9:58 am, October 25, 2014

World News

Syrian Kurdish official calls for arms for Kobani

Syrian Kurdish official appeals for weapons for Kobani fighters; says airstrikes not enough

Friday - 10/17/2014, 02:36am EDT

Cambodian tribunal opens 1st genocide case

Cambodia tribunal opens 1st genocide case against aging Khmer Rouge leaders

Friday - 10/17/2014, 02:20am EDT

Attacks in Baghdad kill at least 50 people

Series of attacks in Iraqi capital kill at least 50 people, wound dozens

Friday - 10/17/2014, 02:10am EDT

Man charged with planning Australian terror attack

Defendant accused of supporting IS faces new charge of planning terrorist attack in Australia

Friday - 10/17/2014, 01:20am EDT

Egypt's foray into Libya underlines its concerns

Egypt's military involvement in Libya reflects its own security concerns

Friday - 10/17/2014, 01:20am EDT

Image of Asia: Walking apples and a phone in China

Image of Asia: Walking with apples and a phone in Beijing

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 11:38pm EDT

Vatican alters draft report translation about gays

Vatican waters down translation of gay welcome after English-speaking bishops complain

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 11:14pm EDT

Ebola comes to last safe district in Sierra Leone

Untouched district in Sierra Leone now has 2 Ebola cases, dead to be cremated

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 06:20pm EDT

Exhibition probes the mystery of Sherlock Holmes

Detectives and the city: London exhibition puts Sherlock Holmes under the magnifying glass

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 06:04pm EDT

AP NewsBreak: Iran looks at compromise nuke offer

AP NewsBreak: Diplomats say Iran considering compromise US proposal on larger nuke program

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 05:08pm EDT

Sinn Fein chief Adams accused of IRA rape cover-up

Sinn Fein leader Adams denies accusation of covering up IRA man's rape of Belfast 16-year-old

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 04:59pm EDT

Bahrain activist detained for 'insulting' the king

Bahrain activist detained for 'insulting' the king after ripping up his photograph in court

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Wed in a lion's cage: circus queen's active at 103

Married in a lion's cage, Madame Rosa remains the queen of Paris' famed Winter Circus

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 03:34pm EDT

Polanski opens Paris musical based on Tate film

Roman Polanski opens vampire musical in Paris based on Sharon Tate film

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 03:32pm EDT

Rebels kill 30 people in East Congo, official says

Rebels kill at least 30 people in eastern Congo town, mayor says, amid resurgence of activity

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Exodus campaign to Berlin sparks outrage in Israel

Many Israelis outraged over campaign encouraging youngsters to seek better life in Berlin

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Steenkamp cousin: Pistorius apology not genuine

Pistorius sentencing: Reeva Steenkamp's cousin says athlete must 'pay for what he's done'

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:33pm EDT

Russia's defense minister bristles at US comment

Russia's defense minister bristles at Hagel's comments about "revisionist Russia"

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 02:01pm EDT

Serb police nab drone that triggered Balkan ruckus

Serb police locate drone that flew over soccer match; Albania defends actions of players

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 01:52pm EDT

Ebola crisis puts pressure on human rights

Are rights at risk? World looks to quarantines, movement curbs to try to stop Ebola spread

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 01:00pm EDT
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