6:08 pm, August 29, 2014

Government News

Ousted official accuses Border Patrol of cover-up

A Border Patrol official who was removed from his position in June is accusing the agency of covering up "highly suspect" deaths in clashes along the southern border.

Monday - 08/18/2014, 06:28pm EDT

House ethics panel continues probe of WI lawmaker

House ethics panel to continue investigating Wisconsin congressman's stock portfolio

Monday - 08/18/2014, 05:00pm EDT

Obama sending attorney general Holder to Missouri

Obama sending attorney general Holder to Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday

Monday - 08/18/2014, 04:46pm EDT

McCain campaigns in New Hampshire for Scott Brown

McCain campaigns in New Hampshire for Senate hopeful Brown as GOP makes push to retake chamber

Monday - 08/18/2014, 04:44pm EDT

GOP establishment on a roll in House primaries

GOP establishment enjoys successful run in House primaries; Arizona poses next test

Monday - 08/18/2014, 03:23pm EDT

Missouri governor calls off Ferguson curfew

Governor calls off Ferguson curfew after 2 nights, says National Guard will have limited role

Monday - 08/18/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Sen. Ron Wyden calls for surveillance policy shift

Wyden calls for constitutional protection for electronic records that go through third party

Monday - 08/18/2014, 02:50pm EDT

US sanctions Islamic State group's spokesman

US sanctions spokesman for Islamic State group and Algerian-born militant wanted by France

Monday - 08/18/2014, 01:10pm EDT

Obama on family vacation with just part of family

1 daughter at a time for Obama on family's annual Martha's Vineyard summer vacation

Monday - 08/18/2014, 01:00pm EDT

US strikes in Iraq aimed at helping reclaim dam

Latest round of US airstrikes against militants aimed at helping Iraqis reclaim Mosul dam

Monday - 08/18/2014, 12:12pm EDT

Obama heads back to DC in rare vacation break

In rare move, Obama breaks up 2-week vacation with brief return to Washington

Monday - 08/18/2014, 10:54am EDT

SC Ports again seek cruise terminal permit

Almost a year after judge tosses permit, SC again seeks federal approval for cruise terminal

Monday - 08/18/2014, 09:22am EDT

In Alaska, a personal touch to GOP Senate primary

In Alaska's GOP Senate primary, candidates rely on personal touches unique to Last Frontier

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:21am EDT

Virginia corn crop expected to decline in 2014

Virginia corn crop expected to drop in 2014, production of other crops expected to increase

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:18am EDT

Campaigning in Alaska has a distinct feel

Underdogs in Alaska's GOP Senate primary counting on campaign touches unique to Last Frontier

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:16am EDT

Groups claim insurance discrimination in new forms

Obama administration pressed to enforce anti-discrimination provisions of health care law

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:15am EDT

US rethinks giving excess military gear to police

After violence in Midwest, US reconsiders programs to give excess military equipment to police

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:14am EDT

US launches airstrikes near Irbil and Mosul Dam

US military: Fighters, drone aircraft strike militants near Irbil and Mosul Dam in Iraq

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:14am EDT

Possible immigration rift for Obama with Democrats

Obama facing potential election-year rift with Democrats over immigration executive orders

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:14am EDT

Why global turmoil hasn't sunk US markets. Yet.

Why death, destruction and disease haven't sunk US markets. Yet.

Monday - 08/18/2014, 08:14am EDT
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