4:52 pm, March 6, 2015

Entertainment News

Publishers stand by Bill O'Reilly despite accuracy questions

Bill O'Reilly's book publishers stand behind him despite questions about his reporting

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 11:40am EST

Judge orders Lohan to redo some community service hours

Lindsay Lohan ordered to redo some community service hours; probation extended until May

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 11:32am EST

New Gucci designer debuts as Milan celebrates youth

Gucci's break with the past exemplifies Milan fashion's mood of renewal

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 11:04am EST

Lady Gaga joining the cast of FX's 'American Horror Story'

Lady Gaga joining cast of FX hit series 'American Horror Story'

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 10:48am EST

His enthusiasm curbed, Larry David hits Broadway in new play

His enthusiasm curbed (or is it?), Larry David hits Broadway in his play 'Fish in the Dark'

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 09:50am EST

Prince William starts first Japan visit _ with green tea

Prince William starts first Japan visit with afternoon tea _ but green served by tea master

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 09:30am EST

Review: Bam! Musical 'Brooklynite' a giddy, clever show

Review: Bam! Musical 'Brooklynite' a giddy, clever show with a real heroine in the cast

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 08:56am EST

Experts: Insanity case as in 'American Sniper' hard to win

Experts: Hurdles make insanity defense _ rejected by 'American Sniper' jurors _ hard to win

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 08:42am EST

Cooper and Cohen are made for each other _ onstage

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are perfect as an act, if not a relationship

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 07:54am EST

Book review: Kim Gordon is more than just a 'Girl in a Band'

Review: Sonic Youth front woman Kim Gordon dishes on life, art and love in 'Girl in a Band'

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 07:52am EST

Smith and Sheeran win, Kanye stirs it up at UK's Brit Awards

Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran win, Kanye West impresses and Madonna stumbles at UK's Brit Awards

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 04:28am EST

Madonna takes a tumble at the Brit Awards

Madonna tumbles down stairs but carries on at UK music's Brit Awards

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 03:52am EST

Celeb birthdays for the week of March 1-7

Celebrity birthdays for the week of March 1-7

Thursday - 02/26/2015, 02:10am EST

Oil boom's end threatens pain for much of Latin America

Economic pain spreads to Colombian town that rode Latin America's oil boom

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 11:48pm EST

Tree planted in LA park in memory of George Harrison

Tree planted in Los Angeles park in memory of Beatles guitarist George Harrison

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 10:30pm EST

Ex-'America's Next Top Model' contestant among 3 dead in NC

Man accused of killing former 'America's Next Top Model' contestant, 2 others in NC

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 09:50pm EST

Review: Apple-centric 'Modern Family' goes beyond gimmicks

Review: 'Modern Family' episode shot with iPhone is clever way of storytelling, not a gimmick

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 09:28pm EST

Lindros files defamation lawsuit against former referee

Former NHL star Eric Lindros files defamation lawsuit against former referee

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 08:30pm EST

Review: Moore invigorates dark, messy 'Maps to the Stars'

Review: Julianne Moore invigorates dark, messy Hollywood satire 'Maps to the Stars'

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 06:44pm EST

Reddit, Google crack down on posting nude pics

Reddit, Google purging nude photos, other sexually explicit content from their services

Wednesday - 02/25/2015, 06:30pm EST
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