6:36 pm, February 26, 2015

U.S. News

SpaceX launch of observatory, landing test off until Tuesday

SpaceX launch of deep-space observatory, rocket landing test delayed until Tuesday

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 07:18am EST

Measles cases turn attention to bounty of childhood vaccines

Measles outbreak turns attention to bounty of kids' vaccines and sometimes forgotten diseases

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 05:18am EST

California pledges changes in protecting underground water

California to make changes to protect drinking-water supplies from oil-field injections

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 03:27am EST

Deadly crash involving Bruce Jenner: questions and answers

Questions, answers about deadly California chain-reaction crash that involved Bruce Jenner

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 03:20am EST

Survivor of USS Arizona from Pearl Harbor attack dies at 100

Joseph Langdell, oldest survivor of battleship destroyed at Pearl Harbor, dies at age 100

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 02:26am EST

'It's ridiculous': record snowfall blankets New England

New England digs out from another storm, but forecasters warn of more snow later in week

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 01:30am EST

Anthem: Hackers tried to breach system as early as Dec. 10

Anthem: Hackers compromised 5 workers' credentials, may have been in network since December

Monday - 02/09/2015, 09:40pm EST

West Coast seaports fully reopen as contract talks resume

West Coast ports fully reopen, contract talks resume after weekend of smaller dockworker crews

Monday - 02/09/2015, 08:10pm EST

Colorado rejects right-to-die legislation

Colorado rejects right-to-die legislation after long day of emotional testimony

Monday - 02/09/2015, 07:46pm EST

Lawsuits: St. Louis County town jails are 'debtors prisons'

Lawsuits say St. Louis County town jails are 'debtors prisons' for those who can't pay fines

Monday - 02/09/2015, 07:40pm EST

In age of campaign mega-groups, solo spenders still compete

In an age of big spending organizations, rich people with dreams of office still compete

Monday - 02/09/2015, 06:50pm EST

A look at some vaccine-related legislation in several states

A look at some vaccine-related legislation being debated in several states

Monday - 02/09/2015, 06:32pm EST

Prosecutor visit divides Saint Louis University law school

Upcoming talk by Ferguson police shooting prosecutor divides Saint Louis University law school

Monday - 02/09/2015, 05:43pm EST

Justice Thomas objects to court's signal on gay marriage

Insider's view: Justice Thomas suggests Supreme Court's embrace of gay marriage is done deal

Monday - 02/09/2015, 05:28pm EST

Patz trial the latest where mental illness clouds confession

In murder trial, mental illness again raises tough questions about defendant who confessed

Monday - 02/09/2015, 03:50pm EST

Woman accused of leaving baby in trash ruled incompetent

Judge rules Utah woman accused of leaving baby in trash is incompetent to stand trial

Monday - 02/09/2015, 03:00pm EST

Once-paralyzed player is rapidly climbing political ladder

Ex-Penn State player Adam Taliaferro, once paralyzed, rapidly climbs the political ladder

Monday - 02/09/2015, 02:32pm EST

US gas prices jump 13 cents a gallon; could go higher

Survey shows US gas prices jump 13 cents a gallon; increases possible in near future

Monday - 02/09/2015, 02:26pm EST

Lawmakers seek to wrap up costly tribal relocation program

Feds seek to wrap up Hopi-Navajo relocation taking decades longer, millions more than planned

Monday - 02/09/2015, 01:36pm EST

Sisters divided in murder trial of ex-NFLer Aaron Hernandez

Sisters divided in murder trial of ex-New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez

Monday - 02/09/2015, 10:10am EST
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