8:10 am, March 3, 2015

Government News

Capitol Hill Buzz: Sen. Hatch prepping health plan

Capitol Hill Buzz: Sen. Hatch says he'd protect people if Supreme Court voids health subsidies

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:28am EST

Lost amid fiery rhetoric: progress toward closing Guantanamo

Guantanamo prison population declines with surge of releases amid fiery rhetoric over closure

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:24am EST

Coast guardsman faces court-martial in Va. on sex charges

Coast Guard court-martial Tuesday in Va. involves sexual misconduct charges against guardsman

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:20am EST

GOP leader offers immigration vote to try to resolve impasse

McConnell proposes immigration vote to try to resolve impasse over Homeland Security funds

Tuesday - 02/24/2015, 03:20am EST

Appeals court tosses aggravated assault conviction over HIV

Military court tosses HIV aggravated assault conviction against airman, upholds other counts

Monday - 02/23/2015, 09:30pm EST

Justices reject New Orleans tour guides' free speech appeal

Supreme Court rejects appeal of tour guides who object to New Orleans' licensing law

Monday - 02/23/2015, 08:40pm EST

Deadline pushed back to redraw Va. congressional district

US court pushes back deadline to redraw Virginia congressional district

Monday - 02/23/2015, 06:18pm EST

Obama open to changes to military authority against IS

Obama open to negotiations on most elements of request for military authority against IS

Monday - 02/23/2015, 05:33pm EST

US names first global envoy for LGBT rights

State Department names veteran diplomat Randy Berry first global envoy for LGBT rights

Monday - 02/23/2015, 05:10pm EST

Obama to governors: DHS shutdown would hurt state economies

Obama tells governors looming DHS shutdown would hurt state economies

Monday - 02/23/2015, 05:10pm EST

VA's 'choice' program for health care off to slow start

Few veterans make appointments for private medical care under VA's new 'choice card' program

Monday - 02/23/2015, 04:46pm EST

How Obama action could affect retirement advice from brokers

Q&A: How Washington action over retirement advice could affect what a broker tells you

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:50pm EST

Rights groups call for action over reported US-UK phone hack

Rights groups call for action over reported NSA, GCHQ phone hack

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:46pm EST

Higher rates coming? Yellen faces lawmakers at pivotal time

Higher interest rates coming? Yellen will face lawmakers at a pivotal time for the Fed

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:42pm EST

Dutch SIM card maker investigating reported UK-US hack

Dutch SIM card maker says it is investigating reported hack by NSA and British spies

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:22pm EST

Court seems split over spouse's right to protest visa denial

Supreme Court seems divided over spouse's right to challenge rejection of husband's visa

Monday - 02/23/2015, 02:40pm EST

New woes for Wrong tax info sent out

New woes for Tax filing delays after wrong info sent to nearly 1 million

Monday - 02/23/2015, 02:06pm EST

Supreme Court won't reinstate case of man who went missing

Supreme Court declines to reinstate case of man who went missing

Monday - 02/23/2015, 01:30pm EST
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