11:14 am, February 28, 2015

World News

AP PHOTOS: Fireworks, prayers usher in Lunar New Year

AP PHOTOS: Across Asia, fireworks, prayers and lion dancers usher in Lunar New Year

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 01:34pm EST

Freed Al Jazeera journalist hopeful about Egypt court case

Freed Al Jazeera journalist hopeful about ongoing court case in Egypt; retrial due next week

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 01:31pm EST

UN: Probe of alleged Iranian nuke weapons program stalled

UN nuclear agency says probe of Iran's alleged work on nuclear arms stalled

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 12:30pm EST

Europe's tolerant traditions put to test after Paris terror

Europe's traditions of tolerance and multiculturalism put to test after Paris terror attacks

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 10:54am EST

Chinese lions, dragons family business for Filipino siblings

Dancing lions and dragons: Signs of luck for Chinese, growing business for Filipino family

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 09:52am EST

Glimpse of Chinese New Year, in Australian friendship garden

Glimpse of Chinese New Year: Festive displays in Australian friendship garden

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 09:38am EST

Correction: Islamic State-Libya story

Correction: Islamic State-Libya story

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 09:20am EST

AP PHOTOS: Spanish, Portuguese towns celebrate Carnival

AP PHOTOS: Carnival revelers use cowbells, sticks to scare folk across Spain and Portugal

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 09:08am EST

Hungary, Austria and Germany patrol to stem migrant flow

Police from Hungary, Germany, Austria set up joint rail patrols to catch illegal migrants

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 08:50am EST

Denmark to beef up fight against terrorism

Danish government wants to beef up fight against terrorism

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 08:40am EST

Court nixes Guantanamo conviction of Australian ex-detainee

Appeals court strikes down Guantanamo terrorism conviction of Australian David Hicks;

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 08:34am EST

Israeli military lawyer says ICC probe not a concern

Israeli military's top legal adviser says he's not concerned by possible ICC probe on Gaza war

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 08:30am EST

China holiday makes business, cultural waves around world

As China goes on holiday for Lunar New Year, business and cultural impact felt globally

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 07:50am EST

In Europe, cheaper goods help consumer but also pose risks

Cheaper goods in Europe are helping shoppers, but increase longer-term risks to economy

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 07:46am EST

Testy relations between Uruguay and 6 Guantanamo detainees

Relations get testy between Uruguayans and 6 Guantanamo detainees taken in for resettlement

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 04:32am EST

Fierce fighting near Aleppo as UN envoy pushes truce in city

Ferocious fighting near Aleppo as UN envoy pushes plan for truce in city

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 04:24am EST

A look at Syria's Aleppo and the UN truce plan for the city

A look at the Syrian city of Aleppo and the UN proposal for a 'freeze' in hostilities there

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 04:24am EST

Embattled Debaltseve falls to Ukraine rebels; troops retreat

Strategic rail hub of Debaltseve falls, president calls the defense a 'success'

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 03:42am EST

Despite ban, fox hunts still thrive, and divide, in Britain

Fox hunts thrive in Britain a decade after ban, but class-tinged controversy won't go away

Thursday - 02/19/2015, 12:40am EST

Health groups say AIDS No. 1 killer of adolescents in Africa

International health groups say AIDS No. 1 killer of adolescents in Africa and 2nd globally

Wednesday - 02/18/2015, 08:44pm EST
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