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Survey: Insider cyber threats more costly

Dawn Cappelli, technical manager of the enterprise threat and vulnerability teams at CERT, explains why insider threats are viewed are costing organizations more money.

Wednesday - 02/09/2011, 01:26pm EST

Analysis: Egypt protests approach most dangerous period

CNN's Brian Todd predicts protesters will be in more danger when the global media turns its attention elsewhere.

Wednesday - 02/09/2011, 01:15pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - February 9

A daily list of the best stories of the day as compiled by the DorobekINSIDER team.

Wednesday - 02/09/2011, 01:12pm EST

Causey analysis: Will you be hit with a furlough?

WFED's Mike Causey discusses the likelihood of a federal furlough.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 04:59pm EST

Air Force backs off from claim that accessing WikiLeaks violates Espionage Act claim

The Air Force initially issued guidance that anyone accessing WikiLeaks is violating the Espionage Act. The department has since backed off from that statement.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 03:09pm EST

What will budget battle mean for agencies?

GovExec's Tom Shoop gives his analysis of what will happen to feds with the upcoming budget battle.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 02:33pm EST

DoD, veterans programs on the budget chopping block

Military Times reports that defense and veterans programs may get funding cuts in the upcoming budget battle.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 02:00pm EST

McAfee: Threats to mobile devices on the rise

McAfee reports on its fourth quarter findings that threats to smart phones and other mobile devices are increasing.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 01:57pm EST

NIST cloud guidelines address security, privacy concerns

NIST's Lee Badger and Tim Grance explain how the public can comment on two draft documents offering guidelines for public cloud use.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 01:28pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - February 8

A daily list of the best stories of the day as compiled by the DorobekINSIDER team.

Tuesday - 02/08/2011, 12:03pm EST

All TSP funds had positive returns in January

Tom Trabucco of the TSP board explains the returns in January 2011.

Monday - 02/07/2011, 03:53pm EST

Gov innovation requires optimism, failing in small ways

IDEO's Fred Dust discusses some of the findings from its government innovation report conducted with the Partnership for Public Service.

Monday - 02/07/2011, 03:30pm EST

DoD: Another continuing resolution could threaten thousands of jobs

Defense officials say a CR after the current one - expiring March 5 - could hurt 7,300 civilian jobs.

Monday - 02/07/2011, 03:21pm EST

Human immune system is model in cyber defense program

Homeland Security Newswire reports that the new program by DARPA allows computers to repair themselves after an attack.

Monday - 02/07/2011, 03:11pm EST

Vets' jobless rate climbs to nearly 10 percent

The American Legion's Joseph Sharpe explains why vets continue to struggle to find work as the nation's overall jobless rate declines.

Monday - 02/07/2011, 03:04pm EST
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