10:14 pm, March 30, 2015

Government News

House passes resolution urging Obama to send arms to Ukraine

House passes resolution urging Obama to send weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian-backed rebels

Monday - 03/23/2015, 11:30pm EDT

Okinawa orders halt to work related to US base relocation

Okinawa orders halt to work related to US military base relocation after finding coral damage

Monday - 03/23/2015, 11:22pm EDT

GAO Report: Feds to exceed costs for cleaning up nuke waste

The cost of cleaning up radioactive waste at one of the federal government's premier nuclear laboratories has already exceeded expectations and more cost overruns are expected, according to a report released Monday by a government watchdog.

Monday - 03/23/2015, 10:00pm EDT

Fed: No evidence of deliberate leaks from 2012 meeting

Fed review finds no evidence of deliberate leaks from interest-rate policy meeting in 2012

Monday - 03/23/2015, 09:50pm EDT

Clinton jokes relationship with press is 'complicated'

Clinton jokes at journalism awards ceremony her relationship with press is 'complicated'

Monday - 03/23/2015, 09:39pm EDT

NFL hires former ATF chief Jones as counsel

The NFL has hired B. Todd Jones, the recently resigned director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, to oversee player discipline.

Monday - 03/23/2015, 08:32pm EDT

Top Obama aide: US can't ignore Netanyahu's comments

Obama chief of staff: US cannot pretend Netanyahu didn't disavow Palestinian state

Monday - 03/23/2015, 08:20pm EDT

Potent groups take sides on bipartisan House Medicare plan

Emerging Boehner-Pelosi deal on Medicare doctors draws potent allies and foes as vote nears

Monday - 03/23/2015, 07:56pm EDT

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Wisconsin voter ID law

Supreme Court rejects challenge to voter ID law in Wisconsin; had blocked use in 2014 election

Monday - 03/23/2015, 07:40pm EDT

Senator: Obama risks backlash if Iran deal goes to UN first

GOP senator predicts backlash in Congress if Obama takes any Iranian nuclear deal to UN first

Monday - 03/23/2015, 07:20pm EDT

Carter: Troop data in online kill list was not stolen

Carter says information used in IS kill list was not stolen from government databases

Monday - 03/23/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Obama touts new efforts to attract foreign investment to US

Obama pushes new efforts to attract foreign companies, calls for clearer visa provisions

Monday - 03/23/2015, 06:40pm EDT

Sen. Menendez defiant amid reports of looming indictment

US Sen. Menendez of New Jersey remains defiant amid reports a corruption indictment is looming

Monday - 03/23/2015, 06:14pm EDT

House Democrats unveil budget matching Obama's tax increases

House Democrats unveil budget matching Obama's tax increases, deficit path

Monday - 03/23/2015, 05:30pm EDT

Fed Vice Chair Fischer: Rate hike is likely this year

Fed Vice Chair Fischer says he expects an interest rate hike before end of year

Monday - 03/23/2015, 05:30pm EDT

House Democrats release alternative budget plan

The Democrats' plan, introduced by House Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen, would further change the Budget Control Act to allow agencies more financial flexibility. Unlike the Republican plan to restore normalized funding to the Defense Department while continuing to scale back domestic programs, the Democrats want to restore funding for both defense and non-defense agencies.

Monday - 03/23/2015, 05:16pm EDT

Justice Kennedy: US prison system 'broken'

Justice Kennedy tells Congress US prison system 'broken' in many respects

Monday - 03/23/2015, 05:10pm EDT

Texas man on death row since 1984 loses Supreme Court appeal

More than 30 years on death row, Texas man fails to persuade Supreme Court to review his case

Monday - 03/23/2015, 04:28pm EDT

Feds worry about contamination in bottles of sea-aged wine

Rough seas: Feds concerned that aging wine at sea may result in contamination of bottles

Monday - 03/23/2015, 03:53pm EDT
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