3:42 pm, November 28, 2014

Health News

Congo says its separate Ebola outbreak is over

Congo says its Ebola outbreak _ separate from West Africa epidemic _ now over

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 03:20pm EST

Liberia health minister ousted in Cabinet shuffle

Liberia president replaces health minister amid charges of flawed Ebola response

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 03:08pm EST

Bragg troops leave to help in fight against Ebola

Fort Bragg troops leave for West Africa to help humanitarian groups in fight against Ebola

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 02:30pm EST

Health care push comes to bars, nail salons

Pitch for health care coverage served up at bars, nail salons as enrollment begins

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:52pm EST

Obamacare 'stupidity'? New energy for repeal push

New energy for repeal-Obamacare push: GOP rallies against health adviser's 'stupidity' remark

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:44pm EST

Lion gives birth to 3 cubs at Cincinnati Zoo

African lion gives birth to 3 cubs at Cincinnati Zoo, cubs' sex not known yet

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:22pm EST

Vikings' Rudolph returns from sports hernia

Vikings TE Rudolph active against Bears after being sidelined by sports hernia

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:19pm EST

What you need to know for health law's 2nd year

Q&A: From out-of-pocket costs to penalties, a look at changes for the health law's 2nd year

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:18pm EST

FDA approves Lemtrada for multiple sclerosis

FDA approves Genzyme's Lemtrada for relapsing multiple sclerosis

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:10pm EST

One Direction, Bono sing to raise Ebola funds

One Direction, Bono join stars recording new Band Aid single to raise funds against Ebola

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 12:02pm EST

Battered, Greece faces years to recoup recession

Greece finally emerges from recession, leaving a battered society behind

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 08:30am EST

A look at Ebola treatment in the US by numbers

With 10th Ebola patient's arrival in America, here's a look at treatment in US by the numbers

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 07:24am EST

Surgeon with Ebola arrives in US for treatment

Surgeon sick with Ebola after working in Sierra Leone arrives in US for treatment in Nebraska

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 03:30am EST

Small business insurance exchanges seek rebound

Overhaul's small business insurance exchanges seek rebound after lukewarm debut in 2014

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:46am EST

Union official troubled by Md. waste disposal

Union official troubled by lack of details for waste disposal related to Ebola-exposed patient

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 06:50pm EST

Navajo lawmakers approve junk food tax

Navajo lawmakers vote in favor of 2 percent sales tax on junk food

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 04:10pm EST

Surgeon with Ebola coming to US for care

Doctor sick with Ebola after working in West Africa coming to US for treatment in Nebraska

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 03:32pm EST

Liberia president to end Ebola state of emergency

Liberia president to end Ebola state of emergency; Mali reports 4th suspected death in capital

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 12:52pm EST

Bret Michaels returns to the stage after surgery

Bret Michaels returns to the stage after kidney surgery

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 12:48pm EST

Open enrollment begins, Oregonians must re-enroll

As open enrollments starts, Oregonians who already have private insurance need to re-enroll

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 12:48pm EST
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