10:35 pm, September 14, 2014

Government News

US launches airstrikes around Iraq's Haditha Dam

US mounts new offensive near Iraq's Haditha Dam, launches airstrikes to push back insurgents

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 01:10pm EDT

Turmoil in 2 states keeps Senate control in play

Kansas chaos, Alaska ad wars leave the partisan battle for Senate control as murky as ever

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 10:36am EDT

Obama, congressional leaders to meet on Tuesday

Islamic State threat likely topic of discussion when Obama, congressional leaders meet Tuesday

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 10:30am EDT

5 ways the GOP can wrest Senate majority from Dems

Keys to GOP Senate control: Win in 7 states Obama lost, grab an open seat, protect incumbents

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 09:14am EDT

Obama in Europe: Brief glimpse of good old days

Obama in Europe: Glimpse of good old days before returning home to foreign policy criticism

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 08:44am EDT

Roberts calls independent challenger a liberal

Sen. Pat Roberts uses first debate to paint strong independent challenger as a liberal

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 08:04am EDT

Congress' task: Act fast on spending, return home

Congress' simple task for September: Act fast on spending bill, race home for campaigning

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 07:44am EDT

AP Analysis: US wary over hitting Syrian militants

AP Analysis: Hitting militants in Syria risks embroiling US in its unpredictable civil war

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 07:06am EDT

At US base, S. Korean ex-prostitutes face eviction

Aging S. Koreans, once prostitutes for US troops, being pushed away from base they never left

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 04:26am EDT

Housing bias dispute could return to Supreme Court

Housing bias dispute could return to Supreme Court; Texas officials are accused of racial bias

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 02:34am EDT

A look at the legal doctrine of disparate impact

A look at the legal doctrine of disparate impact

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 02:26am EDT

US Senate candidates trade jabs in first debate

Health care, government shutdown a focus during first Colorado debate in key US Senate race

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 01:00am EDT

Churches urge high court to act on gay marriage

Mormon church, religious groups urge US Supreme Court to intervene in gay marriage dispute

Sunday - 09/07/2014, 12:40am EDT

A child of Guatemala seeks a seat in Congress

A child of Guatemala _ and the US _ runs for Congress, has strong ideas about immigration law

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 03:32pm EDT

Biden promotes economics for nation's middle class

In weekly media address, Biden promotes economic growth for middle-class Americans

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 03:32pm EDT

Va. congressional candidate to amend report

Va. congressional candidate to amend report after failing to disclose $85,000 from 2012

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Correction: Keryx-Drug Approval story

Correction: Keryx-Drug Approval story

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 10:10am EDT

NATO allies agree to take on Islamic State threat

NATO allies deem Islamic State a significant threat, agree on coalition to take on militants

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 09:28am EDT

Obama lays out immigration goals, not timing

Obama spells out immigration goals; says he is reviewing recommendations for executive action

Saturday - 09/06/2014, 08:54am EDT
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