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Smartphones Could Replace Hospital PAs

Tuesday - 06/08/2010, 04:01pm EDT

Will Health 2.0 Conference change the practice of medicine?

The Health 2.0 Conference is coming to D.C. for the first time, and one of the conference's co-founders explains that he wants to share best practices with the government in order to help the individual patient.

Thursday - 06/03/2010, 04:54pm EDT

Patient Access to Medical Charts

Wednesday - 06/02/2010, 01:44pm EDT

EMRs at Marathons

Wednesday - 06/02/2010, 01:34pm EDT

Future of health IT bright, says SRA's Ed Meagher

Former Deputy CIO at VA sees a "confluence of events" pushing uniformity on health IT.

Tuesday - 06/01/2010, 06:37pm EDT

Feds map progress on road to health IT

Within the next several weeks, the Department of Health and Human Services is expected to release the newest guidelines regarding the continuing effort to implement electronic health records across the country. Meanwhile, several feds who are in the thick of the 'health IT' fight talked about their work at yesterday's AFFIRM luncheon here in Washington.

Friday - 05/28/2010, 07:20am EDT

Health IT & Baby Boomers

Tuesday - 05/25/2010, 06:22pm EDT

Americans' Health Care on Paper

Tuesday - 05/25/2010, 06:20pm EDT

ACT/IAC: VA health IT system needs modernization

Working group chair Ed Meagher says the VA's health IT system is one of the best in the world, but it's also over 30 years old.

Thursday - 05/06/2010, 04:00pm EDT

Sankaran leaving Federal Health Architecture role

He has been with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT almost since its inception. Sankaran writes to his colleagues that the time is right to pursue other opportunities.

Wednesday - 04/28/2010, 12:58pm EDT

HHS pressed on flexibility in Health IT mandates

The Department of Health and Human Services continues to be the lead agency for the Obama Administration's priority of establishing a nationwide system of permanent electronic health records. But at least one large stakeholder group working with HHS is looking for some changes to the program.

Tuesday - 04/27/2010, 06:38am EDT

Botswana's Paperless Hospital

Monday - 04/26/2010, 08:32pm EDT

File Sharing Applications & Health IT

Monday - 04/26/2010, 08:31pm EDT

Health care group wants changes to health IT timetable

WFED's Max Cacas reports.

Monday - 04/26/2010, 07:23pm EDT

Health care reform could affect health IT

Dr. Harry Greenspun explains.

Monday - 04/26/2010, 04:15pm EDT

Video Games and Injured Vets

Friday - 04/09/2010, 08:48pm EDT

Healthcare Apps Skyrocket

Friday - 04/09/2010, 08:46pm EDT

NIST Sets Health IT Standards

Friday - 04/09/2010, 08:44pm EDT

States Qualify For EHR Incentives

Friday - 04/09/2010, 08:42pm EDT

VA's virtual lifetime health record is becoming a reality

The new virtual lifetime electronic records (VLER) will help prevent misplaced paperwork and help providers maintain and offer quality health care to their patients. Dr. Steve Ondra, the senior policy advisor for health affairs at the VA, explains.

Thursday - 04/08/2010, 10:30am EDT
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