11:42 pm, March 31, 2015

Health News

Louisiana germ release likely due to lax use of lab garments

CDC: Lax garment use likely cause of bacteria release at La. lab; no public health threat seen

Monday - 03/16/2015, 04:30am EDT

Dental student from India fatally shot after temple visit

Dental student from India fatally shot in her California apartment hours after temple visit

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 10:50pm EDT

Cool reception for new sign-up window under health care law

Obama administration offers a second sign-up chance for uninsured people hit with fines

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 04:02pm EDT

Hall of Fame coach John Thompson has surgery

Hall of Fame coach John Thompson has intestinal surgery, recovering 'beautifully'

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 04:00pm EDT

Obama's solution to seizing of US knives, high border costs

Economic bonanza or job killer? Questions and answers about proposed trans-Pacific trade deal

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 03:50pm EDT

Brewers ban hand-slapping high-fives because of pink eye

After outbreak of pink eye, Brewers send home a player and coach, ban hand-slapping high-fives

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 01:46pm EDT

UN tally of Ebola deaths passes 10,000, most in West Africa

UN tally of Ebola-related deaths passes 10,000 mark as infections persist in West Africa

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 01:14pm EDT

New bird flu strain has poultry farmers scrambling

Dangerous new bird flu strain sends officials, poultry farmers scrambling to stop its spread

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 12:26pm EDT

Americans returning from Africa for Ebola monitoring

Americans potentially exposed to Ebola return to US, 4 to be monitored in Nebraska

Sunday - 03/15/2015, 12:20am EDT

More children at risk of measles in wake of Ebola epidemic

With Ebola waning, attention turns to children left unvaccinated against measles, others risks

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 08:00pm EDT

NBC News medical editor Nancy Snyderman resigns

NBC News' Dr. Nancy Snyderman resigning; cites Ebola quarantine fallout as a reason

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 11:20am EDT

IS group tightens its grip on Mosul residents

Islamic State group introduces new restrictions to prevent Mosul residents from fleeing city

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 03:30am EDT

Study: Tetanus shot may aid treatment of deadly brain cancer

New use for a tetanus shot? Small study hints it might help in treating deadly brain cancer

Saturday - 03/14/2015, 12:24am EDT

Specialty drugs save lives, come with daunting price tags

Specialty drugs offer life-changing breakthroughs to millions of patients but with huge costs

Friday - 03/13/2015, 07:08pm EDT

House leaders work toward bipartisan Medicare deal

House leaders work toward bipartisan $200B deal on Medicare doctor payments

Friday - 03/13/2015, 06:59pm EDT

'Violent sleepwalking' defense works for boy's strangler

Murder defendant found innocent of strangling son after 'violent sleepwalking' defense

Friday - 03/13/2015, 05:04pm EDT

First lady, Ellen DeGeneres get groove on to 'Uptown Funk'

Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres perform dance to be taught at White House Easter Egg Roll

Friday - 03/13/2015, 02:23pm EDT

Dolphins' Cameron says concussion history isn't a concern

Dolphins newcomer Jordan Cameron says his concussion history isn't a concern

Friday - 03/13/2015, 01:49pm EDT

INFLUENCE GAME: Meat industry fights new dietary proposal

INFLUENCE GAME: Concerned about its image, meat industry fighting proposed dietary guidelines

Friday - 03/13/2015, 11:46am EDT

Sierra Leone sees worrying spike in Ebola cases over week

Sierra Leone sees worrying spike in Ebola cases over past week, national response head says

Friday - 03/13/2015, 11:20am EDT
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