8:20 pm, May 22, 2015

World News

Children in southern Russia put on WWII Victory Day parade

Children in southern Russia march in colorful World War II Victory Day parade to honor vets

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 04:23pm EDT

AP Interview: EU border chief warns of migrant surge

AP Interview: EU border agency chief warns of migrant surge to Greece through Turkey

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 04:23pm EDT

Saudi Arabia, Yemen rebels trade charges of truce breaches

Saudi Arabia, Yemen's rebels trade charges of breaching truce, as Riyadh-Tehran rifts grows

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 04:18pm EDT

Sahara extremists pledge allegiance to Islamic State group

Sahara extremist group once loyal to al-Qaida pledges allegiance to Islamic State group

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 03:58pm EDT

Nepal's prime minister: 'We were not prepared' for 2nd quake

Nepal's prime minister: 'We were not prepared' for 2nd strong quake in less than 3 weeks

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 03:08pm EDT

Syrian official: World must protect ancient city from IS

Syrian official calls on world to protect ancient city of Palmyra, threatened by IS group

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 02:10pm EDT

UN: 357 child soldiers released in C. African Republic

UN: More than 350 child soldiers released in Central African Republic

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 01:58pm EDT

Greece won't sue Britain to get back Parthenon Marbles

Some are disappointed as Greece decides not to sue Britain to get back Parthenon Marbles

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 01:30pm EDT

Philippine police investigating factory fire that killed 72

Police investigating if crimes were committed in factory fire that killed 72 in Philippines

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 12:26pm EDT

European officials sing "We Are the World" at NATO meeting

Keep the day job: European officials belt out 'We Are The World' for peace at NATO meeting

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 12:00pm EDT

Iraq says IS demolishes ruins to cover up looting operations

Iraq says Islamic State's destruction of historical sites is cover for sophisticated looting

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 11:52am EDT

Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri, army repels but hundreds flee

Boko Haram attacks biggest city in northeast Nigeria, army resists but hundreds fleeing

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 11:50am EDT

23 people killed by rebels in villages in Congo's east

Rebels in Congo's east kill at least 23 people in villages overnight, local official says

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 11:20am EDT

Puerto Rico closes dozens of schools as economic woes deepen

Wave of public school closures in Puerto Rico highlights deepening economic crisis

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 10:55am EDT

UNESCO to investigate pirate treasure hunt in Madagascar

UN says it will assess American explorer's claim of finding pirate treasure in Madagascar

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 10:00am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Cairo subway thrives beneath the chaos

AP PHOTOS: Below the chaos of the Egyptian capital, the trains somehow run on time

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 09:38am EDT

India's Modi meets Xi on China visit amid warming ties

India's Modi meets China's Xi amid warming ties; visit marked by rare personal diplomacy

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 08:00am EDT

Pakistan holds mass funeral for Shiites killed in bus attack

In Pakistan, hundreds attend mass funeral for minority Shiites killed in Karachi bus attack

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 06:10am EDT

Yemen's humanitarian truce barely holds as violence resumes

Yemen's cease-fire comes under significant strain as violence resumes

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 04:46am EDT

China, India have many rivalries, some areas of cooperation

China, India have several disputes and rivalries, as well as some areas of cooperation

Thursday - 05/14/2015, 04:22am EDT
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