4:29 pm, May 25, 2015

Best Practices News

Report finds best practices for MD&A

What's the best way for you to communicate your agency's mission, efforts, accomplishments, and challenges? A new report can help. We get details from the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board's Wendy Payne.

Thursday - 05/26/2011, 10:08am EDT

Prove your worth using smart power

Smart Power implies the synchronization and integration of multiple government organizations to secure our national interests around the world. We get details from Booz Allen's Jon Allen and Cheryl Steele.

Friday - 05/20/2011, 09:08am EDT

Success stories of procurement hiring

Appian CTO and co-founder Michael Beckley discusses success stories and how they happened.

Tuesday - 05/10/2011, 05:48pm EDT

Consolidating data centers? Look out for these problems.

Your agency is consolidating data centers, but you might run into a few problems along the way. The Commerce Department has closed six. Simon Szykman, CIO for Commerce, explains how to make this consolidation process as smooth as possible.

Tuesday - 05/03/2011, 04:28pm EDT

How to avoid the governance speed bump

An ever-increasing focus on process and compliance has made governance processes burdensome rather than a catalyst for program success and mission enablement. Booz Allen Hamilton's Michael Isman has some tips for IT managers on how to deal with that.

Tuesday - 04/26/2011, 10:31am EDT

Renewed partnership focuses on federal efficiencies

The ACUS is committed to promoting improved government procedures by leveraging interactive technologies and encouraging open communication with the public. We get details from chairman, Paul Verkuil.

Tuesday - 04/26/2011, 10:08am EDT

How to write better e-mail

Tips teleworking managers need to know about e-mail.

Monday - 04/25/2011, 04:00am EDT

Most agencies lacking in classification policy

Less than half of the agencies directed by the President have complied with his 2010 request for a document security policy. ISOO has released their annual report on the agencies progress and where they need improvement.

Friday - 04/22/2011, 07:07pm EDT

OPM gives agencies new way to measure time-to-hire

The Office of Personnel Management and the Chief Human Council Officers council have provided guidelines to agencies for improving time-to-hire. The requirements will begin June 30.

Thursday - 04/21/2011, 02:42pm EDT

OPM: Tips to meet June 7 telework deadline

The Office of Personnel Management has produced guidelines for implementing a policy for telework. The guide outlines expectations of teleworkers and reminds agencies of the June 7 deadline to finalize their policies.

Tuesday - 04/19/2011, 05:40pm EDT

One year post-spill, Thad Allen sees progress

Working with government agencies means working in a political environment. The response, former Coast Guard Admiral and Commandant Thad Allen said, was "as much as a political event as an operational event."

Monday - 04/18/2011, 09:08am EDT

20 Ideas to reform government

Common Good's Philip Howard asked 20 top American thinkers for their ideas.

Thursday - 04/14/2011, 06:30pm EDT

OMB finalizes plain writing law implementation

OIRA issues its second memo since the Plain Writing Act became law detailing deadlines and training requirements.

Thursday - 04/14/2011, 03:32pm EDT

How to improve life for Performance Improvement

PIOs have been interviewed to find out what issues and challenges they are facing. Its report provides some solutions for improving performance management across government. Robert Shea, a principal at Grant Thornton, has details.

Wednesday - 04/13/2011, 10:08am EDT

PIOs stretched too thin, lack authority to affect change

The Partnership for Public Service interviewed PIOs to find out what issues and challenges they are facing. Its report provides some solutions for improving performance management across government.

Tuesday - 04/12/2011, 09:00pm EDT

How to cut costs and avoid furloughs at your agency

Federally Employed Women conducted a survey of federal employees to offer suggestions to Congress in cutting agencies' costs.

Tuesday - 04/05/2011, 03:24pm EDT

Social media challenges agency records management

Agencies are increasingly using social media in their work. But platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer challenges to records management.

Tuesday - 04/05/2011, 02:00pm EDT

OPM says managers are too timid

OPM Director John Berry is calling for agency executives to use their existing tools to get rid of poor performers. Berry tells House lawmakers that over the next year OPM will work with managers improve performance management. OPM also giving up on its retirement systems modernization program and putting its financial management system upgrade on hold.

Friday - 04/01/2011, 07:05pm EDT

Carter: DoD needs acquisition 'fast lane'

Ashton Carter, the Defense Department's undersecretary for acquisitions, said the Pentagon can buy things quickly when it truly needs to. But when it comes to supporting overseas contingency operations, he said the country needs a dedicated, permanent "fast lane" that leapfrogs DoD's notoriously slow methods of buying goods and services.

Tuesday - 03/29/2011, 07:23am EDT

Strategies for managers under CRs

Focusing on these five strategies could help federal managers deal with budget constraints and low morale in the workplace.

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 04:04pm EDT
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