10:31 am, March 2, 2015

World News

Unwelcome mat: White House tries to counter Netanyahu visit

Unwelcome mat: Obama team weighs strategy to blunt Netanyahu's visit, message on Iran talks

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 03:14am EST

Arrest of Caracas mayor sign of broader Venezuela crackdown

Arrest of Caracas mayor sign of broader crackdown in Venezuela as leaders look to elections

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 12:07am EST

Troubled Ukraine marks year since protest bloodbath in Kiev

A year after the sniper bloodbath on Kiev's Maidan square, troubled Ukraine mourns the victims

Friday - 02/20/2015, 08:02pm EST

UN panel: Name alleged perpetrators of war crimes in Syria

UN panel reports 'massive' war crimes in Syria and says alleged perpetrators should be named

Friday - 02/20/2015, 05:10pm EST

Yemen's UN envoy says rival parties agree on new legislature

Amid objections, UN envoy says deal in the making after factions agreed on new legislature

Friday - 02/20/2015, 04:40pm EST

4 Egyptian Christians held hostage in Libya, says family

Family of 4 Egyptian Christians held hostage in Libya fear for their lives

Friday - 02/20/2015, 03:38pm EST

Strauss-Kahn thanks court for listening as pimp trial closes

Strauss-Kahn thanks court for hearing him out as 3-week pimping trial closes, verdict June 12

Friday - 02/20/2015, 03:27pm EST

Suicide bombings at Somalia hotel kill at least 10 people

Suicide bomb attacks at Somali hotel kill at least 10 people, including politicians, soldiers

Friday - 02/20/2015, 03:26pm EST

Brazil prosecutors seek $1.55B in Petrobras corruption case

Brazil prosecutors seek $1.55B from firms allegedly tied to Petrobras corruption case

Friday - 02/20/2015, 02:10pm EST

Putin says Russia will never yield to foreign pressure

Putin: No one would be able to get military superiority over Russia

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:54pm EST

Moroccan court sentences 18 to prison on terror charges

Moroccan court sentences 18 for terror charges, including ex-Spanish soldier

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:50pm EST

200 Egyptians flee Libya through Tunisia

Around 200 Egyptians fleeing Libya cross into Tunisia to take flight home

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:30pm EST

With Greece deal elusive, risk rises of financial lockdown

Focus on Greek bank deposit withdrawals as country hopes to avoid lockdown of financial system

Friday - 02/20/2015, 01:12pm EST

AP PHOTOS: A year after Ukraine's Maidan protests in Kiev

AP PHOTOS: A year after Ukraine's bloody Maidan protests, a look at Kiev, then and now

Friday - 02/20/2015, 12:45pm EST

In Pakistan, vaccinating children has become a deadly battle

While US debates vaccines, Pakistan is in high-stakes battle to eradicate crippling polio

Friday - 02/20/2015, 12:12pm EST

Zimbabwe takes out scenes from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film

Zimbabwe: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' not a hit after censors delete scenes, theaters withdraw film

Friday - 02/20/2015, 11:59am EST

EU leaders start consulting on new Ukraine measures

EU leaders start consulting on new Ukraine measures as ceasefire has little effect

Friday - 02/20/2015, 11:50am EST

Parliament: UK, EU 'sleepwalked' into Ukraine crisis

Parliament inquiry criticizes UK, EU of 'sleepwalking' into Ukraine crisis, misjudging Russia

Friday - 02/20/2015, 10:50am EST

US trial over attacks could hurt Palestinian war crimes push

US trial over deadly attacks could hurt Palestinian effort to charge Israel with war crimes

Friday - 02/20/2015, 10:32am EST

US expands air quality monitoring to include some embassies

US expanding air quality monitoring to include some embassies, building on service in Beijing

Friday - 02/20/2015, 10:30am EST
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