1:14 pm, November 24, 2014

Health News

AP Analysis: NFL HGH blood-testing setup has flaws

NFL HALFWAY: 1 month into HGH testing, 'You pretty much have to be a fool to test positive'

Friday - 11/07/2014, 01:16pm EST

Brittany Maynard galvanizes right-to-die efforts

Supporters hope death of right-to-die advocate Brittany Maynard spurs legislative action

Friday - 11/07/2014, 01:02pm EST

Amid Ebola disaster, WHO picks new Africa chief

Amid Ebola disaster, WHO picks new chief to take over troubled Africa office

Friday - 11/07/2014, 10:52am EST

Raccoon in York County tests positive for rabies

York County officials warn residents in Seaford about raccoon testing positive for rabies

Friday - 11/07/2014, 10:30am EST

Polio incidence hits 15-year high in Pakistan

Polio incidence his 15-year high in Pakistan as premier vows to rid country of it in 6 months

Friday - 11/07/2014, 07:50am EST

Teacher told to stay away after trip to Africa

Teacher told to take leave after trip to Africa, even though visit was far from Ebola outbreak

Friday - 11/07/2014, 02:20am EST

Tenn. lawmakers readying new abortion restrictions

Tennessee lawmakers preparing new abortion restrictions after voters pass state amendment

Friday - 11/07/2014, 02:20am EST

UN Ebola chief optimistic of future drop in cases

Interview: UN Ebola chief hopeful that global response could end outbreak in 2015

Friday - 11/07/2014, 01:26am EST

Ebola hits health care access for other diseases

Ebola creates another emergency by hindering access to health care for other deadly diseases

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 11:52pm EST

Tennis' Oudin says heart procedure went well

Melanie Oudin, 2009 US Open quarterfinalist, tweets that she's home after heart procedure

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 11:30pm EST

DA: Researcher guilty or 'unluckiest' man on earth

DA: Accused researcher guilty of poisoning wife or else he's 'unluckiest man in the world'

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 09:16pm EST

Facebook launches Ebola charity donation button

Facebook launches Ebola donation button, sends communication terminals to affected countries

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 09:16pm EST

VA chief: Wait times down, choice cards in mail

VA secretary says patient wait times down 18 percent, choice cards being mailed to veterans

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 08:08pm EST

3 admit dumping bodily fluids on autistic teen

3 Ohio teens charged in cruel ice bucket prank admit dumping bodily fluids on autistic boy

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 05:20pm EST

Questions and answers about the NFL's test for HGH

NFL HALFWAY: A series of questions and answers about the NFL's blood test for HGH, 1 month in

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 04:40pm EST

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard takes her own life

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard, who drew attention to doctor-assisted suicide, takes own life

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 04:26pm EST

4 Sandy-damaged NYC hospitals to get $1.6 billion

4 Sandy-damaged NYC hospitals to get $1.6 billion from feds for storm-hardening, repairs

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 04:09pm EST

NYC doctor with Ebola playing banjo in hospital

NYC doctor infected with Ebola playing banjo, riding exercise bike in hospital isolation room

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 03:20pm EST

Despite losses, GMO label backers aren't quitting

Despite losing in liberal Oregon, advocates of GMO labeling say they've just begun to fight

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 03:16pm EST

A look at use of Oregon's law on assisted suicide

A look at the use of Oregon's law on doctor-assisted suicide since it went into effect

Thursday - 11/06/2014, 02:40pm EST
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