8:10 am, March 1, 2015

World News

Poland to pay $262,000 to inmates held at secret CIA prison

Poland to pay $262,000 to secret CIA prison inmates after European court rejects appeal

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 04:00pm EST

Liberia schools reopen after 6-month Ebola closure

Liberia schools reopen after 6-month Ebola closure, latest sign of normal life returning

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 03:26pm EST

Apples modified to resist browning receive federal approval

Apples modified to resist browning get federal OK; first ones may be available in late 2016

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 02:30pm EST

Conservative law professor voted new Greek president

Conservative law professor Prokopis Pavlopoulos voted new Greek president

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 02:22pm EST

Boko Haram threatens to violently disrupt Nigerian elections

Boko Haram renews threat that it will violently disrupt Nigeria's March elections

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 02:10pm EST

Moldova approves pro-European gov't amid uncertainty

Moldova's parliament approves pro-European gov't, as currency slumps 25 percent this week

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 01:40pm EST

US-led coalition against Islamic State meets in Saudi Arabia

Military chiefs from US-led coalition fighting IS group hold strategy meeting in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 01:30pm EST

British aid worker killed in South Sudan capital

British aid worker for Carter Center killed in South Sudan capital

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 01:00pm EST

Swedish Radio apologizes for question about anti-Semitism

Swedish Radio apologizes for asking Israeli envoy whether Jews share blame for anti-Semitism

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 01:00pm EST

Protesters march near university of murdered Turkish woman

Demonstrators protest violence against women near university of murdered student

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 12:40pm EST

Attack on Shiite mosque in Pakistani capital kills 3

Attack on Shiite mosque in Pakistan's capital kills 3, officials say

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 12:32pm EST

Gay Catholics get Vatican welcome, but no papal shout-out

Gay Catholics get Vatican welcome with VIP seats at pope's audience, but no papal shout-out

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 12:23pm EST

German archdiocese of Cologne reveals $3.8 billion fortune

Archdiocese of Cologne, Germany's richest, publishes accounts revealing $3.8 billion fortune

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 12:00pm EST

Potholes, blackouts confront Madagascar's president

Potholes, blackouts are problems that confront Madagascar's president after 1 year in office

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 11:56am EST

Career networking website LinkedIn launches in Arabic

Career networking website LinkedIn launches an Arabic version from the Middle East

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 11:50am EST

Israel court OKs radical Arab, Jewish candidate in election

Israel's Supreme Court rules that radical Arab, Jewish candidate may run in March election

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 11:40am EST

Swiss prosecutors probe HSBC subsidiary for money laundering

Swiss prosecutors probe HSBC subsidiary for suspected money laundering, carry out search

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 11:02am EST

US launches Africa military exercises amid Boko Haram threat

US launches annual military exercises with African armies, this year amid Boko Haram threat

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 10:38am EST

Brawl in Turkey parliament puts focus on Erdogan power plays

Brawl in Turkey parliament shows tempers rising over perceived Erdogan moves to quash dissent

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 10:36am EST

Mozambican police arrest man suspected of poisoning beer

Mozambican police have arrested a man suspected of poisoning beer that killed over 70 people

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 10:10am EST
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