9:42 am, April 26, 2015

Government News

Dempsey: US focusing airstrikes to protect Beiji refinery

Joint chiefs chairman says US focusing airstrikes to protect Beiji oil refinery in Iraq

Friday - 04/17/2015, 10:40am EDT

Romania to make special flak jackets for its female soldiers

Romanian research institute develops bulletproof vest for women

Friday - 04/17/2015, 10:38am EDT

Q&A: Who is this flying mailman with a message for Congress?

Q&A: Who is this postal worker pilot, 'no sane person,' who landed gyrocopter on Capitol Hill?

Friday - 04/17/2015, 10:36am EDT

Developer jailed for kickbacks among Menendez contributors

Contributors to Menendez's defense fund include developer who pleaded guilty to kickbacks

Friday - 04/17/2015, 09:45am EDT

Coast Guard cutter arrives in US with 14 tons of cocaine

Coast Guard cutter arrives in San Diego with more than 14 tons of cocaine seized at sea

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:48am EDT

Obama could ease many Iranian sanctions without Congress

Even if Congress says no to an Iranian nuclear deal, Obama can ease many sanctions on his own

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:38am EDT

TechBits: Analyzing medical data, breaking smartphones

TechBits: Analyzing medical data, breaking smartphones, fighting Internet rules

Friday - 04/17/2015, 07:02am EDT

White House names deputy social secretary to top job

White House promotes deputy social secretary, Philadelphia native, to top job

Friday - 04/17/2015, 05:52am EDT

Congressman admits relationship with airline lobbyist

House transportation panel chairman acknowledges relationship with airline industry lobbyist

Friday - 04/17/2015, 05:28am EDT

Bush: Senate should confirm attorney general nominee Lynch

Jeb Bush says Senate should confirm attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch

Friday - 04/17/2015, 04:10am EDT

Obama signs overhaul of how Medicare pays doctors

Obama signs into law bipartisan bill overhauling 18-year-old law on how Medicare pays doctors

Friday - 04/17/2015, 03:12am EDT

Top US lawmakers strike deal to fast-track trade deals

Top Republicans, Democrats agree to fast-track trade deals, give Congress up or down vote

Friday - 04/17/2015, 01:02am EDT

Newspaper's role in Capitol stunt examined

Should newspaper have done more to alert authorities about Capitol stunt?

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 10:22pm EDT

Kentucky judge rejects state's gay marriage ban

Kentucky judge rejects gay marriage ban but stays ruling while Supreme Court considers issue

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 09:20pm EDT

Obama nominates ambassador for Central African Republic

Obama taps career foreign service officer to be US ambassador to Central African Republic

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 09:20pm EDT

IRS says prominent Texas businessman, late brother owe $3B

IRS says Texas businessman and late brother owe more than $3 billion in back taxes, penalties

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 07:20pm EDT

Owner of mining claim urges armed supporters to stand down

Owner of Oregon mining claim asks armed supporters to back down in dispute with federal agency

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 07:18pm EDT

GOP investigators asked Clinton about private email in 2012

Republican investigators asked Clinton about use of private email at State Department in 2012

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 07:16pm EDT

Senate panel passes update to No Child Left Behind law

Senate panel unanimously passes update to No Child Left Behind education law

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 06:50pm EDT

US Senate veterans panel to review pricey Denver hospital

US Senate veterans committee plans hearing in Aurora to scrutinize over-budget VA hospital

Thursday - 04/16/2015, 06:50pm EDT
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