9:20 pm, March 31, 2015

U.S. News

Bad weather keeps helicopter wreckage 25 feet under water

Amid bad weather, wreckage of helicopter crash that killed 11 remains just 25 feet under water

Friday - 03/13/2015, 04:38am EDT

Postmodern architect Graves, who had Target goods line, dies

Postmodern architect Michael Graves, who had household goods line at Target, dies at 80

Friday - 03/13/2015, 03:48am EDT

Carjack victim describes harrowing ride with Boston bombers

Carjack victim describes harrowing ride, escape from Boston Marathon bombers days after attack

Friday - 03/13/2015, 03:12am EDT

Latest on Ferguson: Protest outside police station disbands

Latest on Ferguson: Protest leaders outside police station ask group to disband for night

Friday - 03/13/2015, 01:30am EDT

Agency ends probe into publication of Harper Lee's new novel

Alabama agency drops investigation of Harper Lee's 'Mockingbird' sequel deal for fraud

Friday - 03/13/2015, 01:10am EDT

Ala. agency closes abuse complaint regarding Harper Lee

Alabama agency ends a probe into events surrounding the publication of Harper Lee's new novel

Friday - 03/13/2015, 12:00am EDT

Rats and rot: NYC report rips family homeless shelters

Rats, rot, hazards: NYC report rips family homeless shelters; agency says it's working to fix

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 10:10pm EDT

FEMA sets up review process for Sandy flood insurance claims

FEMA sets up review process for Sandy flood insurance claims amid fraud allegations

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 06:30pm EDT

Brother of man executed by Utah firing squad calls it brutal

Brother of last inmate executed by a Utah firing squad calls it brutal as lawmakers OK method

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 06:27pm EDT

Michigan referee's death prompts calls for tougher laws

Michigan referee's death by assault prompts calls to toughen sentences like in other states

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 06:12pm EDT

Pamela Smart's teen lover who killed her husband gets parole

Man who as teen killed husband of his instructor and lover, Pamela Smart, is granted parole

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 05:27pm EDT

Arizona park rebounds after years of border crime

National monument rebounds after being partially closed for years because of border smuggling

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 03:26pm EDT

Top contenders in this year's Iditarod sled dog race

Iditarod contenders: A look at 5 mushers who could win this year's 1,000-mile sled dog race

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 02:07pm EDT

Latest on military helicopter crash: More fog hampers search

The latest on military helicopter crash in Florida: More fog rolls in, hampering search

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 07:40am EDT

Students at OU hope racist fraternity video sparks change

Students at Univ. of Oklahoma hope video of racist chant by fraternity members sparks change

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 05:22am EDT

Utah House passes church-backed anti-discrimination bill

Utah's Republican-controlled Legislature passes Mormon-church-backed anti-discrimination bill

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 05:08am EDT

1 Black Hawk crashed in fog, killing 11; Another turned back

Deadly training: Black Hawk crashed, killing 11, after another turned back due to bad weather

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 04:32am EDT

Ferguson chief resigns in wake of scathing federal report

Ferguson chief resigns after scathing Justice Department report prompted by police shooting

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 02:06am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Dogs dash across ice toward Iditarod halfway mark

AP PHOTOS: Mushers dash across river ice toward halfway point of Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 10:42pm EDT

Civilian plane crashes, killing Marine on ground in Arizona

Marine killed when airplane crashes on runway at Arizona air station; pilot, passenger unhurt

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 09:58pm EDT
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