4:25 pm, September 21, 2014

U.S. News

Oklahoma report: Executioners need more training

Oklahoma report: More training for executioners needed after flawed IV line placement

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 09:08pm EDT

Air Force Academy punishes gymnasts for drinking

Air Force Academy disciplines gymnasts, coach over underage drinking, other misconduct

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:58pm EDT

Decision on charges in toxic tea case next week

Decision expected next week on possible charges in case of Utah woman who drank toxic tea

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:58pm EDT

Slain police officer shot once in upstate NY chase

Rochester officer fatally shot during pursuit, becoming 1st to die in line of duty since 1959

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:43pm EDT

A closer look at the Ferguson Police Department

A closer look at the Ferguson Police Department and the policing of neighboring communities

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:42pm EDT

Employee error blamed in Reno museum flash fire

Employee error blamed in flash fire that injured 13, mostly children, at Reno science museum

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:29pm EDT

Man arrested in death of 8-year-old Arizona girl

Police: Man arrested in disappearance, death of Arizona girl was staying in family's home

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 07:15pm EDT

Ohio man charged with killing 4 in different homes

Ohio man charged with killing 4 in different homes; coroner says victims beaten, strangled

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 04:37pm EDT

Departments use technology to ID troubled officers

High-tech systems to ID troubled cops proliferate despite little research on effectiveness

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 03:22pm EDT

AP source: US to investigate Ferguson police

AP source: Justice Department to investigate practices of Ferguson Police Department

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 02:42pm EDT

Study: Millennials less trusting than Gen X was

Millennials' trust, confidence in powers-that-be plummeted in tumultuous decade, study finds

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 12:49pm EDT

Plenty of light! Feds are selling off lighthouses

Plenty of light! Federal government shedding lighthouses; buyers transform them

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 10:24am EDT

Cardinal to lead St. Pat parade with 1st gay group

Cardinal Dolan to stay as grand marshal in NYC St. Patrick's parade with 1st gay contingent

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 10:02am EDT

Chefs, breeders pair up to produce tastier veggies

Wisconsin chefs, farmers and plant breeders work together to create tastier vegetables

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 09:10am EDT

Photo hacking rekindles digital privacy worries

Online or in cloud systems, privacy can be an elusive concept, as photo hacking case shows

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 08:34am EDT

Family says slain reporter gave voice to voiceless

Slain reporter's family: He was no hero, 'tried to find good concealed in world of darkness'

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 06:50am EDT

Louisiana ruling breaks pro-gay marriage streak

US judge upholds Louisiana ban on same-sex marriage, breaking streak in favor of gay weddings

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:20am EDT

Behind Big Macs, a drama over corporate control

Behind Big Macs, a hidden drama over corporate control and franchising

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 05:08am EDT

Andrew Madoff dies of cancer in NYC

Lawyer: Bernard Madoff's last surviving son, Andrew, dies of cancer in New York City

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 04:36am EDT

AP source: Tesla selects Nevada for battery plant

AP source: Tesla Motors selects Nevada as site for $5 billion electric car battery factory

Thursday - 09/04/2014, 03:52am EDT
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