3:32 am, January 30, 2015

Government News

White House chief of staff shoulders blame for Paris snub

White House chief of staff takes blame for lack of top US official at Paris solidarity march

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 08:00pm EST

Man charged with helping run website selling drugs, guns

Washington state man charged with helping run Silk Road 2.0 website, used for drug, gun sales

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 07:50pm EST

Senate rejects effort to ban Keystone XL-pipeline exports

Senate blocks efforts to ban exports from Keystone XL pipeline, use American-made steel

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 07:40pm EST

VA settles more retaliation complaints by whistleblowers

VA offers relief to 25 whistleblowers who suffered retaliation

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 06:50pm EST

103-year-old activist invited to State of the Union address

Ala. congresswoman invites voting rights activist, 103, to hear President Obama's address

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 05:48pm EST

5 goals from Obama's 2014 State of the Union: Yay or Nay?

Measuring 5 goals Obama laid out in his 2014 State of the Union address

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 05:38pm EST

Obama plans to visit Selma, Alabama, to commemorate marches

Obama plans to visit Selma, Alabama, in March to commemorate 50th anniversary of marches

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 05:00pm EST

Opening round Iran sanctions fight kicks off in Senate

Opening round of White House-Congress fight over Iran sanctions kicks off in Senate

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 04:37pm EST

Justices debate judicial candidates' campaign appeals

Supreme Court's liberals, conservatives clash over judicial candidates' campaign appeals

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 04:22pm EST

Obama vows to veto GOP-backed abortion, pipeline bills

Obama vows to veto Republican-backed bills on abortion, pipeline construction

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 03:50pm EST

Movie 'Selma' sparks interest in historic Alabama city

Hit film 'Selma' and protest anniversary expected to bring thousands to historic Alabama city

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 02:50pm EST

The heat is on; NOAA, NASA say 2014 warmest year on record

Earth warms like a broken record; For 3rd time in 10 years, globe sets mark for hottest year

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 02:44pm EST

Summary of Tuesday's actions by Supreme Court

Summary of opinions and orders issued Tuesday by the Supreme Court

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 02:09pm EST

Supreme Court rules for bearded Muslim inmate

Supreme Court says Muslim prison inmate in Arkansas has right to grow short beard

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 02:09pm EST

Medicare chief steps down, ran health care rollout

Executive who oversaw troubled rollout of Obama's health care law resigns from government

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 12:52pm EST

Supreme Court sides with Teva in drug dispute

Supreme Court sides with Teva in patent dispute over multiple sclerosis drug

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 12:20pm EST

High court rejects military contractors appeals

Supreme Court won't block suits against military contractors over electrocution, burn pits

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 12:10pm EST

Supreme Court: Death row inmate deserves hearing

Supreme Court says Missouri death row inmate deserves new hearing

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 11:18am EST

Court won't hear priest's appeal of ruling reviving lawsuit

Supreme Court won't review ruling Catholics say could force priest to testify about confession

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 11:18am EST

Real state of the union is a snapshot of our lives

Not the speech: The real state of the union is a snapshot of life in the US

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 10:06am EST
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