11:35 pm, May 25, 2015

Acquisition Workforce News

Are contractors blue over GSA's new green rules?

Jerry Rutkowski, vice president for federal programs at 1E, joined the Federal Drive to discuss his perspective on whether GSA's new green-contracting provisions will help or hurt IT contractors and how the new rule fits in with energy-efficient steps suppliers have already taken.

Tuesday - 08/02/2011, 10:21am EDT

Contractors fear worst in debt debate outcome

Contractors fear late or nonexistent payment from the government if the debt ceiling is not raised and the U.S. government defaults, a number of industry experts have said recently. Contractors are required to continue work even if there is a delay in payment from the government.

Friday - 07/29/2011, 07:16am EDT

GSA finishes cloud email migration

The General Services Administration has become the first federal agency to move its entire workforce to a cloud-based email product. GSA said it moved all 17,000 of its users all at one time, but it couldn't have pulled off the transition without months of planning, training and preparation.

Thursday - 07/28/2011, 06:09am EDT

Army responds to acquistion report

Tom Hawley, deputy undersecretary of the Army, and Heidi Shyu, acting assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology, discuss the Army's new acquisition in a press conference.

Tuesday - 07/26/2011, 04:00pm EDT

GSA 'green IT' may hurt niche buyers

New environmental standards for IT products from GSA may end up hurting specialty buyers, according to Larry Allen, founder of Allen Federal Business Partners and former president of the Coalition for Government Procurement.

Monday - 07/25/2011, 10:41am EDT

Army asserts progress on acquisition reforms

An Army-commissioned study finds that since 1996, the service has spent more than a billion dollars per year on defense systems that wound up being cancelled. Army leaders say they recognize the problem, and have already begun moving aggressively toward reform.

Friday - 07/22/2011, 09:50am EDT

GAO: DHS needs cost-benefit analysis in IT acquisitions

David Maurer, the director of homeland security and justice issues at GAO told Federal News Radio, the latest Government Accountability Office report on DHS acquisition contains three key areas for improvement, including better defined requirements and more testing and evaluation of technologies.

Thursday - 07/21/2011, 05:25pm EDT

GSA, EPA to green government using IT schedules

Wednesday - 07/20/2011, 05:06pm EDT

Acquisition workforce showing signs of change

OFPP administrator Dan Gordon said the morale of contracting officers and other acquisition workers is improving. OPM issued a new IT program and project management competency guidance.

Wednesday - 07/20/2011, 11:52am EDT

Contractors brace for debt debate outcome

Alan Boykin, chief learning officer at the National Contract Management Association, told Federal News Radio that government and industry should keep the lines of communication open, especially as uncertainty abounds about how the failure to raise the debt ceiling would impact federal spending.

Wednesday - 07/20/2011, 10:08am EDT

Could DCAA proposals have led to big savings?

Alan Chvotkin, executive vice president and counsel at the Professional Services Council, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss recent speculation that the Defense Department ignored proposals from the Defense Contract Audit Agency nearly two years ago.

Tuesday - 07/19/2011, 04:50pm EDT

Agencies getting tougher on contractors?

Faced with increasingly tighter federal budgets, agency leaders are getting tougher on contract spending. The Office of Management and Budget announced in March that spending on federal contracting had actually declined for the first time in more than a decade. Also, earlier this month, OMB directed agencies to cut spending on service contracts by 15 percent.

Tuesday - 07/19/2011, 04:43pm EDT

DoD savings won't target industry profits

Even though a short era of ever-increasing military budgets has come to a close, Pentagon leaders said Monday their quest to find savings in defense spending is not aimed at reducing the profitability of contractors.

Tuesday - 07/19/2011, 06:48am EDT

Inside the intelligence community, part II

Host Bob Leins is joined by Ellen McCarthy, President of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance. They talk about what you need to know if you are interested in working in intelligence.
July 18, 2011

Monday - 07/18/2011, 09:39pm EDT

Reporters' Roundup: DoD bottom line will look very different

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Monday - 07/18/2011, 07:54pm EDT

In Depth: Tracking, controlling DoD costs

Monday - 07/18/2011, 05:11pm EDT

DoD tries new system to improve acquisition decision-making

Mark E. Krzysko, deputy director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, told Federal News Radio about the new system the Pentagon is using to improve acquisition. The Acquisition Visibility program gives DoD officials on-demand access to procurement data.

Friday - 07/15/2011, 03:07pm EDT

DoD too slow in assessing workforce needs

GAO finds the Pentagon isn't moving fast enough in improving the skills of their workforce. House lawmakers focused in the acquisition workforce, specifically. DoD defended its efforts, pointing to the 8,600 new acquisition workers hired over the past few years.

Friday - 07/15/2011, 06:50am EDT

Industry Chatter: Jerry Edgerton on agencies' cyber posture

Blue Ridge Networks' Jerry Edgerton talks cybersecurity trends and what measures agencies should take to protect themselves on Industry Chatter with Francis Rose.

Thursday - 07/14/2011, 06:08pm EDT

NASA should revise contract termination policy, GAO says

As terminations become more likely due to tightening budgets, GAO said NASA needs to develop more guidance for its acquisition professionals. Cristina Chaplain, director of acquisitions and sourcing management at GAO, spoke with Federal News Radio about the recommendations.

Wednesday - 07/13/2011, 05:35pm EDT
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