9:40 am, January 30, 2015

Health News

US to resume first beef imports from Ireland since mad cow

Ireland becomes first EU nation to be allowed to resume beef exports to US since mad cow scare

Monday - 01/05/2015, 01:40pm EST

Same GOP leadership; new House committee chairs

New faces to take over several powerful committees; Republicans remain in charge of House

Monday - 01/05/2015, 01:04pm EST

Polish doctors' clash with minister shuts many surgeries

Many patients in Poland without medical care as doctors protest new cancer procedures

Monday - 01/05/2015, 12:39pm EST

Major study underway of America's bereaved military families

By the hundreds, families of fallen military members join in study of how they grieve and cope

Monday - 01/05/2015, 12:02am EST

Colorado-based soldiers return from Ebola deployment

Colorado-based soldiers return from Africa after helping with Ebola response

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 11:50pm EST

Utah woman dies after inspirational cancer fight

Kathy Taylor, who inspired singer Sarah McLachlan, others, dies after fight against cancer

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 07:50pm EST

AP PHOTOS: New Year babies at hospitals across US

AP PHOTOS: First babies of the new year at hospitals across the US

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 06:56pm EST

Fake bar part of research into anti-drinking drug

HEALTHBEAT: Where researchers know your name: Replica of bar used to test anti-drinking drug

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 02:36pm EST

UN tally of Ebola-linked deaths tops 8,000

World Health Organization says number of Ebola-linked deaths tops 8,000

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 12:10pm EST

Italian doctor who got Ebola is declared cured in Rome

Italian doctor who got Ebola while helping patients in Sierra Leone has recovered in Rome

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 11:40am EST

New GOP faces at the helm of 9 House committees

Republicans remain in charge of House, but new faces to take over several powerful committees

Sunday - 01/04/2015, 08:50am EST

Medical marijuana a challenge for legal pot states

Medical marijuana a challenge for legal pot states: how to get customers into taxed system?

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 03:16pm EST

GOP legislators thwart bids to expand Medicaid

GOP legislators opposed to all parts of 'Obamacare' block governors' bids to expand Medicaid

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 09:50am EST

Reid suffers broken ribs, bones in accident

Senate Democratic leader breaks ribs, bones in accident at Nevada home

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 03:46am EST

5 things to know: Obama health law again in play

5 things to know as nation's political drama over health care extends into 2015

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 03:46am EST

New diet guidelines might reflect environment cost

New diet guides may reflect how food is grown, not just how it's eaten, and retreat from meat

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 03:08am EST

Avian flu found in SE Wash. backyard flock

Avian flu found in SE Wash. backyard flock; 2nd appearance in state; no public health danger

Saturday - 01/03/2015, 01:10am EST

Kaiser mental health staff plans California strike

Kaiser Permanente's mental health workers to start weeklong, strike in California on Jan. 12

Friday - 01/02/2015, 09:00pm EST

Saudi royal court says king, 90, has pneumonia

Saudi royal court says King Abdullah, 90, hospitalized for pneumonia and using breathing tube

Friday - 01/02/2015, 06:56pm EST

Report prompts mixed view of health care sign-ups

Report suggests health care sign-ups nationally will meet one goal, fall short of another

Friday - 01/02/2015, 04:16pm EST
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