7:11 am, December 22, 2014

World News

Japan's weak opposition makes Abe default choice

In Japanese election, anemic political opposition has voters choosing Abe's party as default

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 10:00pm EST

Sweden: Another near-miss in Baltic skies

Officials: Russian military aircraft nearly collides with passenger get over Sweden

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 07:48pm EST

Americans, Belgians mark Bulge anniversary

Americans, Belgians mark 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 06:48pm EST

Italian government passes anti-corruption package

Renzi seeks to fight corruption with tougher penalties following a scandal shaking Rome

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 03:30pm EST

Egypt sends 439 to military trials over violence

Egypt refers 439 to military tribunals, says they were Islamists who attacked state sites

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 03:10pm EST

UK defense chief says more British troops to Iraq

UK defense chief says British force in Iraq will grow to 'low hundreds'

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 12:50pm EST

Surfs up in Gaza Strip for the brave amid hardship

In the Gaza Strip, surfs up for those brave enough to weather raw sewage, cold Mediterranean

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 10:42am EST

Uber French ruling latest in series of challenges

French court ruling on Uber latest in series of challenges for ride-hailing service

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 10:02am EST

Canada restricts booze at sea, ups prices in port

What to do with a drunken sailor? Restrict booze at sea; raise prices in port

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 06:40am EST

London hit by air traffic control computer failure

London airspace briefly closed due to air traffic computer failure; flights delays linger

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 05:24am EST

Indonesia landslide kills 8 people; 100 missing

Landslide caused by heavy rains in central Indonesia hills kills 8 people; 100 missing

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 03:59am EST

Kerry aims to avert UN crisis on Mideast

In talks with Netanyahu, Europeans, Kerry seeks to avert UN crisis over Israel-Palestinians

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 03:16am EST

Before his death, teen felt comfortable in Kabul

Slain by Taliban, South African teen said in last blog post that he felt comfortable in Kabul

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 02:08am EST

Spain's 'Xnet' corruption fighters expose graft

AP Interview: Spain's 'Xnet' cyber corruption fighters expose massive graft, want to go global

Saturday - 12/13/2014, 01:38am EST

UN climate talks in Peru seem headed for overtime

UN climate talks seem headed for overtime, with negotiators struggling to resolve key issues

Friday - 12/12/2014, 11:36pm EST

'Bibi Fatigue' could factor into Israeli election

After nearly 9 years in office, Netanyahu faces a slew of challengers who want him gone

Friday - 12/12/2014, 09:30pm EST

Young UN climate activists passionate, frustrated

Young activists at UN climate talks in Lima passionate, frustrated

Friday - 12/12/2014, 09:26pm EST

Greek Crisis 2.0? Not quite yet

Turmoil in Greece seem better contained this time thanks to eurozone safeguards

Friday - 12/12/2014, 06:58pm EST

Jackson leaves Middle Earth with 'The Hobbit'

Peter Jackson leaves Middle Earth with 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'

Friday - 12/12/2014, 05:30pm EST

Hungary's leader wants drug tests for journalists

Hungary's leader wants drug tests for journalists, politicians to fight alleged 'drug mafia'

Friday - 12/12/2014, 04:08pm EST
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