12:42 am, January 31, 2015

U.S. News

Ohio man accused in Capitol terror plot held without bond

Ohio terror defendant held without bond on charges that he plotted to blow up US Capitol

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:40pm EST

Correction: Sports Betting-Olympics story

Correction: Sports Betting-Olympics story

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:00pm EST

After Paris, NYPD expanding 'active shooter' training

After Paris attacks, NYPD expanding 'active shooter' training, counterterror operations

Friday - 01/16/2015, 05:00pm EST

US citizen settles lawsuit over post-9/11 arrest with FBI

US citizen who said he was wrongly arrested post-9/11 settles decade-old lawsuit against FBI

Friday - 01/16/2015, 03:59pm EST

Obama warns Congress new sanctions could blow up Iran deal

Obama warns Congress that sanctions could blow up Iran deal, vows to veto new sanctions bill

Friday - 01/16/2015, 03:50pm EST

Conviction reversed in 2007 family killings

Court overturns man's double-murder conviction in fiery 2007 attack in Orange County

Friday - 01/16/2015, 03:30pm EST

Belly up, baby! New Hampshire considers alcohol label change

Belly up, baby! New Hampshire mulls change to allow some images of minors on alcohol packaging

Friday - 01/16/2015, 12:10pm EST

Parents of terror defendant say they saw a change in him

Parents of Ohio terror defendant say they saw a change in him; 'I'm at peace with myself'

Friday - 01/16/2015, 07:50am EST

Arizona passes law requiring students to pass civics test

Arizona passes nation's 1st law requiring high school students to pass civics citizenship test

Friday - 01/16/2015, 07:42am EST

Yosemite climbers stuck together amid hardship and falls

Yosemite climbers stuck together in historic feat grounded on teamwork, pursuit of dreams

Friday - 01/16/2015, 04:10am EST

Chris Christie tells his potential 2016 backers to relax

Christie talks more openly about a possible presidential run, urges his backers to relax

Friday - 01/16/2015, 03:52am EST

Florida executes ringleader of 1993 Panhandle rape, murder

Florida executes ringleader of 1993 home invasion that ended with man's murder, wife's rape

Friday - 01/16/2015, 03:08am EST

Whiskey on the rocks: Yosemite climbers still enjoyed booze

Whiskey on the rocks: Amid hardships, Yosemite climbers enjoyed coffee, chocolate and booze

Friday - 01/16/2015, 02:24am EST

Oklahoma carries out its first execution since botched one

Oklahoma puts first inmate to death since botched injection; Florida has execution same night

Friday - 01/16/2015, 02:12am EST

Condoleezza Rice says she was stunned CIA mission was leaked

Condoleezza Rice in CIA trial: I was stunned to hear classified Iran mission had been leaked

Friday - 01/16/2015, 02:12am EST

Immigrants can now get Mexican birth certificates in US

Mexico issues birth certificates to its citizens at US consulates, seeking to help them get ID

Friday - 01/16/2015, 02:06am EST

Juror answers show challenge in seating Boston bombing panel

First day of questioning shows challenge in seating jury for Boston Marathon bombing trial

Friday - 01/16/2015, 01:14am EST

6 years for multimillion-dollar fraud, involved Miami Heat

Judge hands down 6-year sentence in multimillion-dollar fraud; Miami Heat ex-players involved

Friday - 01/16/2015, 12:12am EST

26 measles cases reported with ties to Disney theme parks

26 measles cases in 4 states now reported with ties to Disney theme parks

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 11:10pm EST

Teens to face murder trial in killing of Chinese USC student

Judge orders 3 teens to stand trial on murder charges in beating death of Chinese USC student

Thursday - 01/15/2015, 09:05pm EST
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