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 07:10pm EDT

Oops: College exams already had all the answers

Austrian students given psychology entrance exams find the answers were already filled in

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Egypt prosecutor orders 7 held for homosexuality

Egypt prosecutor orders detention of 7 men for 'debauchery,' charge often leveled at gays

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 03:46pm EDT

AP Exclusive: Team seeks N. Korea volcano secrets

AP Exclusive: UK team unlocking secrets of N. Korea volcano, site of huge ancient eruption

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 03:40pm EDT

French president in trouble, in public and private

French president's popularity lower than ever amid economic woes, exposure of his private life

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 02:54pm EDT

Nigeria: Officials reassure as extremists rampage

Nigerian officials, military reassure citizens as extremists rampage in northeast Nigeria

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 01:30pm EDT

French ex-hostage identifies captor in Syria

Report: Suspect in Brussels Jewish museum killings held journalists hostage in Syria

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 01:18pm EDT

Iran: Paperwork, expenses caused plane diversion

Iran official blames paperwork, expenses for diversion of plane from Afghanistan airfield

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 01:00pm EDT

A new warning of unrest amid Afghan vote dispute

Afghan candidate's spokesman warns of violence if election dispute not resolved

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 12:24pm EDT

Ukraine cease-fire appears to hold

Ukraine cease-fire appears to hold, despite claims it has been violated by both sides

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 12:24pm EDT

WHO: Use Ebola survivors' blood to treat patients

WHO: Blood from Ebola survivors should be used to treat patients, 2 promising vaccines found

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Greek premier eyes growth for 1st time in 8 years

Greek premier says economy expected to expand in third quarter for the first time in 8 years

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 11:32am EDT

US lauds Mozambican peace agreement

US Secretary of State John Kerry praises Mozambican peace agreement

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 11:30am EDT

NATO allies agree to take on Islamic State threat

NATO allies deem Islamic State a significant threat, agree on coalition to take on militants

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 09:28am EDT
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