5:26 pm, April 18, 2015

Government News

Congressman Grayson and wife agree to annulment

US Rep. Grayson and wife agree to annulment, continue settlement talks

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 09:40pm EDT

New law tells states to seek 'normalcy' for foster children

New federal law tells states to look for ways to let foster children lead more normal lives

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 09:32pm EDT

SEC files fraud charges against ex-NFL player, partner

SEC files fraud charges against ex-NFL cornerback Allen, partner for running Ponzi scheme

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 09:04pm EDT

US Sen. Manchin blasts NRA, says group has changed its focus

US Sen. Manchin blasts the NRA, says the group has changed focus, become 'big business'

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 09:00pm EDT

Obama aide: White House classified computer system secure following hack threat

A top aide to President Barack Obama says the White House's classified computer systems are secure while acknowledging vulnerabilities in its unclassified system.

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 08:50pm EDT

Former SNL cast member running for Congress in Iowa

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Gary Kroeger running for Congress in Iowa

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 05:07pm EDT

Quote on Angelou stamp apparently came from another author

Quote on US stamp honoring poet Maya Angelou apparently came from another author

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Bird flu hits 2nd farm in Minnesota's top turkey county

Bird flu hits 2nd farm in Minnesota's top turkey county; outbreaks across state rise to 8

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 04:10pm EDT

Hitting the road this summer? Tips to save on gas

Even with low prices, here are some ways to milk more miles from the gas you buy

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 03:10pm EDT

FDA questions evidence for lower-risk tobacco product

FDA raises concerns about evidence to support Swedish company's lower-risk tobacco pouch

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 01:50pm EDT

After 3rd high court protest, the most severe charges yet

After most recent protest inside US Supreme Court, signs justices may be supremely steamed

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 01:20pm EDT

New book by Dick Cheney takes on Barack Obama

New book co-authored by Dick and Liz Cheney takes on President Barack Obama's leadership

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 12:42pm EDT

US safety board: Oil train tank cars need urgent upgrades

US safety board: Rail tank cars hauling fuel need urgent upgrades to protect against fires

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 12:10pm EDT

US approves $952M sale of helicopters, missiles to Pakistan

Obama administration approves $952 million sale of helicopters, missiles to Pakistan

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 11:50am EDT

Obama mixes mild poke at critics into prayer breakfast

At prayer breakfast, Obama jokes about hearing 'less-than-loving' words from Christian critics

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 11:18am EDT

Defense secretary says US opening new phase of Asia pivot

Ahead of visit, Defense Secretary Carter says US opening new phase of focus on Asia-Pacific

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 10:50am EDT

Pesky spring guest buzzes Obama's Easter egg roll

Thousands of kids _ and 1 slightly scary insect _ take over White House lawn for egg roll

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 08:10am EDT

Cuba-US warming held up by listing of Cuba as terror sponsor

Cuba-US warming, hopes of opening embassy, held up by fight over Cuba on terror list

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 06:38am EDT

Obama's family-friendly work policies put to the test at White House

2 senior Obama aides expecting babies, a test of his call for more family-friendly workplaces

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 06:24am EDT

Tough sell: Obama ramps up lobbying campaign on Iran deal

Tough sell: White House ramps up lobbying campaign to persuade skeptics to stomach Iran deal

Tuesday - 04/07/2015, 04:10am EDT

Reid's exit sets off Senate leadership scramble

Minority Leader Harry Reid's retirement sets off struggle in Senate Democratic ranks

Thursday - 04/02/2015, 03:26am EDT
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