12:21 pm, July 10, 2014

Health News

Asthma rates drop but experts not breathing easier

Large CDC survey detects drop in asthma rates, but researchers cautious about celebrating yet

Saturday - 06/21/2014, 12:42pm EDT

Food safety a new frontier for legal pot

If the pot doesn't worry you, the bacteria might: Food safety a new frontier for legal pot

Saturday - 06/21/2014, 09:42am EDT

Doctors Without Borders: Ebola 'out of control'

Doctors Without Borders: W Africa Ebola outbreak causes record deaths, is 'out of control'

Saturday - 06/21/2014, 01:02am EDT

VA: 65 percent of senior executives got bonuses

Saturday - 06/21/2014, 12:00am EDT

Missouri, St. Louis-area landfill reach agreement

Missouri reaches agreement with owner of St. Louis-area landfill on smoldering, odor issues

Friday - 06/20/2014, 09:08pm EDT

FDA approves Cubist antibiotic for skin infections

FDA approves new Cubist antibiotic for skin infections commonly found in hospitals

Friday - 06/20/2014, 07:40pm EDT

Mississippi congressman rehabs after brain surgery

Mississippi Congressman Nunnelee faces radiation, chemo, more rehab after brain surgery

Friday - 06/20/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Cancer-recovering physio who got Suarez fit again

Walter Ferreira, the physio who made Luis Suarez fit again while recovering from cancer

Friday - 06/20/2014, 06:38pm EDT

Gorilla on mend from valley fever at zoo

Jabari the gorilla on mend after receiving treatment for valley fever at Los Angeles zoo

Friday - 06/20/2014, 05:57pm EDT

Burned Ukrainian boy jubilant over ability to walk

Burned Ukrainian boy jubilant over ability to walk after numerous surgeries in Boston

Friday - 06/20/2014, 04:48pm EDT

$1,000-a-pill Sovaldi jolts US health care system

Doctors and patients clamor for breakthrough hepatitis drug as insurers and states gag on cost

Friday - 06/20/2014, 04:48pm EDT

Hydration, nutrition and rest key for US in Manaus

As World Cup players struggle in tropical challenges of Brazil's rainforest, planning is key

Friday - 06/20/2014, 03:55pm EDT

Dr. Oz scolded at hearing on weight loss scams

Under pressure, Dr. Oz promises to publish list of products he thinks could aid weight loss

Friday - 06/20/2014, 02:08pm EDT

CDC lab workers might have been exposed to anthrax

CDC probes possible anthrax exposure in a lab; 75 staffers monitored or given antibiotics

Friday - 06/20/2014, 12:38pm EDT

Czechs condemn euthanasia proposal for children

Czech government adviser fired after proposing euthanasia for disabled children

Friday - 06/20/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Audit seeks investigation of inmate sterilizations

Audit seeks investigation into unlawful sterilization of 39 California female prison inmates

Friday - 06/20/2014, 07:50am EDT

Uruguay player stays in game after head injury

Uruguay player Alvaro Pereira stays in game with England after hard blow to head

Friday - 06/20/2014, 07:30am EDT

Doctors satisfied with rescued caver's condition

Doctors satisfied with rescued German caver's condition, but full recovery will take months

Friday - 06/20/2014, 06:56am EDT

Audit: More vets wait 30 days; some waits shorter

Audit: 10 percent of vets wait at least 30 days for VA appointment, double previous count

Friday - 06/20/2014, 04:10am EDT

Lawmakers reach agreement on medical marijuana

New York lawmakers reach agreement to legalize medical marijuana for severely ill

Friday - 06/20/2014, 03:25am EDT

Gov't pays 76 percent of premium under health law

Health law report: Average enrollee in federal market pays $82 monthly on premium of $346

Wednesday - 06/18/2014, 01:31am EDT

New Jersey hospital to offer veterans priority

New Jersey hospital to offer veterans same-day appointments and health-care navigators

Wednesday - 06/18/2014, 01:31am EDT
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