4:27 am, April 2, 2015

Health News

American who contracted Ebola now in critical condition

American worker who contracted Ebola in Africa now in critical condition at DC-area hospital

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 11:46am EDT

10 US charity staff to leave Sierra Leone amid Ebola scare

10 US charity staff to be evacuated from Sierra Leone after colleague tests positive for Ebola

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 11:22am EDT

UK, drugmakers establish $100M Alzheimer's venture fund

Drugmakers, UK start $100M venture fund to speed creation of drugs for Alzheimer's, dementia

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 10:43am EDT

2 rabies cases confirmed, 2 suspected in SW Virginia

Health department says 2 rabies cases confirmed, 2 suspected in Southwest Virginia

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 08:40am EDT

Runner, 16, collapses at practice, dies after heart attacks

High school track athlete, 16, collapses at practice, dies after suffering 2 heart attacks

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 08:10am EDT

Coke a good snack? Health experts who work with Coke say so

Coke as a sensible snack? Coca-Cola works with dietitians who suggest cola as snack

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 07:18am EDT

WHO: Tuberculosis is still declining in Europe

Health officials: Tuberculosis is declining in Europe, still remains most affected in world

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 07:10am EDT

German court orders vaccination cynic to pay for virus proof

Vaccination skeptic offers cash for proof that measles is a virus; Court orders him to pay up

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 04:20am EDT

Study calls heart imaging into question for mild chest pain

Study questions heart imaging; CT scans and older tests prove equally effective for chest pain

Tuesday - 03/17/2015, 03:26am EDT

Senate Dems threaten to oppose deal on Medicare doc fees

Aides: Senate Dems oppose possible bipartisan deal on Medicare without more money for children

Monday - 03/16/2015, 07:58pm EDT

Federal judge lets NY prison hepatitis policy claim proceed

Federal judge says prison hepatitis policy claim against former New York governor can proceed

Monday - 03/16/2015, 07:40pm EDT

Driver Jamie Dick diagnosed with diabetes after Phoenix race

NASCAR Xfinity driver Jamie Dick diagnosed with diabetes after falling ill at Phoenix

Monday - 03/16/2015, 06:10pm EDT

France aims to criminalize advertising with anorexic models

French govt backs plan to criminalize use of anorexic models in runway shows or advertising

Monday - 03/16/2015, 04:10pm EDT

UK Kennel Club says tests show dog was poisoned in Belgium

UK Kennel Club says toxicology tests show Irish Setter Jagger was poisoned in Belgium

Monday - 03/16/2015, 03:30pm EDT

American who contracted Ebola arrives at Maryland hospital

American who contracted Ebola in Africa arrives at Maryland hospital, is in serious condition

Monday - 03/16/2015, 01:08pm EDT

Officials: Listeriosis not cause of 3 deaths, may be factor

Kansas officials: Foodborne illness linked to ice cream not cause, possible factor in deaths

Monday - 03/16/2015, 11:36am EDT

Louisiana germ release likely due to lax use of lab garments

CDC: Lax garment use likely cause of bacteria release at La. lab; no public health threat seen

Monday - 03/16/2015, 04:30am EDT

Dental student from India fatally shot after temple visit

Dental student from India fatally shot in her California apartment hours after temple visit

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 10:50pm EDT

Cool reception for new sign-up window under health care law

Obama administration offers a second sign-up chance for uninsured people hit with fines

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 04:02pm EDT

Hall of Fame coach John Thompson has surgery

Hall of Fame coach John Thompson has intestinal surgery, recovering 'beautifully'

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 04:00pm EDT
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