12:18 pm, December 20, 2014

World News

Pope marks LatAm feast with Argentine folk hymns

Pope marks important Latin American feast with Argentine folk hymns and Mass in St. Peter's

Friday - 12/12/2014, 02:03pm EST

Palestinian attacks Israeli family with acid

Palestinian throws acid at Israeli family in West Bank, then is shot and arrested by police

Friday - 12/12/2014, 01:50pm EST

Zimbabwe: New vice presidents sworn in

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe swears in new vice presidents after firing predecessor

Friday - 12/12/2014, 01:50pm EST

Mali: Last known Ebola case has recovered

Mali: Last Ebola patient has recovered, been released; 26 people being monitored for symptoms

Friday - 12/12/2014, 01:06pm EST

Last call for sleeper trains linking Berlin, Paris

End of a railway romance: Sleeper trains linking Berlin, Paris fall victim to budget flights

Friday - 12/12/2014, 01:06pm EST

French court says Uber may infringe on taxi law

French court orders Uber to make changes to ride-hailing app after challenge from taxis

Friday - 12/12/2014, 12:40pm EST

Ex-Slovenia PM temporarily released from prison

Former Slovenia prime minister is temporarily released from prison during appeal

Friday - 12/12/2014, 12:09pm EST

Kenya president argues for tougher security law

Citing a dangerous enemy, Kenya president makes case for tougher security law

Friday - 12/12/2014, 11:49am EST

UK officials say likely drone nearly hit plane

UK aviation officials say a likely drone nearly hit Airbus 320 landing at Heathrow in July

Friday - 12/12/2014, 11:49am EST

Czech Embassy targeted with poison in envelope

Envelope with poison is mailed to the Czech Embassy in Slovakia

Friday - 12/12/2014, 11:49am EST

Berlin aims to open much-delayed airport in 2017

Fifth time lucky? After years of delay Berlin aims to new airport in by the end of 2017

Friday - 12/12/2014, 11:45am EST

Funeral held for Fabiola, Belgium's dowager queen

European royalty, ordinary Belgians attend funeral for Fabiola, 86

Friday - 12/12/2014, 11:39am EST

Mexican to make daily reports to until deported

Norwegian court orders Mexican gatecrasher to report to police daily until deportation

Friday - 12/12/2014, 10:11am EST

Japan runs short of butter as dairy farms dwindle

Japan runs short of butter as dairy farms dwindle, farmer protections keep imports low

Friday - 12/12/2014, 09:46am EST

'Magic mushroom' in Queen Elizabeth II's garden

'Magic mushroom' found growing wild in Queen Elizabeth II's garden at Buckingham Palace

Friday - 12/12/2014, 08:12am EST

Italy to run F-35 fighter jet service center

Italy's Finmeccanica to run F-35 fighter jet maintenance & assembly center for Europe aircraft

Friday - 12/12/2014, 08:10am EST

Ukraine: Truce results in 1st casualty-free day

Ukraine: Truce with separatists results in nation's 1st casualty-free day since crisis began

Friday - 12/12/2014, 06:18am EST

German opposition loses Snowden hearing bid

Top German court rejects opposition parties' bid to force Snowden hearing on NSA in Berlin

Friday - 12/12/2014, 05:18am EST

Israel blamed for death of Palestinian minister

Palestinian government blames Israel for death of minister, but Abbas holds off on response

Friday - 12/12/2014, 04:12am EST

Prosecutor: Find dismemberment suspect guilty

Prosecutor asks jury in Canada dismemberment case to find suspect guilty

Friday - 12/12/2014, 03:20am EST
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