6:31 am, March 3, 2015

Air Force News

Panel: Cyber Command progress report

For a progress report on how the military is combating the cyber threat and a look at the near term future, officials from the Army, Navy and Air Force cyber commands joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris for a special Federal News Radio panel discussion.

Wednesday - 10/26/2011, 09:36am EDT

With DoD budget cuts, what's the future of the F-35?

Winslow Wheeler is the director at the Straus Military Reform Project for the Center for Defense Information.

Thursday - 10/20/2011, 04:21pm EDT

Air Force makes $1M selling scrap metal

Federal Times reports The scrap metal has been saved up for more than 15 years at Thule Air Base, Greenland.

Thursday - 10/06/2011, 05:41pm EDT

DoD awards Boeing $12B Air Force C-17 contract

Boeing has received a $12 billion dollar contract to keep the Defense Department's C-17 Globemaster transport planes flying

Tuesday - 10/04/2011, 07:23am EDT

Top 10 agencies with telework issues

How does your agency compare to others when it comes to allowing employees to telework? The latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey gives some insight.

Sunday - 10/02/2011, 08:55pm EDT

Air Force transferring air traffic control to locals in Iraq

The goal is to transition the airspace back to Iraqi control before the last plane carrying Americans takes off.

Monday - 09/26/2011, 07:00pm EDT

Air Force turns over air traffic control to Iraqis

The Air Force says it is nearly ready to turn air traffic control in Iraq over to Iraqis as part of Operation New Dawn.

Monday - 09/26/2011, 11:50am EDT

Air Force to offer buyouts to 6,000 civilians

The Air Force is planning to make payments to civilian employees to encourage them to leave the federal payroll, in addition to offers of early retirement. The service is trying to get to the level of civilian employment authorized under DoD's civilian hiring freeze, which mandates the department maintain its non-uniformed workforce at fiscal 2010 levels.

Thursday - 09/22/2011, 06:16am EDT

Air Force OKs F-22 Raptor fighter jets

The aircraft has been grounded since May because of reports of a bad oxygen system.

Wednesday - 09/21/2011, 05:58pm EDT

Air Force promises more disciplined acquisitions

The service no can longer pump money into ambitions that don't offer any immediate prospect of payoff, especially if those projects don't promise to deliver something the Air Force truly needs, the service's top officer said Tuesday.

Wednesday - 09/21/2011, 05:24am EDT

Air Force secretary pledges to protect key systems

Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said Monday there are certain capabilities the service must keep whole as it navigates the current budget situation. He did not offer clues as to what the service would be willing to give up.

Tuesday - 09/20/2011, 05:23am EDT

Lockheed Martin wins $791M Air Force contract

Under the deal's terms, Lockheed will support the integration of software and components for the Air Force's combat support automated information systems.

Wednesday - 09/14/2011, 12:27pm EDT

Panetta: Al-Qaida weaker since 9/11

Panetta says the attacks a decade ago have in some ways strengthened the United States at home and abroad.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 07:18pm EDT

Air Force awards sensor-surveying contract

The Air Force has awarded Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation a $50 million contract to evaluate the service's inventory of sensors. The Atlanta company will survey the sensor market and test how well different devices work and will also look at new ways for the military to use sensors.

Tuesday - 09/06/2011, 10:14am EDT

HP lands $500M Air Force contract

The contract is for HP to provide work stations, processors and other products.

Tuesday - 08/30/2011, 06:38pm EDT

DoD deploys dual commanders to help with hurricane efforts

For the first time this weekend, dual-commanders were deployed for a natural disaster, the Defense Department announced.

Monday - 08/29/2011, 11:31am EDT

A get-tough approach helpful in disciplining errant contractors?

Todd Canni, the Air Force Associate General Counsel, joined the Federal Drive to discuss a recent article he wrote dealing with contractor suspensions and debarments.

Friday - 08/26/2011, 09:52am EDT

Budget survival tips: Prioritization, revision

Agencies must sharpen their pencils to figure out what they can afford in 2012 and beyond. The Labor Department is asking program offices to rethink and redo budget proposals and plans. The Air Force will need to take more surgical cuts to find savings.

Friday - 08/19/2011, 05:30am EDT

DoD strategic plan to detail billions in cuts

The Pentagon will issue a strategic management plan by the end of August highlighting the services and agencies' plans and milestones to cut costs from back-office functions. DoD Deputy Chief Management Officer Beth McGrath said there are seven main areas DoD will review, including IT infrastructure, acquisition and the workforce. McGrath already is conducting reviews of the first set of efficiency initiatives that began this year.

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 05:49am EDT

Buyouts: To Be Or Not To Be?

Thanks to the pay freeze and an increasingly hostile Congress, many federal and postal workers said they'd retire in a heartbeat if Uncle Sam would make them an offer, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey reports. So what are the odds...

Wednesday - 08/17/2011, 02:00am EDT
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