9:22 am, January 28, 2015

Business News

German survey data improves ahead of ECB stimulus decision

Germany's ZEW survey rises more than expected; ECB lending data improves

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 09:58am EST

Euro currency's missing pieces challenge policymakers

As Europe struggles with stagnation, policymakers weigh how to best fix shared euro currency

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 05:10am EST

Consumer goods giant Unilever 2014 net profit up 5 percent

Full-year profit rises 5 percent for consumer goods giant Unilever despite sales fall

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 04:30am EST

Oxfam: Richest 1 percent sees share of global wealth jump

The rich keep getting richer: Oxfam says wealth is increasingly concentrated in hands of few

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 04:04am EST

Denmark cuts key interest rate to 0.05 percent

Denmark cuts key interest rate by 0.15 percentage points to 0.05 percent before ECB decision

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 03:50am EST

Davos forum founder urges unity against 'dangerous' risks

Davos forum founder urges cooperation against 'dangerous' risks to world, economy

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 03:48am EST

France attacks reinvigorate privacy versus security debate

Obama, Cameron weigh privacy versus security in aftermath of France terror attacks

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 03:26am EST

No more Page 3? Report says UK's Sun drops topless models

Page 3 cover-up? Murdoch's Sun tabloid features non-topless model in Page 3 topless spot

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 12:10am EST

Q&A: Why China's stock market plunged 8 percent

Q&A: Why China's stock market plunged 8 percent and the rest of the world shrugged

Tuesday - 01/20/2015, 12:10am EST

Fitch: Greek bank strain 'manageable' despite vote

Fitch: Greek bank strain 'manageable' despite uncertainty of Sunday's national election

Monday - 01/19/2015, 02:51pm EST

EU won't ease Russia sanctions as Ukraine conflict rages

With fighting flaring in eastern Ukraine, EU says no time to ease Russia sanctions

Monday - 01/19/2015, 02:51pm EST

Correction: Lee Enterprises-CFO story

Correction: Lee Enterprises-CFO story

Monday - 01/19/2015, 02:51pm EST

Former Swiss banker guilty of passing secrets to WikiLeaks

Former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer found guilty of passing secrets to WikiLeaks, avoids prison

Monday - 01/19/2015, 02:49pm EST

Peter Wallenberg, patriarch of Swedish business empire, dies

Peter Wallenberg, patriarch of Swedish business empire, dies at 88

Monday - 01/19/2015, 02:49pm EST

Tourist numbers in Paris drop following terror attacks

Eiffel Tower, Louvre among Paris tourism sites seeing smaller crowds after terror attacks

Monday - 01/19/2015, 08:36am EST

US government investigating Ford trucks for stalling problem

US government investigating whether Ford diesel trucks have stalling problem

Monday - 01/19/2015, 07:00am EST

Alaska faces lean budget times as oil prices plunge

Alaska faces tough decisions, drastic budget cuts, dipping into savings as oil prices plunge

Monday - 01/19/2015, 06:04am EST

Buck up, profits down: High dollar dents US company earnings

Buck up, profits down: US multinationals suffer as dollar surges against euro and yen

Monday - 01/19/2015, 02:04am EST

Oil-company rally snaps 5-day losing streak

Oil swings higher, lifting energy companies and stock market at end of turbulent week

Sunday - 01/18/2015, 03:38pm EST

Coca-Cola cutting up to 1,800 jobs

Coca-Cola eliminating up to 1,800 jobs as part of cost-cutting effort

Friday - 01/09/2015, 02:12am EST
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