3:56 am, May 23, 2015

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Netherlands king, queen plan June 2 visit to Grand Rapids

Netherlands King Willem-Alexander, queen to visit West Michigan June 2 during 3-day US trip

Monday - 05/18/2015, 04:07pm EDT

Action, she said: TV holds potential for female directors

Action, she said: TV holds more potential for female behind-the-camera hiring than movies

Monday - 05/18/2015, 04:02pm EDT

Saluting Dave with a Top Ten List of what sets him apart

What sets David Letterman apart? Here's a Top Ten list of makes him special

Monday - 05/18/2015, 03:30pm EDT

Q&A: Nick Jonas on hit singles, JoBros, Timberlake, acting

Q&A: Nick Jonas on hit singles, not reuniting with JoBros, Timberlake comparison, acting jobs

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:42pm EDT

Amy Winehouse director says we all share blame for her death

Who killed Amy Winehouse? Director of new documentary at Cannes says we all did

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:34pm EDT

Orson Welles' unfinished masterpiece to see light of day

Orson Welles' unfinished masterpiece "The Other Side of the Wind" to see light of day

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:33pm EDT

Review: 'A Good Killing' is ripped from the headlines

Review: Allison Leotta's 'A Good Killing' is ripped from the headlines

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:08pm EDT

It's a winner: When tennis and fashion collide in Paris

Roland Garros explores the links between tennis and clothes design at the French Open

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:06pm EDT

Scary crashes prompt series to slow down Indy 500 qualifying

Another scary crashes prompts IndyCar to slam brakes on high speeds during Indy 500 qualifying

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:06pm EDT

'Irrationally Yours' delivers clever advice wrapped in humor

Review: 'Irrationally Yours' delivers clever advice for real life conundrums, plus hard laughs

Monday - 05/18/2015, 02:03pm EDT

In new Spenser thriller: Kids are OK, judges aren't

New Robert B. Parker thriller is classic Spenser as a vile Alcatraz for boys is exposed

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:49pm EDT

CANNES WATCH: Li Bing Bing says China's where the money's at

CANNES WATCH: Li Bing Bing says China is where the money is at for Hollywood

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:47pm EDT

A few thoughts from Dave while preparing to go

A few thoughts from David Letterman while preparing to go

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:46pm EDT

Kerry slams North Korea, vows security for South

Kerry heaps criticism on North Korea, reassures South of 'ironclad' US support

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:20pm EDT

Celine Dion will dedicate Vegas return to ailing husband

Celine Dion will dedicate return to Las Vegas shows on Aug. 27 to ailing husband, Rene Angelil

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:18pm EDT

Review: 'Empire of Deception' con man rivals Madoff, Ponzi

Review: Dean Jobb's 'Empire of Deception' tells story of con man on par with Madoff, Ponzi

Monday - 05/18/2015, 01:10pm EDT

Letterman's retirement ends partnership with Murray

David Letterman and Bill Murray; the end of a classic talk show pairing

Monday - 05/18/2015, 12:36pm EDT

Ad it up: A splendid drama, 'Mad Men,' comes to an end

Ad it up: A splendid drama, 'Mad Men,' comes to a moving end with Don Draper making a big move

Monday - 05/18/2015, 12:10pm EDT

Taylor Swift makes history at Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift makes history at Billboard Music Awards with 20-career wins, bests Garth Brooks

Monday - 05/18/2015, 12:04pm EDT

'The Flick' star Louisa Krause revels in an 'exciting time'

Louisa Krause returns to 'The Flick' and revels in an 'exciting time' for her

Monday - 05/18/2015, 11:56am EDT
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