11:19 pm, January 31, 2015

World News

Report: 'Butcher of Hannover's' head cremated after 89 years

Report: German university quietly cremated 'Butcher of Hannover's' head after 89 years

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 09:30am EST

Police investigated in case of dead Argentine prosecutor

10 police officers in security detail for now-dead Argentine prosecutor under investigation

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 07:42am EST

Yemen's Shiite rebels try to avoid overstepping amid protest

Yemen's Shiite rebels try to avoid overstepping amid protests after president's resignation

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 05:34am EST

Pro-Russian rebels reject peace deal, launch new offensive

Pro-Russian rebels reject previously signed peace deal, launch new offensive against Ukraine

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 03:32am EST

Obama heading to India, hoping to improve ties

Obama heads for India, hoping to use personal bond with Modi to mend nations' strained ties

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 01:22am EST

Japan vows not to give up on 2 hostages till 'the very end'

Japan won't give up on effort save 2 IS hostages 'until the very end' after deadline passes

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 01:08am EST

Pacino: If I wasn't an actor I'd probably be slinging hash

Al Pacino says if he wasn't acting he thinks he'd be a good short order cook

Saturday - 01/24/2015, 12:04am EST

New generation enters line to Saudi throne as king mourned

Saudi King Salman appoints new generation to enter the line to the throne as Abdullah buried

Friday - 01/23/2015, 10:04pm EST

City that sparked Venezuela protests braces for more unrest

Restive city that sparked Venezuelan protests braces for more anti-government unrest

Friday - 01/23/2015, 09:12pm EST

UN Security Council members arrive in Haiti for 3-day visit

UN Security Council members arrive in Haiti for 3-day visit amid nation's political gridlock

Friday - 01/23/2015, 05:37pm EST

Austerity-battered Greeks favor radical left before vote

Radical left party woos Greek voters with pledge of debt forgiveness, easing financial pain

Friday - 01/23/2015, 05:15pm EST

Iran: US sanctions vote will kill 'probability' of nuke deal

Iran's FM: US sanctions vote will kill 'probability' of nuke deal with West, spark retaliation

Friday - 01/23/2015, 04:26pm EST

US officials detail Islamic State kills, but hard part ahead

Kerry and Hagel: Iraq and US-led coalition have killed 1000s of IS fighters, half of leaders

Friday - 01/23/2015, 04:12pm EST

Kidnapped French aid worker freed in C. African Republic

Kidnapped French aid worker and co-worker released in Central African Republic

Friday - 01/23/2015, 04:08pm EST

Mali separatists slam UN over clash, freeze cooperation

Mali's Tuareg separatists freeze cooperation with UN mission and threaten to boycott talks

Friday - 01/23/2015, 03:50pm EST

AP PHOTO: Mom's appeal to save Japanese hostage

AP PHOTO: Mom's last-minute appeal for Japanese hostage held by Islamic State group

Friday - 01/23/2015, 02:58pm EST

France quietly buries terrorist gunman who killed 5 in Paris

France quietly buries gunman who killed 5 people in Paris after debate about terrorist burials

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:50pm EST

Volcanic eruption in Tonga creates new island

Volcanic eruption in Tonga creates new island, although it could soon disappear

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:48pm EST

Saudi King Abdullah, a gradual modernizer, dead at 90

Saudi King Abdullah, dead at 90, pushed gradual reforms at home, led Arab Spring backlash

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:34pm EST

UK police: Syria-related terror arrests jump 6-fold

Police: Syria-related terror arrests in Britain jumped 6-fold last year

Friday - 01/23/2015, 01:30pm EST
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