6:07 am, August 23, 2014

World News

UN: OK to use untested Ebola drugs in outbreak

UN says it's ethical to try untested Ebola drugs, but supply of 1 experimental drug is gone

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 09:02am EDT

Johannesburg zoo puts down sick polar bear

Johannesburg zoo puts down 28-year-old polar bear suffering from liver and heart failure

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 08:56am EDT

Israeli tactic to stop soldier capture criticized

Israeli tactic to stop soldiers' capture criticized after its use kills some 100 Palestinians

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 08:11am EDT

Israel targeting mosques hurts Gaza social fabric

Israeli shelling of Gaza mosques targets Hamas' capabilities, but also hurts social fabric

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 07:38am EDT

Egypt's top cleric condemns Islamic State

Egypt's top Muslim cleric condemns Islamic State as danger to Islam

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 06:12am EDT

Syrian Kurdish fighters rescue stranded Yazidis

Kurdish fighters create safe passage for Iraqi Yazidis stranded for days on mountain

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 05:56am EDT

Iraq's prime minister seems increasingly isolated

Iraq's prime minister seems increasingly isolated; urges military not to meddle in politics

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 05:50am EDT

Egypt presents proposal to end war in Gaza

With cease-fire deadline looming, Egypt proposes plan aimed at ending war in Gaza.

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 04:36am EDT

Ukraine: Russian aid can enter with Red Cross

Ukraine insists aid must be delivered by Red Cross as Russian help convoy leaves Moscow

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 03:34am EDT

HRW: Likely crimes against humanity in Egypt

Human Rights Watch says dispersal of last year's Egypt sit-ins could be crime against humanity

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:42am EDT

Gaza probe 'operational' without Alamuddin

UN says Gaza commission 'operational' without human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 06:26pm EDT

Iraqi military helicopter crashes delivering aid

Iraqi military helicopter crashes delivering aid to north after too many climb aboard

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 05:20pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Planting rice traditionally in Myanmar

AP PHOTOS: Farmworkers replant rice sprouts using traditional methods in Myanmar

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 04:14pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Circus feats rare treat for Afghan kids

AP PHOTOS: Afghan children practice circus feats, a rare treat amid country's decades of war

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 02:54pm EDT

South African deputy president tells of killings

South African deputy president questioned about role in 2012 police killings at mine

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 02:10pm EDT

HIV infections rise, thwart Brazil's AIDS efforts

Hailed as anti-AIDS example, Brazil's increase in HIV infections shows prevention flaws

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Pakistan rallies to test government, its democracy

In Pakistan's capital, roadblocks and worries ahead of protests demanding government's ouster

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Iran voices support for new Iraqi PM designate

Iranian official offers congratulations on pick for new Iraqi PM, signaling Tehran's support

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 12:50pm EDT

UN Security Council threatens S. Sudan sanctions

UN Security Council, in South Sudan, threatens sanctions as peace deal remains elusive

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Russia food ban hurts Moldova, bad omen for others

Russian embargo devastating for Moldova farmers _ a bad omen for others hit by food ban

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 12:44pm EDT

Ugandan homosexuals hold pride parade

Ugandan homosexuals hold pride parade on beach after a court nullified harsh anti-gay law

Saturday - 08/09/2014, 02:58pm EDT
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