8:31 pm, September 1, 2014

World News

Neanderthals and humans had 'ample time' to mix

New carbon dating suggests Neanderthals had 'ample time' to mix with modern humans

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 09:10am EDT

Niger: Minister held in baby-trafficking scandal

Niger minister arrested in scandal involving babies trafficked from Nigeria

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 08:49am EDT

Bombings kill 42 in Iraq after Sunni mosque attack

Bombings in Baghdad, northern city of Kirkuk kill 42 as government probes Sunni mosque attack

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 08:36am EDT

Sierra Leone makes hiding Ebola patients illegal

New Sierra Leone law makes it illegal to hide Ebola patients

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 07:54am EDT

Iran unveils new short-range missiles, drones

Iran unveils new missiles, drones as Rouhani says goal is deterrence, defense

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 05:50am EDT

Airlines on alert as eruption begins in Iceland

Iceland raises aviation alert to red as subglacial volcanic eruption begins at Bardarbunga

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 05:04am EDT

US won't let borders hamper fight vs. extremists

Extremists' gains, brutality have US reassessing resistance to military action in Syria

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 05:04am EDT

Russian aid trucks leave; highlight dire needs

Aid trucks return to Russia as humanitarian disaster looms large in eastern Ukraine

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 04:50am EDT

China defends intercepting US Navy plane

China says intercept of US spy plane was professional, urges end to close-in reconnaissance

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 01:28am EDT

Israeli airstrike collapses Gaza apartment tower

Israel bombs, collapses Gaza City apartment tower as Hamas keeps up rocket barrage on Israel

Sunday - 08/24/2014, 12:08am EDT

Jihadis release video of captured Lebanese troops

Al-Qaida-linked group releases video of Lebanese troops captured in border town

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 11:10pm EDT

Iraq family's flight reveals depth of Sunni grief

Iraq family's flight reveals depth of Sunni grief, grievances amid Islamic State group's surge

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 05:42pm EDT

Debaters hope to sway undecided in Scotland vote

Showdown: Scotland braces for last TV debate as vote for independence from Britain draws near

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 05:42pm EDT

Few details month after reporters detained in Iran

Few details month after Iran detained reporters, though hard-liners suspected having of a role

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 05:42pm EDT

Costa Rica to investigate US anti-Cuba program

Costa Rica to investigate US program that recruited anti-government activists to work in Cuba

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 03:06pm EDT

Mali releases ex-judge of extremist tribunal

Mali releases ex-judge of Islamic extremist tribunal for lack of evidence

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Paris to celebrate end to Nazi rule 70 years later

First shots of freedom: Paris recalls life under Nazi rule on 70th anniversary of liberation

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 09:28am EDT

Tourists evacuated amid Iceland volcano concerns

Hikers, tourists evacuated from highlands in Iceland amid concerns of volcanic eruption

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 09:20am EDT

Sunnis pull out of Iraq talks after mosque attack

Sunni lawmakers suspend talks on new Iraq government after scores killed in mosque attack

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 05:18am EDT

Coal gas boom in China holds climate change risks

Coal gas boom in China threatens to spew greenhouse gases as world tries to curb emissions

Saturday - 08/23/2014, 04:46am EDT

Pope: Thanks for prayers for my family's grief

'Even the pope has a family': Francis recalls 3 loved ones killed in car crash in Argentina

Wednesday - 08/20/2014, 12:07pm EDT

Dutch museum to hold Crimean gold

Dutch museum, fearing lawsuits, will hold onto Crimean gold, treasures it has on loan

Wednesday - 08/20/2014, 11:58am EDT
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