12:40 am, March 2, 2015

Health News

Study: Many herbal supplements aren't what the label says

Testing finds many herbal supplements don't contain what the label says; fillers, not herbs

Friday - 02/06/2015, 08:56am EST

UK moves toward making babies from DNA of 3 people

Britain moves toward making babies from DNA of 3 people to avoid passing on fatal diseases

Friday - 02/06/2015, 08:42am EST

Pop Warner youth football sued over Wisconsin man's suicide

Mother of Wisconsin man who committed suicide sues Pop Warner youth football organization

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 11:16pm EST

4th giant panda dies in China from canine distemper virus

4th giant panda dies from canine distemper virus in rescue center in northwestern China

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 10:30pm EST

Lawsuit claiming needles in Burger King food heads to trial

No settlement reached in lawsuit claiming man swallowed needles in Burger King sandwich

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 06:30pm EST

World Health Organization says Ebola cases increase slightly

World Health Organization: Ebola cases up for first time in 2015, problems tracking virus

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 06:10pm EST

Va. Senate approves marijuana derivatives for epilepsy

Virginia Senate approves use of marijuana derivatives for treating epilepsy

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 05:20pm EST

Va. House GOP announces mental health care funding plan

Virginia House Republicans announce alternative to governor's mental health care program

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 04:20pm EST

Oklahoma judge threatens to jail mental health commissioner

Judge threatens to jail Oklahoma commissioner over delayed mental health placement for inmate

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 04:10pm EST

Lung cancer now top cancer killer for women in rich nations

The rich woman's burden: Lung passes breast as top female cancer killer in wealthy nations

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 03:22pm EST

How outgoing FDA chief oversaw food, drugs and tobacco

Departing FDA chief oversaw reforms to food safety, drugs and tobacco

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 03:18pm EST

CDC: Ebola virus sent to lower-tier lab likely not dangerous

CDC investigation: Ebola scare at lab involved mistakes but the virus was probably not live

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 03:18pm EST

A look at the UK's proposal to make babies from 3 people

The UK's proposal to make babies from 3 people: the science, the logistics and the controversy

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 02:52pm EST

Gov't investigating if Medicare data stolen in Anthem hack

Gov't investigating if Anthem hackers stole data on Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 01:30pm EST

IMF to give debt relief to 3 African countries hit by Ebola

IMF to give close to $100 million in debt relief to 3 nations hit by Ebola outbreak

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 01:20pm EST

Question for the court: What is sexual intercourse?

Florida Supreme court mulls meaning of 'sexual intercourse' in HIV prevention law

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 01:08pm EST

Why you should, and shouldn't, worry about measles

Measles: Vaccine made it rare in US but outbreaks still sparked by travelers

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 12:24pm EST

Vaccine debate tests first-time White House hopefuls

For first-time White House hopefuls, vaccine debate is lesson in glare of national spotlight

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 10:42am EST

Dog undergoes surgery after eating parts of calf-high boots

Dog undergoes surgery after eating parts of calf-high leather boots, veterinary center says

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 09:50am EST

Police: Massachusetts girl dies during head lice treatment

Massachusetts infant dies, apparently suffocated by plastic bag used in home lice treatment

Thursday - 02/05/2015, 08:38am EST
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