7:34 am, August 27, 2014

Oversight News

DHS aims to change history of lax acquisition oversight

Rafael Borras, DHS undersecretary for management, has implemented a major program review process to stave off acquisition problems. The board has reviewed and recommended fixes for problematic programs. Borras said the next step is a new decision support tool to bring together in one place all the performance information about the programs.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 06:14am EDT

Advocates see some open government dividends

Federal agencies are making progress toward fulfilling the spirit of the White House's open government directives. But the administration still needs to give agencies more direction and more support, according to a new secrecy scorecard just out from a coalition of good government and consumer advocacy groups.

Wednesday - 09/07/2011, 05:46am EDT

Arlington on its way to single burial database

A year after a scandal upended the leadership at Arlington National Cemetery, the Army is making swift progress toward creating a single database of all those interred at the site. Soldiers are using iPhones to record information and submit it to analysts to check the data against existing records.

Friday - 09/02/2011, 05:15am EDT

GSA to set up two performance management BPAs

The agency plans to release two separate contracts, one for services and one for technology tools. The contracts would help agencies meet the goals of the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 03:44pm EDT

Easy, cheap way to defuse workplace tension: Just breathe

Mary Mitchell, of The Mitchell Organization, a training and consulting practice, joined the Federal Drive to discuss ways to defuse workplace tension.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 10:12am EDT

New oversight positions key to wartime contracting reform

Two of the eight members of the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan join In Depth to explain the recommendations in the commission's final report.

Wednesday - 08/31/2011, 05:46pm EDT

Creation of DHS, intelligence office a 'cautionary tale'

A new report from the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton examines the federal reorganizations after 9/11 that created DHS and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The report said the creation of the two huge federal entities offers "cautionary tale" in management and leadership.

Tuesday - 08/30/2011, 10:30am EDT

DoD reviews diversity efforts as part of governmentwide effort

The Defense Department is taking a hard look at its diversity programs, as part of a presidential order to coordinate efforts across the federal government.

Tuesday - 08/30/2011, 08:58am EDT

Telework is more than a perk

Recent events have elevated the importance of telework in the federal government ranks.

Sunday - 08/28/2011, 11:51pm EDT

Fed buildings closed due to power outages from Hurricane Irene

The General Services Administration is working with power companies from Maryland to Massachusetts to fix the problems. OPM said agencies in Washington are open as usual Monday and employees can use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework if necessary.

Sunday - 08/28/2011, 10:23pm EDT

Agencies collaborate before, during, after Irene

FEMA is leading the effort to prepare for the impending hurricane, but also the aftermath of the storm. DHS is using lessons learned from a 2009 exercise to prepare for the hurricane. Agencies from HHS to FCC to the Coast Guard and many others are putting the pieces in place to respond and help recover from Hurricane Irene.

Friday - 08/26/2011, 07:49pm EDT

Earthquake recap: What went right and wrong

David Olive of Catalyst Partners discusses what could have gone better in the earthquake aftermath.

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 03:56pm EDT

GAO: EPA needs more coordination at 37 labs

In the last 20 years, independent evaluations of EPA's labs have turned up operations and management problems, according to the GAO report. EPA also struggles with consolidating its labs.

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 03:54pm EDT

What does offer?

Robert Shea, a principal at Grant Thornton and the former Associate Director for the Office of Management and Budget, explains how agencies can take advantage of

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 03:48pm EDT

OMB finally launches portal

The dashboard focuses on eight governmentwide management areas. The site also details how agencies are meeting goals in each of the categories. The administration has been promising the portal for almost a year.

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 05:44am EDT

Earthquake reinforces telework benefits

Thousands of office workers didn't have to deal with road construction and confusion about building closures after Tuesday's earthquake in Washington because they telecommute. Agencies with robust telework policies largely avoided the chaos. But others have been slow to implement the new policies required by the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010.

Thursday - 08/25/2011, 05:19am EDT

After 9/11, management lessons learned

John Palguta, vice president for policy at the Partnership for Public Service, joined the Federal Drive to discuss how the 9/11 attacks 10 years ago affected.

Wednesday - 08/24/2011, 12:41pm EDT

IG: Room for customer service improvement at IRS

J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, explains how IRS can improve its customer service.

Monday - 08/22/2011, 04:12pm EDT

Takai: DoD CIO can't 'mandate' culture change

Trying to change the culture-driven patterns of IT spending in the military services by issuing edicts would not work, and should not work, the Pentagon's chief information officer said. She said she sees her role as making sure the services have what they need, and that their IT efforts benefit DoD as an enterprise.

Monday - 08/22/2011, 01:33pm EDT

Are federal managers getting the telework training they need?

According to a recent survey, most respondents said increased telework training has not been built into their 2012 budgets.

Sunday - 08/21/2011, 05:48pm EDT
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