1:40 am, November 24, 2014

World News

New video of MH17 downing shows alarm in Ukraine

New video of Malaysia Airlines downing shows alarm in Ukrainian village

Monday - 11/17/2014, 02:46am EST

Comet scientists take break after 4 straight days

Comet scientists take break after several sleepless nights since Philae landed

Monday - 11/17/2014, 02:14am EST

US Hospital: Surgeon with Ebola 'extremely ill'

Doctor: Surgeon with Ebola being treated in Nebraska 'extremely ill,' in critical condition

Monday - 11/17/2014, 12:54am EST

Russian president denies he fled summit pressure

Russian president leaves G-20 summit early but denies he felt pressured over Ukraine

Monday - 11/17/2014, 12:28am EST

Nigerian army says it has regained town of Chibok

Nigerian army says it has regained Chibok, town where schoolgirls were kidnapped 6 months ago

Monday - 11/17/2014, 12:12am EST

US seeking to confirm authenticity of new IS video

US intelligence seeking to confirm authenticity of video claiming American aid worker beheaded

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 09:20pm EST

Poland votes in local elections

Poland votes in local ballots considered test for main parties ahead of 2015 general election

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 04:46pm EST

Fire destroys meat plant in northern Spain

Fire destroys large meat producing plant in northern Spain and closes nearby highway

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 04:40pm EST

Congo says its separate Ebola outbreak is over

Congo says its Ebola outbreak _ separate from West Africa epidemic _ now over

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 03:20pm EST

Pope decries tensions over immigrants in Europe

Pope: tensions in Europe over immigrants risk worsening unless all sides listen to each other

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 12:06pm EST

One Direction, Bono sing to raise Ebola funds

One Direction, Bono join stars recording new Band Aid single to raise funds against Ebola

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 12:02pm EST

Putin: Western sanctions could backfire

Putin says the sanctions against Russia could hurt Western businesses and Ukraine

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:54am EST

Zimbabwe's vice president linked to plot

Zimbabwe's state-run newspaper links vice president to alleged plot to kill Mugabe

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:43am EST

Plane carrying South African dead arrives home

Plane carrying remains of South Africans killed in Nigeria building collapse lands at SA base

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:43am EST

Turkey's Erdogan: Muslims discovered Americas

Turkey's Erdogan: Muslims discovered Americas 3 centuries before Christopher Columbus

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:39am EST

Bombs kill 5 across Baghdad, Iraq officials say

Bombs kill 5 across Iraqi capital; bomb near city's airport wounds 5

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:00am EST

Tunisia readies for presidential elections

Tunisia readies for presidential elections, expected to be carried by old regime figure

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 10:54am EST

UK's Cameron condemns Islamic State as 'depraved'

Britain's David Cameron condemns Islamic State group as 'depraved' in wake of latest video

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 10:12am EST

Space agency: Now-silent lander does main tasks

European Space Agency says Philae completes mission of exploring surface before going silent

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 10:00am EST

Man blows himself up after family feud in Germany

Police: Man commits suicide with bomb after family feud in a German village

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 09:10am EST
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