8:19 pm, March 1, 2015

Government News

Phased Iran-US nuclear deal taking shape

As US, Iran meet in Geneva, officials say phased nuke deal taking shape

Monday - 02/23/2015, 09:12am EST

Homeland Security chief: Giuliani's words are 'regrettable'

Homeland Security chief: Giuliani's remarks about Obama's patriotism are 'very regrettable'

Monday - 02/23/2015, 08:50am EST

President says he's committed to working with governors

President Obama says he's committed to working with the nation's governors

Monday - 02/23/2015, 06:12am EST

Foundation cash could pose Hillary Clinton campaign risks

As Hillary Clinton considers 2016 bid, her family foundation's fundraising draws scrutiny

Monday - 02/23/2015, 04:58am EST

For Clinton, her family foundation may pose campaign risks

As Hillary Clinton considers 2016 bid, the Clinton family's foundation comes under scrutiny

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:48am EST

Some Republican governors back Homeland Security showdown

Some Republican governors back Homeland Security funding showdown, despite security concerns

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:48am EST

US defense secretary calls Afghan army 'a powerful force'

Pentagon chief: Afghan army 'powerful force,' declines to say if US can scale back training

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:28am EST

Homeland Security chief: Budget stall muddies response to IS

Homeland Security secretary says looming shutdown complicates US response to IS, winter storms

Monday - 02/23/2015, 03:20am EST

Pentagon chief: US considering slowing exit from Afghanistan

The United States is considering slowing its military exit from Afghanistan by keeping a larger-than-planned troop presence this year and next because the new Afghan government is proving to be a more reliable partner, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Saturday.

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 09:36pm EST

Dietary guidelines panel suggests tax on sugary foods

Soda tax? Dietary guidelines panel advises making people pay more for sugary drinks and snacks

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 09:28pm EST

Kayla Mueller's dad tells 'Today' show: Policy trumped lives

Father of Kayla Mueller tells 'Today' show: US government put policy above American lives

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 04:00pm EST

Finger-pointing, lawsuits likely to follow 'superbug' scare

Debate over what caused 'superbug' outbreak at Los Angeles hospital likely to end up in court

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 12:20pm EST

States seek alternatives for highway, bridge funding

States seek alternatives for highway, bridge funding as federal money stagnates or declines

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 11:46am EST

US, Britain talk sanctions on Russia, but no clear plan yet

US, Britain mull response to Russian action in Ukraine, but no plan emerges on new sanctions

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 08:04am EST

Afghanistan dialogue with Taliban could begin in March

Afghan peace talks with Taliban could begin soon as president says hopes high for peace

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 07:46am EST

Unwelcome mat: White House tries to counter Netanyahu visit

Unwelcome mat: Obama team weighs strategy to blunt Netanyahu's visit, message on Iran talks

Sunday - 02/22/2015, 01:20am EST

US fears Palestinian Authority collapse without more cash

US fears Palestinian Authority could collapse without cash injection, looking for solution

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 02:46pm EST

LA mayoralty has been shaky launching pad for higher office

Can LA's Villaraigosa succeed in potential statewide run, where his predecessors failed?

Saturday - 02/21/2015, 12:12pm EST
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