5:25 am, December 19, 2014

Government News

Dead teen's parents seek ban on caffeine powder

Parents of Ohio teen who overdosed on caffeine powder urge federal regulators to ban sales

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 11:10am EST

APNewsBreak: US ends control of Afghan prison

APNewsBreak: US ends control of Afghan prisons after years of war; final detainees transferred

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 10:50am EST

Flap over sage grouse spurs Congress to intervene

Lawmakers move to pre-empt protections for struggling birds that stirred flap in Western US

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 10:40am EST

Budget would raise limits on political money

Budget deal would greatly raise limits on political donors, increases giving opportunities

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 10:12am EST

Obama health adviser apologizes for 'glib' remarks

Obama health adviser Gruber apologizes for 'glib, thoughtless' remarks now under attack by GOP

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 08:56am EST

German prosecutor: little progress on Merkel phone

German prosecutor says no actionable evidence so far in NSA-Merkel cellphone investigation

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 07:20am EST

Multiemployer pensions could face cuts

Multiemployer pensions could face cuts in spending bill

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 05:00am EST

Deal to allow multiemployer pension benefits cuts

Congressional deal would allow benefit reductions for retirees in multiemployer pension plans

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 04:30am EST

Delays plague Hillary Clinton's State Dept. files

Delays plague Hillary Clinton's State files; AP FOIAs slowed, conservative group files lawsuit

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 04:00am EST

Budget deal erodes limits on political money

Budget deal chips away at limits on political donors, increases giving opportunities

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 03:40am EST

SKorea to take over search after fishing disaster

South Korea to take over on-scene control of search efforts following fishing disaster

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 03:40am EST

2 psychologists helped run CIA interrogations

Report: Psychologists who helped with post-9/11 CIA interrogations had no relevant experience

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 03:27am EST

Nearly 9 in 10 doubt Obama, GOP can break gridlock

AP-GfK Poll: Nearly 9 in 10 lack confidence Obama, GOP can work together to solve problems

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 03:20am EST

Congress passes sanctions on Venezuela officials

Congress passes bill to sanction Venezuela officials acting against anti-government protesters

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 02:30am EST

Liberals and conservatives gripe about $1.1T bill

Big $1.1 trillion spending bill faces first test Thursday in House; many unhappy with it

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 02:26am EST

Bitter Mideast greets US torture report with shrug

CIA torture report causes little stir in a Mideast that has long assumed the worst about US

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 01:38am EST

CIA report casts new pall over 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Senate report on CIA interrogation casts new pall over Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Thursday - 12/11/2014, 12:58am EST

Congressman's Native American remark causes outcry

Congressman's reference to American Indians as 'wards of the federal government' causes outcry

Wednesday - 12/10/2014, 09:18pm EST

Corps: US falling behind on waterway levees, dams

Corps commander says aging levees, dams, ports and harbors create delays along US waterways

Wednesday - 12/10/2014, 08:20pm EST
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