9:36 pm, March 28, 2015

U.S. News

Ala. agency closes abuse complaint regarding Harper Lee

Alabama agency ends a probe into events surrounding the publication of Harper Lee's new novel

Friday - 03/13/2015, 12:00am EDT

Rats and rot: NYC report rips family homeless shelters

Rats, rot, hazards: NYC report rips family homeless shelters; agency says it's working to fix

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 10:10pm EDT

FEMA sets up review process for Sandy flood insurance claims

FEMA sets up review process for Sandy flood insurance claims amid fraud allegations

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 06:30pm EDT

Brother of man executed by Utah firing squad calls it brutal

Brother of last inmate executed by a Utah firing squad calls it brutal as lawmakers OK method

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 06:27pm EDT

Michigan referee's death prompts calls for tougher laws

Michigan referee's death by assault prompts calls to toughen sentences like in other states

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 06:12pm EDT

Pamela Smart's teen lover who killed her husband gets parole

Man who as teen killed husband of his instructor and lover, Pamela Smart, is granted parole

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 05:27pm EDT

Arizona park rebounds after years of border crime

National monument rebounds after being partially closed for years because of border smuggling

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 03:26pm EDT

Top contenders in this year's Iditarod sled dog race

Iditarod contenders: A look at 5 mushers who could win this year's 1,000-mile sled dog race

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 02:07pm EDT

Latest on military helicopter crash: More fog hampers search

The latest on military helicopter crash in Florida: More fog rolls in, hampering search

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 07:40am EDT

Students at OU hope racist fraternity video sparks change

Students at Univ. of Oklahoma hope video of racist chant by fraternity members sparks change

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 05:22am EDT

Utah House passes church-backed anti-discrimination bill

Utah's Republican-controlled Legislature passes Mormon-church-backed anti-discrimination bill

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 05:08am EDT

1 Black Hawk crashed in fog, killing 11; Another turned back

Deadly training: Black Hawk crashed, killing 11, after another turned back due to bad weather

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 04:32am EDT

Ferguson chief resigns in wake of scathing federal report

Ferguson chief resigns after scathing Justice Department report prompted by police shooting

Thursday - 03/12/2015, 02:06am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Dogs dash across ice toward Iditarod halfway mark

AP PHOTOS: Mushers dash across river ice toward halfway point of Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 10:42pm EDT

Civilian plane crashes, killing Marine on ground in Arizona

Marine killed when airplane crashes on runway at Arizona air station; pilot, passenger unhurt

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 09:58pm EDT

Witness IDs Tsarnaev as man near slain MIT officer's cruiser

Witness identifies Tsarnaev as man he saw near slain MIT officer's cruiser days after bombings

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 07:32pm EDT

Alabama child dies after drinking laced grape soda

Toddler dies after drinking grape soda thought to be laced with methadone; babysitter charged

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 07:18pm EDT

Fraternity in racist video has roots in antebellum South

Sigma Alpha Epsilon struggled with race long before disturbing video came to light in Oklahoma

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 04:28pm EDT

Ohio court weighs ex-death row inmate's claim

Ohio court weighs ex-death row inmate's effort to clear name in slayings he didn't commit

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 02:35pm EDT

News Guide: 11 servicemen presumed dead in helicopter crash

News Guide: 7 Marines, 4 soldiers presumed dead in Black Hawk crash off Florida Panhandle

Wednesday - 03/11/2015, 02:20pm EDT
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