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Dorobek Must Reads - February 18

Friday - 02/18/2011, 12:37pm EST

Dodaro tells agencies how to stay off high-risk list

Comptroller General Gene Dodaro discusses government management and projects on the high-risk list.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 04:22pm EST

Six ingredients to telework success

Ron Sanders, formerly with the intelligence community, explains the challenges to telework and how to overcome them.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 02:44pm EST

Study: IT workers stretched thin by cybersecurity demands

The study by ISC(2) found there's a severe gap in the skills needed for cybersecurity professionals.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 02:30pm EST

RSA cyber conference: Act now on cyber war

RSA Security Conference in San Francisco debates the possibility of warfare moving in to the cyber realm.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 02:12pm EST

How to prepare for mobile federal workplace

Josh Stephens, vice president of Technology and Head Geek for Solar Winds, told the DorobekINSIDER that agencies' tech shops need to embrace the change - not avoid it.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 02:02pm EST

DoD holds virtual town hall meeting

Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen is asking for your questions and concerns about the Pentagon.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 01:35pm EST

Reporters' Roundup: lessons from cloud early adopters, contracting reform

These are the stories Federal News Radio reporters are working on today.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 12:35pm EST

Markle Foundation to help advance e-health records

Laura Bailyn, the new senior director health initiatives at the Markle Foundation, discusses the ways the foundation is trying to improve health IT worldwide.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 12:30pm EST

POLL: Does a promotion freeze make sense?

The poll relates to two amendments in the House that are proposing a freeze on step increases under the General Schedule.

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 12:03pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - February 17

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 11:48am EST

Gov lessons from Jeopardy's Watson computer challenge

The technology behind the IBM supercomputer Watson beating human contestants on Jeopardy! could drive Gov 2.0 initiatives and help agencies deliver services more efficiently.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 06:04pm EST

Analysis: Budget efforts an 'absolute train wreck'

Budget expert Stephen Ryan explains the likelihood of a government shutdown as budget talks continue.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 05:02pm EST

Cybersecurity coordinator defends online user authentification

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace has come under fire due to the possible government overreach and added bureaucracy.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 04:15pm EST

Will Egyptian protests spread throughout region?

CNN's Brian Todd discusses how protests have emerged in the Arab world.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 04:11pm EST

National Defense University offers new masters degree

Bob Childs, chancellor at the National Defense University's iCollege, describes the new program.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 04:06pm EST

Air Force develops portable security solution

The CD book disk with a secure operating system can convert a spyware-laden PC into a secure government machine.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 03:59pm EST

Reporters' Roundup: GAO high risk list

The top stories reporters are working on today.

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 01:44pm EST

Dorobek Must Reads - February 16

Wednesday - 02/16/2011, 12:43pm EST

OMB, ACT-IAC launch website to improve acquisition process

The groups have launched a website, asking for public input in an effort to improve the acquisitions process between government and industry.

Tuesday - 02/15/2011, 06:12pm EST
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