8:21 pm, March 31, 2015

Entertainment News

Fiancee of Aaron Hernandez to be called to testify Friday

Fiancee of ex-Patriots player Aaron Hernandez to be called to testify in murder trial Friday

Friday - 03/27/2015, 12:20am EDT

Review: Eubanks, Jordan display special chemistry on new CD

Music review: Kevin Eubanks, Stanley Jordan display chemistry on intimate CD "Duets"

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 10:52pm EDT

'Fifty Shades' director Taylor-Johnson bows out of franchise

'Fifty Shades of Grey' director Sam Taylor-Johnson bows out of franchise

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 10:20pm EDT

In the NCAAs, time doesn't always fly when you're having fun

Killing time: Lengthy NCAA stoppages leave coaches and players with time on their hands

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 09:44pm EDT

Talent agency wants Matt McConaughey speaking fee secret

Talent agency says it's not all right to make public Matthew McConaughey's speaking fee

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 07:50pm EDT

Vice to start daily newscast on HBO

HBO and Vice Media expand relationship, start daily newscast

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 07:12pm EDT

Ex-NFL star Sharper to appear twice in New Orleans court

Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper to appear twice in New Orleans court after multi-state plea deal

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 07:09pm EDT

'The Weegee Guide to New York' shows mid-20th century city

'Weegee Guide to New York' offers famed photographer's streetscapes of mid-20th century city

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 07:04pm EDT

Stephen King gets no apology from Maine governor

Maine governor says he doesn't owe Stephen King an apology for income tax comment

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 07:00pm EDT

Review: Sony streaming service modernizes TV, not your bill

Review: Sony streaming service seeks to modernize how you watch TV, but won't mean big savings

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:48pm EDT

Suzanne Somers brings musical nightclub act to Las Vegas

Suzanne Somers returns to Las Vegas with musical nightclub act starting in May

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:38pm EDT

Details on PlayStation Vue, comparison with Sling TV

Details on PlayStation Vue offerings, comparison with Sling TV

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 06:14pm EDT



Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:50pm EDT



Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:50pm EDT



Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:50pm EDT

'American Idol'-like talent competition app launches

'American Idol'-like talent competition app called 'Chosen' launches on Apple devices

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:42pm EDT

Royals, Cumberbatch help bury comeback King Richard III

With solemn service, Richard III completes remarkable journey from car park to cathedral

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:30pm EDT

Denver, LA musicians find universal stories behind headlines

Denver, Los Angeles musicians find universal stories in headlines on album drawn from stage

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 05:05pm EDT

Which way will One Direction go after Malik's departure?

Predicting the future of 1D: Which way will they go after Zayn Malik's departure?

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:54pm EDT

Are you willing to pay to watch video clips online?

New digital video service Vessel will give you early access to hot video clips _ for a price

Thursday - 03/26/2015, 04:32pm EDT
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