7:45 pm, December 21, 2014

World News

'Magic mushroom' in Queen Elizabeth II's garden

'Magic mushroom' found growing wild in Queen Elizabeth II's garden at Buckingham Palace

Friday - 12/12/2014, 08:12am EST

Italy to run F-35 fighter jet service center

Italy's Finmeccanica to run F-35 fighter jet maintenance & assembly center for Europe aircraft

Friday - 12/12/2014, 08:10am EST

Ukraine: Truce results in 1st casualty-free day

Ukraine: Truce with separatists results in nation's 1st casualty-free day since crisis began

Friday - 12/12/2014, 06:18am EST

German opposition loses Snowden hearing bid

Top German court rejects opposition parties' bid to force Snowden hearing on NSA in Berlin

Friday - 12/12/2014, 05:18am EST

Israel blamed for death of Palestinian minister

Palestinian government blames Israel for death of minister, but Abbas holds off on response

Friday - 12/12/2014, 04:12am EST

Prosecutor: Find dismemberment suspect guilty

Prosecutor asks jury in Canada dismemberment case to find suspect guilty

Friday - 12/12/2014, 03:20am EST

Twin blasts hit Nigerian city, kill at least 31

Twin explosions rock central Nigerian city of Jos, activists say at least 31 killed

Friday - 12/12/2014, 03:20am EST

UN says several months needed to control Ebola

UN Ebola chief: It will take several more months before West Africa outbreak is under control

Friday - 12/12/2014, 03:10am EST

Malala sympathetic to Mexican protester at Nobels

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala has sympathy for Mexican who disrupted Nobel awards ceremony

Friday - 12/12/2014, 12:34am EST

Rhino species to die unless science can help

Rhino species to die unless science can help after Czech-to-Kenya effort fails to bear calf

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 11:36pm EST

Kerry to climate talks: No excuses, get to work

Kerry to climate talks: Inaction would be unforgivable and huge 'collective moral failure'

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 11:30pm EST

Debt and hunger at birthplace of Ebola in Guinea

At birthplace of Ebola in Guinea, villagers struggling with debt, stigma, hunger and anger

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 08:12pm EST

UN rejects Iran's latest nuke probe offer

UN nuclear agency rejects Iran's offer of alternate site in probe of alleged weapons work

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 04:08pm EST

Orphan seal Andriana is a Greek survivor

Endangered species: Greek animal charity says orphan seal Andriana is expected to survive

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 04:04pm EST

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

10 Things to See: A gallery of lasting moments chosen by our editors

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 02:36pm EST

French-Mali sweep kills Islamic radical commander

Islamic commander killed in French, Malian sweep in Mali; 10 militants killed or captured

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 01:39pm EST

Italy eyes new anti-corruption rules amid scandal

Italy to pass new anti-corruption measures as Rome reels from mafia scandal

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 01:29pm EST

Trove from Churchill's daughter up for auction

Auction of artifacts from Churchill's daughter shows private side of a famous family

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 01:28pm EST

UN Ebola chief's focus is on Sierra Leone, Guinea

UN Ebola chief's focus is on 'troublesome' areas of Sierra Leone, Guinea

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 01:28pm EST

US allies condemn torture; praise report on CIA

US allies Turkey, Slovakia condemn CIA interrogation methods, praise release of report

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 12:59pm EST
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