10:51 am, April 1, 2015

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NC man accused of handcuffing boy to porch rejects plea deal

NC man accused of chaining boy to porch with a dead chicken around his neck rejects plea deal

Monday - 03/16/2015, 09:00pm EDT

Arizona mother who left kids in hot car pleads guilty

Arizona mother who left kids in hot car pleads guilty to child abuse, avoids jail time

Monday - 03/16/2015, 05:00pm EDT

Wisconsin police chief defends officer in shooting

Wisconsin police chief defends officer in racially charged shooting of unarmed man

Monday - 03/16/2015, 04:20pm EDT

Correction: Ferguson officers shot story

Correction: Ferguson officers shot story

Monday - 03/16/2015, 02:50pm EDT

American who contracted Ebola arrives at Maryland hospital

American who contracted Ebola in Africa arrives at Maryland hospital, is in serious condition

Monday - 03/16/2015, 01:08pm EDT

Study: Conservatives say they're happy, but liberals show it

Study finds conservatives report being happier, but liberals show it more in words and smiles

Monday - 03/16/2015, 01:00pm EDT

Officials: Listeriosis not cause of 3 deaths, may be factor

Kansas officials: Foodborne illness linked to ice cream not cause, possible factor in deaths

Monday - 03/16/2015, 11:36am EDT

Timeline of events in life of wealthy eccentric Robert Durst

Timeline of events in life of wealthy eccentric Robert Durst

Monday - 03/16/2015, 10:00am EDT

Louisiana germ release likely due to lax use of lab garments

CDC: Lax garment use likely cause of bacteria release at La. lab; no public health threat seen

Monday - 03/16/2015, 04:30am EDT

Coast Guard: Tug captain jumped in water without suit

Coast Guard: Tug captain died after jumping in icy waters as boat sank; survivors donned suits

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 05:10pm EDT

Obama joins in jokefest with GOP's Walker at Gridiron dinner

Cracking wise at Gridiron dinner, an aging Obama cites next executive order: 'Get off my lawn'

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 03:24pm EDT

Part-time Ferguson mayor in full-time spotlight

In wake of Justice Department report, part-time Ferguson mayor is now in full-time spotlight

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 12:40pm EDT

Family, friends mourn young Wisconsin man shot by police

Mourners at funeral describe biracial Wisconsin man fatally shot by police as friendly, fun

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 07:58am EDT

Police: Man shoots family of 5, killing father, daughter

Neighbor of shooting scene: 'It was like out of a horror movie'; victims covered in blood

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 03:30pm EDT

Protest organizers say more work lies ahead in Ferguson

Protesters take credit for Ferguson resignations, say they still have unfinished business

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 12:50pm EDT

Lawyer says goal is to protect rights of fraternity members

Lawyer: Fraternity member actions inexcusable, but students' rights must be protected

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 12:20pm EDT

Making history: St. Patrick's parade welcomes 2 gay groups

Making history in Boston: 2 gay groups welcomed to march in Sunday's St. Patrick's Day parade

Friday - 03/13/2015, 10:02pm EDT

5 things to know about Southern California's heat wave

5 things to know about the weekend heat wave descending on Southern California

Friday - 03/13/2015, 07:10pm EDT

Specialty drugs save lives, come with daunting price tags

Specialty drugs offer life-changing breakthroughs to millions of patients but with huge costs

Friday - 03/13/2015, 07:08pm EDT

Idaho sheriff gives all-clear following triple killing

Idaho sheriff gives all-clear with new evidence and man in custody following triple killing

Friday - 03/13/2015, 07:04pm EDT

Slain aid worker honored as ultimate Good Samaritan

Father of slain international aid worker recalls daughter's discovery about her life's purpose

Sunday - 03/08/2015, 08:18am EDT
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