7:05 pm, March 29, 2015

Government News

Labor secretary says new overtime rules coming soon

Labor Secretary Tom Perez told Congress on Wednesday that his agency is still working on President Barack Obama's directive a year ago that the department come up with new rules to make more workers eligible for overtime pay for working beyond their scheduled hours.

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:40am EDT

GOP says Obama aides meddled in 'net neutrality'

GOP says FCC bowed to political pressure on 'net neutrality,' IG office opens investigation

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:40am EDT

Obama says he should have closed Guantanamo on his first day

Obama says if he could start his presidency over, he would close Guantanamo his first day

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 02:10am EDT

AP source: Secret Service knows suspect in cyanide probe

AP source: Suspect linked to letter tested for cyanide is well-known to Secret Service

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 01:20am EDT

Questions over US-Cuba talks amid Venezuela dispute

Closed-door nature of latest US-Cuba talks raises questions amid dispute with Venezuela

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 12:40am EDT

Even with hiring up, Fed want further gains before rate hike

Federal Reserve says no rate hike is likely until job market improves and inflation rises

Thursday - 03/19/2015, 12:02am EDT

Maryland Del. Jay Walker exploring run for Congress

Maryland Del. Jay Walker says he's exploring run for US House seat

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 10:10pm EDT

AP sources: Navy SEAL dies in California training accident

AP sources: Navy SEAL killed in parachute accident in California

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 09:48pm EDT

Former Nevada Rep. Horsford won't run for Congress in 2016

Former Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford says he won't run for Congress in 2016 after surprise loss

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 09:09pm EDT

Mandatory voting? Obama says it would be 'transformative'

Decrying role of money in elections, Obama floats idea of making voting mandatory in the US

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 07:07pm EDT

Pentagon confirms US drone strike killed al-Shabab operative

Pentagon confirms that March 12 US drone strike in Somalia killed al-Shabab operative

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 06:10pm EDT

Business Highlights

Business Highlights

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 06:08pm EDT

US to close Djibouti embassy to public for security review

US embassy in Djibouti to temporarily close to the public for security review amid threats

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:58pm EDT

NTSB: Gas leak before NYC blast may have come from new pipe

Report from NTSB indicates gas leak before deadly blast may have been from new pipe

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:54pm EDT

LaHood, ex-congressman's son, to vie for Schock's seat

Illinois state Sen. LaHood, son of ex-congressman, to vie for Schock's seat after resignation

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:32pm EDT

Official who sought to move judges to Guantanamo quits post

Pentagon official criticized for trying to move judges to Guantanamo quits post

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:30pm EDT

IRS says budget cuts will not require furloughs after all

IRS says budget cuts will not require agency shutdown or furloughs for workers after all

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:30pm EDT

Gov't worker who took second job in Montana pleads guilty

Gov't worker who left post in Virginia, took second job in Montana pleads guilty to charges

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:20pm EDT

Biden urges nonviolence ahead of Nigeria's elections

Biden urges Nigeria's presidential candidates to renounce violence ahead of March 28 elections

Wednesday - 03/18/2015, 05:00pm EDT
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